2023 Pisces Planetary Influences



Mercury would be retrograding in the 11th house of Capricorn for Pisces folks as 2023 starts and lasts till mid -January. It also retrogrades in the same house as the year ends in mid-December. This is likely to meddle with the gains you are to experience in life. Your social links stand to get affected and some Pisces would be stabbed in the back by friends this Mercury retrograde phase, hence be cautious.

The second phase of Mercury retrograde happens in your 3rd house of Taurus between April-May. With this phase, your mind or mental state gets interfered, you stay away from your focal point. A sense of misunderstanding prevails around and your communications go haywire.

Another retrograde phase of Mercury takes place in your 7th house of Virgo in August-September of 2023. With this the love and marital life of Pisces folks would be affected. Rifts arise with partner and misunderstandings prevail, wait for Mercury to go direct to make major changes in your love life.

As 2023 starts, Jupiter would be transiting your 2nd house and then shifts to the 3rd house in May. Till May your finances would do good. Then from May, your mind gets into focus. Your outlook of life expands and you become more positive or optimistic. This would be a good time to learn new life-skills and encourage people around you to stay better.

Saturn had been in your 12th house of Aquarius for quite sometime now and this March it enters your sign. This transit of Saturn would teach you some important life lessons. Saturn would give you additional responsibilities and you would be asked to perform better and harder. Life becomes more practical and realistic thanks to the influence of Saturn in your sign, a sense of discipline also would be imbibed in you.

Uranus is in your 3rd house from several years and continues status quo for the year ahead too. Uranus helps you to think out of the box and get out of your comfort zone and take risks in life. Your approach to life would be deliberate and different these days.

Neptune is your ruling planet and it has been in your sign for some years now. With Neptune in your own sign, you would feel more comfortable and relaxed with life. Your creativity and hidden skills would now come to the fore. You simply charm everyone around and your intuitive and psychic abilities would be at their best. Neptune in your house also makes you more compassionate and empathetic towards mankind.

Pluto starts the year being in your 11th house of Capricorn and then in March shifts to your 12th house to come back to Capricorn in mid-June again. For the first quarter, Pluto brings about major changes in your social circles. And with the shift of Pluto there would be an emphasis towards your subconscious side.

A lunar eclipse is due to occur in your 9th house of Scorpio on the 5th of May, 2023. This eclipse affects your mind and thought process, and make you to think bigger and make massive plans. You would become more passionate, but do not let your emotions take control this season.

And another lunar eclipse happens in your 3rd house of Taurus in October-end. This alters the way you communicate with others. Also relationships with siblings stand to get affected during the eclipse period.

Pisces 2023 – Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

In August-September of 2023, Mercury goes retrograde in the 7th house of love and marriage for Pisces natives. This would bring about relationship issues with partner or spouse. You might feel lack of a soul connection and commitment eludes the relationship. If willing you can focus on some former relationships and mend them.

Mars would be traversing thorough your 5th house of love between late March and mid-May. This brings about more energy into your relationship and you would be blessed with some good time with your partner. Much romance and passion are on the cards this period. For some an old flame would be returning back these days.

Mars then travels through your 7th house of marriage and relationship between mid-July and late August. This makes you comfortable with your marital or love life. A good balance of emotions would exist with your partner. There would not be any misunderstandings and better compatibility would prevail.

Then Mars shifts to your 8th house of intimacy and would be here till mid-October. This transit would make you seem a bit lost with not much intimacy around with Mercury retrograde around playing spoilsport as well. You might yearn for some good ties with partner, which might elude you.

A solar eclipse takes place in your 8th house of intimacy in mid-October of 2023. This would bring about much energy and would strengthen your bond with partner. Your relationships get strengthened and greatly enhanced this eclipse period. The single ones would be able to start a relationship and those already in a commitment would see goodness.

Pisces 2023 – Planetary Influences on Home and Family

Mars retrogrades in your 4th house of Gemini from the start of the year till mid-January. Then domestic issues might crop up marring family happiness and harmony. Your emotions would be quite high and there would be many frustrations and irritations around this period. Do not be sensitive, instead look into family issues and sort them out. Be armed to handle occasional blowouts in the home-front. Patience would be the key to survival, stay calm and composed and get through this tough times.

Mars stays in your 4th house of domestic welfare till the end of March even after it goes direct. Then you would be given opportunities to mend fences in the family area. You would feel more connected now and would be able to enjoy some good ties with family members. If you are aspiring you can be in for some renovations or alterations of your living spaces too.

Pisces 2023 – Planetary Influences on Money

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and finances stays in your 2nd house of finances till the middle of May in 2023. This would bless you with good finances. New ways of money-making can be found and you would be making some of the wisest and best financial decisions for the period. Luck and fortune shall also come for you. However do not be indulgent with your money, instead bank on the resources.

The solar eclipse of April 20th also happens in your 2nd house. This would give you sudden bouts of wealth inflow. But then do not take any impulsive financial decisions. Be smart and cautious of your finances, particularly beware of false friends and frauds around this time when your emotions would de quite high.

Pisces 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

Mars transits the 6th house of work between mid-May and mid-July for Pisces people. Then you would be loaded with energy that much work gets done. You would be more organised and productive for this period. Certain challenges would come your way in work, but you would be handling them with ease.

Then from mid-July to early September, Venus retrogrades in your 6th house. This would make you a bit sluggish and less energetic. Venus would be draining you energy and you would lose focus. Lay low for the period and do not strain much as things get better once Venus goes direct.

During late November, Mars transits to your 10th house of career and stays here till the year-end. This would increase your drive to perform well in profession. You would reach great heights and would be rewarded amicably for your hard work. Your goals and ideas also get good support and recognition with the transit of Mars.

During the last part of December, Mercury goes retrograde in your 10th house of Capricorn. This might bring about certain delays and hindrances in work place. Try to stay on track, remain focussed and do not start anything new for the period.

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