2023 Libra Planetary Influences



Mercury would be retrograding in the 4th house of Capricorn for Libra folks as the year 2023 starts. It would also be ending the year going retrograde once again in the same 4th house. This might impair domestic welfare and happiness for the Libras this year. There might be misunderstandings and fights in the home front at this time. Your communications and relationships might be in trouble too.

In April- May, Mercury would be undergoing the second retrograde phase in the 8th house of Taurus. Another retrograde is due in your 12th house of Virgo during August -September. This would interfere with your overseas prospects and spiritual pursuits.

Your ruling planet, Venus retrogrades in the house of Leo between late July and start of September 2022. Leo is your 11th house of friends and this might affect the way you connect with your friends and your social life at large. Make it a good time to reconnects with long-last friends and acquaintances.

Mars would be retrograding in your 9th house of Gemini as 2023 starts. Mars stays here till the middle of March and this quarter would be a challenging period for Libras. You would be quite defensive of your ideas and might feel stuck at times. You need to strike a good balance between reality and dreams for the period.

The fiery planet of Mars tours your 12th house of Virgo between mid July and late August. This would help you to focus more on your subconscious mind and inner desires.

Mars would be traversing through your sign between August-end and the middle of October 2023. This would give you much energy and excitement. Through this period you would be able to start ventures to your heart’s desire and lead your own plans.

During late November Mars enters your 3rd house of Sagittarius and would be here till the year ends. This is the house that rules over one’s mind. This brings about plenty of new ideas for you, you feel very supported of your plans.

A solar eclipse occurs on the 14th of October in your sign. This would give you more opportunities to start things anew in life. Make the most out of this eclipse season.

Libra 2023 – Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

In April- May of 2023, Mercury would be retrograde in your 8th house of intimacy. This would bring out issues with your partner or spouse. Power struggles creep in and there would be a fight for the fittest. Unless you work on your relationships, this period might trouble your love pursuits or marriage.

Jupiter starts the year 2023 with being in your 7th house of marriage or relationship till the middle of May. This makes your love life and marriage quite easier. More people enter your life and peace would prevail in your personal life.

Saturn had been in your 5th house of love namely, Aquarius for a few years now and would here till early March and then it moves to your 6th house. With Saturn in your 5th house, your love life would have been quite easy, you might have some good and bad moments in love. By this time, you should have settled down in a comfortable love position.

With the exit of Saturn from your 5th house, Pluto would be entering the same. Pluto is in your 5th till mid-June. This brings about many intense and passionate moments in your love life. Pluto also strives to get rid of unwanted relationships around. Be prepared for some power struggles in your personal area as well.

Uranus stays in your 8th house of intimacy all through the year 2023. This aids your intimate relationships and strengthens your personal bonds with partner or spouse.

For Libra natives, a solar eclipse happens in their 7th house of Aries on the 20th of April, 2023. This gives you a major energy drive and helps you to make some important decisions regarding your love life or marriage.

And a lunar eclipse would happen in your 8th house of intimacy, namely Taurus during October-end of 2023. This would further strengthen your relationships and improve your love life or marriage for the better.

Libra 2023 – Planetary Influences on Home and Family

Mercury starts and ends the year 2023 by being retrograde in the 4th house of Capricorn for Libra folks. This brings the focus or emphasis on their home and domestic life. There might be occasional family hitches cropping up now and then. You would have some tough times tackling domestic issues.

Pluto that had been in your 4th house of Capricorn for over a decade would be now ending its transit by the end of March. This brings about major transformations in your family life or home. Your family ties get better and you would be able spend better time with family this season like never before.

Libra 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

Mars enters your 10th house of career in late March and stays till mid- May. This would give you much energy, make you more ambitious and drives you towards success in life. You would be more disciplined and better encouraged towards giving your all. Recognition comes to you in the work place with ease and you earn your way into the good books of your higher ups this period.

Saturn transits to your 6th house of work namely, Pisces in early March. This would make you more passionate towards your work. Saturn just forces you to get things done, in a way it disciplines you. Saturn would bless you with much more opportunities to get up the corporate ladder during this transit.

Neptune also would be transiting your 6th house of Pisces all this year, as it had been doing for so for quite several years now. This brings about some spiritual connections to your career. Neptune makes you hate routine slogs ad instead tunes you into something that is connected with spirituality or social works.

Libra 2023 – Planetary Influences on Money

Your planet ruler, Venus would be transiting through your 2nd house of finances in mid December towards the fag end of the year. This would provide you with some good opportunities to improve your financial standing or increase your net worth in the coming year.

Mars gets into the 2nd house of finances in mid-October and would be there till late November. This would be an awesome period for the finances of Libra people. Myriad sources of money come for you, make the most out of these situations. You might be forced to be indulgent with your finances, hence be cautious too. This would be one of the best financial periods for Libras in recent times.

A lunar eclipse also occurs in the 2nd house of Libras on the 5th of May, 2023. This would reward you amicably for all the hard work and investments you made earlier. For some, there might be financial setbacks as well, be cautious of all your financial moves and stay financially safe for the period.

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