2023 Scorpio Planetary Influences



Mercury retrogrades in your 3rd house of Capricorn as the year 2023 starts. It also ends the year retrograding in Capricorn as well. During this periods there would be changes in the way you communicate or perceive ideas. There might be relationship issues with siblings as well during this time period.

Then in April-May of 2023, Mercury retrogrades for the second time and in your 7th house. This is likely to affect or hinder your love and marriage prospects. Do not make nay major moves in this area for the period. There is another retrograde of Mercury in August-September in your 11th house of Virgo. This would affect your friendships and your social links.

Between late March and the middle of May 2023, Mars would be moving through your 9th house of Cancer. This house rules over your mind. This makes you think better and makes you more optimistic. You would garner much wisdom and would be pursuing opportunities as they come your way this time period.

Mars transits your 12th house of Libra between late-August and mid-October. This would bring the emphasis on your subconscious issues. You would have much energy these days.

As 2023 starts, Jupiter the planet of expansion and knowledge would be in your 6th house of work. Later on, in March it moves to your 7th house highlighting your relationships. This would be a good period to spend quality time with your partner.

Saturn had been in your 4th house of family welfare for a few years now affecting your domestic life. Though there might had been some tough moments, it would have disciplined and moulded your family life. Now in March, Saturn shifts to your 5th house highlighting your love life, children, luck and fortune. Be ready for some tough rides in these area for another few years.

Uranus as it had been for quite sometime now spends the whole of 2023 loitering in our 7th house of relationships. It moulds the way your handle your partner or spouse and blesses you with conjugal felicity.

Neptune would be in your 5th house of Pisces all this year. It would transform the way you handle your love relationships and your children if any in your life.

Pluto had been long staying in your 3rd house of Capricorn and affected or transformed the way your communicated and approached problems. Now in March, 2023 it moves over to your 4th house highlighting your domestic life.

A Lunar eclipse is due in your sign on the 5th of May this year. This would bring about a stir in your emotions. You would be happy that your efforts and choices have been good these days. You might however meet with delays in certain aspects of your life. You would be also overtly sensitive during this eclipse season.

A solar eclipse happens in your 12th house of Libra on the 14th of October this year too. This would give you more opportunities to be self sufficient. You would be letting go off of things that have been holding you for quite a long time. You would be also venturing more into some secret passions of yours and also your spiritual course would be off beat this season.

Scorpio 2023- Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

Mercury goes retrograde in your 7th house of Taurus between April-May of 2023. This would bring about some relationships issues to the fore for you to deal with. Peace and harmony in your love and marriage would elude you during this phase. It would be a good time though to reconnect with people from your past.

Mars is retrograde as 2023 starts and would be till mid-January in your 8th house of Gemini. This would bring your intimate life to the fore. You might need to work towards strengthening your emotional and mental links then.

Jupiter transiting the 6th house of Aries as the year starts shifts to your 7th house of Taurus in May 2023. This would bring more people and new connections into your life. This would be a good time for your relationships.

Saturn in your 4th house of Capricorn exits it to your 5th house of Aquarius in March where it joins Neptune therein. 5th house is all about your love relationships. Saturn teaches you some important love lessons this time. Your relationships would grow more healthy these days. And unhealthy relationships would be asked to be pruned out by Saturn.

Uranus had been in your 7th house of Taurus for quite a long time now bringing in more changes in your relationships through the years. This year, Uranus would bring new people into your life, opening up better relationships that might be life changing for the Scorpios.

Neptune has been traversing your 5th house of love for a long time now. This brings about a spiritual link with your love pursuits. You would be attracted to people who are spiritually oriented as you are. You become more romantic and selfless thanks to this placement of Neptune.

A Lunar eclipse happens in your 7th house of Taurus on the 28th of October, 2023. This brings about strength and stability in your relationships. Any unwanted relationships would fall apart during this eclipse. Use this time to deeply commit to your partner.

Scorpio 2023- Planetary Influences on Home & Family

Saturn had been in your 4th house of home and family for a few years and would be here till March 2023. Saturn would have taught you some important family-based lessons during this transit. Now you have a clear understanding what home is, how you ought to be stay committed. This brings about domestic welfare and happiness.

Pluto would also be moving to your 4th house of family namely Aquarius during March. It makes you more passionate towards home and family members. Major transformations can be seen in the domestic front with Pluto’s transit. You get prominence in your home place and would earn credentials for uplifting the family at large.

Scorpio 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

Venus would be retrograding in your 10th house of Leo between late July and early September of 2023. This might bring about some delays and hindrances in your career path. You become lazy, your goals in life get distracted, you get troubles form authorities and colleagues for your career pursuits. Lay low for this period and look onto old goals and ways of reviving them rather than resorting to new pursuits during this retrograde period of Venus.

Mars transits the 10th house of career for Scorpios between late May and mid-July. This would bring about an increase in energy levels that would drive you towards success in career. You would be rewarded amicably these days and can set your gaols high enough now.

Jupiter traverses through your 6th house of work as the year starts and would be there till the middle of May. This would bring you more opportunities to work and feel good in life. It also helps you to connect with more people and improve your personal ties.

A solar eclipse is also due in your 6th house of work, namely Aries on the 20th of April. This would bring about many opportunities for you to excel in the career field. Utilize the high energy levels around the eclipse season to further your career plans.

Scorpio 2023 – Planetary Influences on Money

Mercury would be going retrograding in your house of money during the last week of December- around the fag end of the year. This might bring unwanted expenditure to the fore and your financials would meet turbulence. Work with all your might to stay afloat and avoid over-indulgence with money for the period.

Mars would enter your 2nd house of finances, namely Sagittarius in late November and stays here till the year ends. This would give you much energy to improve your money standing. Much resources would be coming your way, avoid impulsive financial decisions and play it safe. Keep your spending under control to financially bail yourself out as the year ends.

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