2023 Capricorn Planetary Influences



Mercury retrogrades in your sign from the start of 2023 to mid-January and then again during mid-December to end the year. This brings out certain persistent issues to the fore. You would feel very impatient and unmotivated as Mercury goes retrograde in your sign. You would just feel like escaping from the realms of life. Remain calm and composed, and take occasional breaks and wait Mercury to go direct when your communication channels are released once again and your relationships sprout up.

For the second time, Mercury retrogrades between April and May in your 5th house of Taurus. This would bring about delays and hindrances in your love pursuits, there would be troubles through children if any in your life, also luck and fortune would elude you for the retrograde season.

Mercury again goes retrograde in your 9th house of Virgo in August-September of 2023. This would interfere with your mental state and thought process. Do not plan or make big ideas for the period.

Mars, the fiery planet would also be transiting this 9th house between mid-July and late August this year. This would load you with energy and drive to pursue big ideas and plans through the year. Many opportunities come for you without much asking. Be optimistic but cautious and wary of your moves.

Mars would be transiting the 12th house of Sagittarius during late November and stays till the end of the year. This is your house of the subconscious mind. An apt good time to let go off any past issues or relationships that have been haunting you and be free to step up into the New year ahead with ease.

Saturn in your 2nd house of Aquarius shifts to your 3rd house of Pisces in March. And this transit would affect the way your mind perceives things. You cannot tolerate any criticism that comes your way even if it is for your own good. The way you communicate and express yourself also gets affected with this transit of Saturn.

Jupiter would be traversing your 4th house of Aries as the year starts and then moves to the 5th house of Taurus in May 2023. Hence for the first part, the focus would be on your domestic life where it gets emphasised. Then your love relationships and ties with children get highlighted in a positive sense though.

Neptune transits through your 3rd house of Pisces all this year as it had been for some years now. This house rules over your mind. Hence your focus would be now on spirituality and intuitive studies. You would be against traditions and conventional methods or ideas for now.

For about a decade Pluto, the outermost planet had been slogging in your house. Now in late March it shifts to your 2nd house of Aquarius and would be back to your homestead in mid-June. This indicates that some of the major changes in your life had already been made. Now you feel empowered, bold and courageous to pursue life.

A solar eclipse is to occur in your 11th house of Scorpio on May 5th. This would bring secrets to the fore, your social circle expands and much energy levels would be found for the natives. Another solar eclipse happens in the 5th house of Taurus during October end. This would bring in lots of emotions in your love life.

Capricorn 2023 – Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

Your 5th house of love namely Taurus would be hosting the retrograde Mercury between mid -April and mid- May in 2023. This would bring out certain issues in love and marriage. There might be relationship rifts and patience would be much needed. Wait for Mercury to go direct before taking any major moves in your love life.

Venus retrogrades in the 8th house of Leo for Capricorns between mid-July and early September. This brings up intimacy issues, either you feel being not loved or you do not know how to love back. Venus makes you feel detached from your partner despite much efforts.

Mars transits the 7th house of love and marriage between late March and mid -May bringing to focus your relationships. This would bring about much energy on the relationship front. You would be more committed to partner during this transit period. However avoid any harsh and impulsive acts that might mar your relationships.

Then between mid-May and mid-July, Mars shifts to your 8th house of Leo which rules over your intimate parts of life. This strengthens your emotional side and you would feel safe in your intimate relationships. It would be an excellent time to pursue your intimate connections.

Jupiter enters the 5th house of love in the middle of May, 2023. This brings about many opportunities for Capricorns in the love front. You would be more loving and committed to partner these days. Potential partners come into your fold if you are single and if you are committed, your relationship would just flourish for the season aided by Jupiter.

And Uranus has been in your 5th house of love for some years now and continues for the year too. Uranus brings about changes in your love life and relationships as it had been for quite sometime now. You might forge certain unconventional relationships this year thanks to the influence of Uranus around.

Capricorn 2023 – Planetary Influences on Home and Family

Jupiter transits the 4th house of family and its welfare as the year starts and stays till the middle of May. This would bring about much energy on the home front for Capricorns. This period, you would be able to spend much time with family and would get freedom at home. You would be able to make your home a happy place to share and live. For some natives it would be a time for auspicious events at home and addition of members to the family also probable.

The solar eclipse of April 20, 2023 also happens in your 4th house of family and home. This brings a big boost of your energy on the home front. You would be making some important decisions with regard to your family this time. However be cautious before your moves and do not take any impulsive decisions that might affect your family life in a negative way.

Capricorn 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

As 2023 starts, Mars, the fiery planet would be going retrograde in your 6th house of work namely, Gemini till the middle of January. This might cause some problems in your work. You would not be much focussed and motivated with regard to your work these days. A sense of disconnection would be felt in your job. Do not take responsibilities more that you can handle with this transit.

Mars transits the 6th house of work till late March this year and this would bring you back to the drawing table yet again. You would be able to now pursue your work interests and feel connected to your work. There would be much energy levels to perform better than when Mars was retrograding.

Mars would be traversing through your 10th house of Libra between late August and mid-October. This makes you much more ambitious and you would have a drive to reach new positions. Additional responsibilities come to you and you handle them with ease. Major progress can be seen in your career front for this period.

Capricorn 2023 – Planetary Influences on Money

Saturn would be in your 2nd house of Aquarius till early March this year and then would transit to the adjacent house. Saturn had been in your 2nd house of finances for a few years now and would have taught you some important lessons with regard to finances. Now with this transit of Saturn you would be more in control of your finances. You would be rewarded amicably for the hard-work and investments done earlier.

Pluto also would be reaching your 2nd house of finances in late March and would be there till mid-June. Pluto in the 2nd house would be a challenging time with your finances as well. If you are not handling your money properly Pluto would just take it off, hence be cautious. Make sure that you bank on your resources and live frugally within ethical limits.

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