2023 Virgo Planetary Influences



Mercury starts the year 2023 with being retrograde in your 5th house of Capricorn, it would also be ending the year again retrograding in the same sign. This is likely to impact your love prospects through the year. Luck and fortune shall elude you and those of you having children would see rebellious trends in them. The second retrograde phase of your ruler, Mercury again occurs in April-May in the 9th house of Taurus where by this time, Jupiter had transited. This brings about some paternal rifts and your prosperity might be hindered.

Then in August-September, Mercury retrogrades in your own sign. This might make you much over-whelmed. There might be some happy feelings, however your responsibilities might overweigh you. Let not your perfectionist trait show up now.

Venus, the planet of love when it retrogrades would bring about more challenges in your love life and marriage through the year 2023. Do not let yourself being taken advantage of these days. This is a good time to rest and reflect on your life rather than venturing head-on with partners. Venus will retrograde in your 12th house between mid-July to early September.

Mars transits your 12th house of Leo, that rules the subconscious mind between late May and mid-July. This would guide you to delve deep into your inner self and retrospect on life. In a sense you would be able to free yourself from unwanted thoughts. Mars, the fiery planet would be transiting through your sign between mid-July and August. This would bring about a great surge of energy. This is a great time for new beginnings where you can confidently initiate projects and ventures dear to your heart without any hassles.

Uranus travels through your 9th house of Taurus all this year. This would make you dream and aim big. New ideas come in to your fold these days. You become quite positive now and the impossible seems to be quite possible for Virgos thanks to this placement of Uranus.

On the 5th of May in 2023, a lunar eclipse happens in your 3rd house of Scorpio. This brings about much emotions, a plethora of new ideas also come surging. Use these talents wisely for the eclipse season.

Another lunar eclipse happens during the fag end of October and in your 9th house of Taurus. This might help you to better focus on your ambitions and ideals in life. Higher education prospects materialize for the aspiring ones.

Virgo 2023- Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

Mercury starts and end the year 2023 with being retrograde in your 5th house of love. This would bring about major love issues that had been eluding you for the past few years. It isa good time to reconnect with Exes or an old flame if you are interested in pursuing the same. A second chance helps in certain cases, particularly for the Virgos this year.

Jupiter transits through your 8th house of Aries till mid-May and then shifts to your 9th house of Taurus. This would improve your love life, it brings your partner still closer to you.

Saturn would be traversing through your 6th house of Aquarius till March and then moves over to your 7th house of Pisces in 2023. This might bring about some troubles in your relationships, temporary separation from partner or spouse on the cards for some Virgos. Later the shift to the 7th house forges your relationships, but by then you would have learnt lot of life lessons the hard way.

Neptune stays in your 7th house of relationships all this year. This brings the focus on all your relationships and draws potential new partners into your life as well.

Pluto had been long in your 5th house of love namely Capricorn for about a decade or so now. This would have made you more passionate in love matters. Pluto however puts the onus on you when it comes to managing the energy you put into your love relationships.

A solar eclipse is due on the 20th of April, 2023 in your 8th house of Aries which rules over your intimate areas of life. This makes you more emotional, you would become more committed and major decisions regarding your relationships would be made around the eclipse period.

Virgo 2023 -Planetary Influences on Family

Mars enters your 4th house of family and its welfare during late November and ends the year here. This would bless you much energy to spend quality time with family, make home renovations and later alter your lifestyle you ought to. Domestic welfare and happiness is assured for Virgos during this period.

Mercury would be retrograding for about a week in your 4th house during the fag end of the year 2023. This would help you to make any changes you would like to make on the homefront, however do not resort to starting anything for now.

Virgo 2023- Planetary Influences on Career

As the year 2023 starts, Mars would be going retrograde in your house of career. This would give you much energy. However there would be challenging moments around, be prepared for delays and hindrances of sorts. You might not be rewarded for your hard work around this time.

Saturn has been in your house of work , namely Aquarius for a few years now and would be exiting it in early March this year. This might bring about incompatible relations with authorities and colleagues in work place. After the first half of the year, some goodness in your work zone would be seen.

Pluto would be moving to your 6th house of work during late March and would be there till the middle of June. This would give you the push to perform well in your career field. There would be many positive changes in your career. You would have the power to be assertive and determined in your work place.

Virgo 2023- Planetary Influences on Money

Mars, the fiery planet transits through your house of money between late August and mid-October. This would give you the energy to make more money. Many financial opportunities come for you. Profits and gains are also on the cards.

There would be a solar eclipse in mid-October in your 2nd house of Libra, which rules over ones’ finances. This would present you with a very big financial opportunity. Do make the most out of this eclipse season to improve your finances for the better.

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