2023 Taurus Planetary Influences



Your planetary ruler Venus would be going retrograde during the late days of July till early September 2023. This might make you go off track, you might feel burnt out or overwhelmed by life around, particularly relationships. Try to take a break and lay low for the period.

Mars transits your 3 rd house of Cancer between late March and mid-May. This will give you much energy, you get new ideas which can be easily put into action.

Mercury goes retrograde in your 9 th house of Capricorn as the year 2023 starts and again would be retrograding in the same house during December as well. This would bring the focus on your beliefs and passions in life which can be devoted to now. Between April and May Mercury retrogrades in your house as well, making things go haywire. You might feel overwhelmed, do not try anything for this time.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion would be entering your sign during the middle of May and stays till the end of the year. This emphasizes new beginnings and myriad opportunities coming your way. This is a time of much positive energy which can be utilized quite properly, similar position is likely only after a 12 year period, hence make the most out of this placement.

Saturn starts the year being in your 10 th house of Aquarius and then shifts to your 11 th house in March. Saturn would push you towards following your dreams and bringing them to reality. It guides you to work in a more disciplined and smart manner to reach your goals.

Uranus stays in your house all through 2023 and you can continue to make major amends in your life. You would have the opportunity to make unconventional moves this year. And would be more true and independent these days.

Neptune stays in your 11 th house of Pisces all this year like it had been for the past few years. While Saturn in 11 th asks you to be practical, Neptune would guide by way of your intuition whenever the situation warrants it.

Pluto staying in your 9 th house of Capricorn as the year starts and then enters the 10 th house of Aquarius in March. This makes you a pro in whatever field you are working in.

The solar eclipse during mid-April, 2023 would also be helpful to you in that you would be able to get rid of some bad vibes and relationships that you have been clinging onto of late. In that way, you would feel very lighter. Listen to your intuition for any major moves around this time.

Taurus 2023 – Planetary Influences on Love and Relationships

Mars, the planet of fire and energy enters your 5 th house of Virgo in mid-July and this would rev up your love life for the better. You would be getting still closer to your partner in all senses.

Mercury would also be entering your 5 th house of love after its retrograde session in late August. This would give emphasis for your love life. It helps you to reconnect, perhaps with an old flame as well.

The Lunar eclipse of May first week of 2023 happens in your house of relationship and this would bring out some relationship issues to the fore. It would be a time to look out for pruning certain unwanted relations. Healthy and strong relations continue to grow from the eclipse period.

Mars would be in your 8 th house of intimacy in Sagittarius towards the fag end of November. This would improve your emotional ties and make them better. The Mercury retrograde of December 2023 would interfere with your relationships, hence you need to work on tackling any issues that might arise in this area.

Taurus 2023 – Planetary Influences on Family

Venus would be retrograding in your house of family from late July to the start of September 2023. This might bring about some struggles in the home front resulting in loss of domestic welfare and happiness. Home would not be a comfortable place for you to rest and relax then . However this would be a great time to connect with old family members from whom ties where lost for long.

Mercury goes retrograde in your 5 th house of Virgo between August and September and this brings about some troubles from children in the household. Patience would be the key to nurture them in a positive way during these tough times. Mars would also be venturing through the 5 th house, sometimes earlier between July to August when children would ask for more attention from your part. This would be a good time to guide them through the right path.

Taurus 2023 – Planetary Influences on Career

As the year 2023 starts, Saturn would be travelling through your 10 th house of Aquarius and then in March would shift to your 11 th house of Pisces. Saturn would profoundly impact your career prospects this year. This year you would be consolidating your career plans and would have some success. If it eludes you, better scrap off your plans and take a detour .

Pluto enters your career house in late March and would be there till the middle of June. This guides you towards your passionate career goals. At times you might be asked to change your career gaols or tweak them as per the situation around. Challenging times are forecast , however the tough times would mould you into a better career-oriented person for the long run.

Taurus 2023 – Planetary Influences on Finances

As 2023 starts, Mars would be going retrograde in your 2 nd house of Gemini which rules over one’s finances. This would bring about a stir in your financial standing. You might need to make some adjustments to strengthen your financial standing. Avoid extravagant spending and be frugal.

Saturn would be exiting your 10 th house as the first quarter of 2023 ends and so some of your hard work brought about by Saturn would be financially paying you off these days.

Mars transits through the 6 th house of work between late August and the middle of October this year. This would give you much energy to perform in the career front. You would be motivated and would be highly productive thanks to this transit.

The solar eclipse of mid-October also occurs in your 6 th house of work. This would bring about much work opportunities where you can prove your mettle to the world outside.

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