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Planet in the Seventh House.Generally speaking, planets in the seventh house are not good for lasting relationship of a personal nature, though they may be good for public or social expansion.


in the seventh causes separation and conflict, and while it orients the person

towards relationship, the issue often becomes overweighed. The individual may be dependent, controlling or domineering, depending upon whether the Sun is strong or weak.


They may use relationship to express their power potential rather than their own action in life. This position, however, is good for public and career work and can allow us to project a strong personality in these outer fields of life. For women, the Sun in the seventh generally denies marriage. They seek relationships with married men or men beyond their status with whom it is not possible.

THE MOON is usually good in the seventh house, particularly for women, unless it is waning or poorly aspected. It gives the capacity for sharing, nurturing, caring, receptivity and sensitivity to others. It is also helpful for public and career issues as it gives the ability to influence people.


It can, however, get a person caught in relationship or the social mind. Or it can make the person too emotional about relationship issues.


is difficult in the seventh as it creates conflict of will, aggression and possibly even violence. Relationships are apt to be turbulent, dramatic and the individual may insist upon their own point of view.


The individual may have a strong impact on others and wield power in society but is often not capable of lasting personal affection. Yet I have seen a number of charts with Mars in the seventh and a life-long marriage. This usually requires that both partners share some work in the world together, are both very achievement oriented, or that one surrenders to the will of the other. These factors serve to neutralize Mars.



gives a good capacity for communication when it is located in the seventh house. They can relate easily to other people, particularly members of the opposite sex. Yet relationships are apt to be hasty, superficial or transient. Often an early unsuccessful marriage is indicated. The individual may enter into close relationships too quickly or easily. There may be much nervousness and volatility in relationship.

Relationships with younger people are often indicated. This position is also good for career, business, communication or writing.


is generally good in the seventh and gives the basis for a spiritual or dharmic relationship. It shows a loyal, ethical and honest approach to relationship.


It gives friendship, happiness, compassion and a longing to share one's activity in life. It is also good for public and career work, which the partner may share. It shows a positive will in relationship and partnership. However, even Jupiter in the seventh can cause difficulties because it can make the person too expansive in relationship or apt to sacrifice their relationships to their principles.



is not always good in the seventh, as it can indicate an overly strong sensuality or sexuality. It does give a proclivity for love, passion and romance. For women, it renders them beautiful, attractive or sexy and usually keeps them in relationship. For men, it is not always good as it can make them feminine or passive but it may give them a beautiful wife. It also gives artistic capacities, like painting or dance. In its own sign or a sign of Mars, it gives a strong sexual nature.


is generally not helpful for relationship in the seventh. It causes separation, alienation and loneliness. The individual may be too introverted or self-involved to relate to others on an intimate level. Conflict, separation or rejection can occur.


It also can make us prone to unusual sexual activity, as for example homosexuality. Well placed, however, it can indicate one long-term or life long relationship. Like Jupiter, it is also good here for public or career influence and additionally has its directional strength in this house. It also gives us relationships where there is an age difference. Usually this gives older partners for women and younger partners for men.



causes its typical difficulties and confusions here. Relationships may be superficial, based on a following of external influences or momentary whims. There may be much projection, unrealistic desires and some unwholesome fantasies. There may be strange psychic experiences in relationship. Much depends upon the planet that rules Rahu and some power of influence for career may come from this position. Rahu when strong here can be good for career, like its influence in the tenth house.


Ketu causes a critical and contracted manner in relationship. The individual may be strongly introverted, eccentric and self-involved. Psychic conflicts may occur, with hidden power issues. Accidents or difficulties may occur in relationship. Again, the planet that rules Ketu should be consulted. Ketu can give a psychic or spiritual partner.


A combination of planets in the seventh should be judged by the nature of the planets involved and their house rulership, but generally the more planets are in this house the more difficult for relationship it will be. While a number of planets in the seventh can be good for social prestige, unless they are benefics, they prove difficult for relationship. Combinations of the Moon and Jupiter, with possibly Mercury or Venus are good. Combinations of Mars and Saturn cause many difficulties, if not perversion and violence. These are compounded if the lunar nodes are involved.

Malefics exalted or in their own signs in the seventh give much power in life, but still cause difficulties in relationship. For example, a woman with Mars in Aries in the seventh will have a strong will and achievement potential, often good business capacity, but will have difficulty in relationship, particularly on an intimate personal level.

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