Comparative Method

Astrological Factors

For the male, relationship potential involves examining the positions of Venus, the seventh house and its lord. For the female,it is the position of Jupiter,the seventh house and its lord.For both, the position of Mars should be examined, particularly with reference to Kuja Dosha.

Western Astrology considers Mars for the female. This is because western culture emphasizes marriage more as a sexual or emotional passion, as revealed through the Mars-Venus interchange. Vedic Astrology emphasizes dharma or principles of right living. This is seen by the Jupiter-Venus connection.

However, in western culture we may have to give more emphasis to the role of Mars.

  • If a person has a highly afflicted seventh house and related factors, no matter how good the partner may be, harmony in marriage is going to be difficult.
  • So too, if a person has a very good seventh house and related factors, a successful marriage may be easy and may not require the perfect partner to succeed.

However, we have to examine the whole character of the chart, whether the person is introverted or extroverted, mental or emotional, spiritual or materialistic in orientation, and so on. Relationship must be based upon a harmony of spirit and values.