Comparative Method

Planetary Periods

Marriage or close relationship, even if indicated in the chart, may not occur until a favorable planetary period comes.If the chart is generally good for marriage but the planetary period if of an adverse planet, this may cause delay or difficulty. Different types of marriage or different marriages will be reflected in the different planetary periods in operation at the time.

Results of Periods

Favorable periods for marriage are those of the lord of the seventh, planets in the seventh or which aspect the seventh (if they are not malefic), planets which are with the lord of the seventh or aspect it (again if they are not malefic).

The period of VENUS is generally favorable for marriage, particularly in the minor period of the lord of the seventh. JUPITER'S period is also usually good, particularly for women.

Periods of SATURN are usually difficult unless it is the lord of the seventh. Saturn in the seventh may not give relationship during its period. Saturn's period often gives partnerships with an age difference between the individuals involved.

Periods of RAHU naturally bring marriage but it is not always or even usually successful unless well placed. It can bring marriage with a foreigner, with someone with whom there is much illusion and may not last beyond its period.

KETU'S period is generally not favorable for marriage but can bring marriage if it aspects the seventh. Such marriages seldom last beyond the period of Ketu. Again, we have to consult the rulers of these planets.

The period of MARS is also usually not favorable for relationship, particularly for women, unless it is lord of the seventh. Mars major, Venus minor periods (or vice versa) are often very strong for relationship but usually bring romance or sexual encounters rather than marriage.

The period of MERCURY is mixed in terms of relationship. It often gives early marriages as lord of the seventh, particularly if its period comes young. If it comes when we are older, it often gives relationships with younger people.

The period of the SUN is more favorable for marriage for women, particularly when it is lord of the seventh or the fifth.

The period of the MOON is generally favorable for marriage, particularly as lord of the fourth, fifth and seventh houses.

The period of the seventh lord tends toward marriage. So do the periods of planets located in the seventh house or planets aspecting the seventh house or its lord both in the birthchart and in the navamsha.


The Varshaphal or annual chart will indicate marriage by planets in the seventh or aspecting the seventh house or seventh lord with favorable aspects.


Transits of these planets should also be considered, particularly the slower moving ones. When a person is at the age for marriage, we should see when the most favorable planetary configurations are likely to occur.