Comparative Method

Other Planetary Positions

Sun and Moon Moon is helpful for good relationships. Specifically, the Moon in a man's chart represents his general capacity to relate to women.The Moon represents the general social and emotional capacity of a person. A good This should be examined for long term and general marital and domestic happiness.

With a weak or detached Moon the man may not have the patience for a long-term relationship. The Sun similarly represents the woman's general capacity to relate to men. A weak or afflicted Sun may not give her the openness to male energy necessary for a happy relationship. A woman with a weak Sun will often choose weak men as partners, as will a man with a weak Moon.

Sun and Moon

Mars and Venus

For marital or sexual issues, it is important to note the relationship between Venus and Mars in the chart. If Venus and Mars are in close aspect or mutual reception, this gives a strong sexual drive. This is particularly true if they are in fixed signs or in houses of sex (the fifth, seventh, eighth or twelfth). A strong sexual drive, however, is often not conducive to marital happiness, though it projects us into relationship. This is because it causes us to seek additional fulfillment outside of marriage (it is promiscuous).