Comparative Method

In this section we will examine the planetary influences in both the individual charts and their combinations to see the trends in relationship. It is best to examine both charts in a relationship issue, starting with each chart by itself. Often what may not be clear in one chart will be obvious in the other.

We can learn a great deal by examining the relationship potential and time factors within the individual chart itself. Even if we are doing some comparative analysis, we must start with this as a first step.

Examination of the Individual birth chart

Determining the type of partner that is good for an individual comes in here. Through an individual's birthchart we see their general relationship potential, which may have several directions of application through different periods of time.

However, quite often we are attracted to the kind of partner who is not good for us, and we are not attracted to the partner who is. Our desire nature causes us to seek something new, sensational, or hard to achieve, which appeals to our illusions. We want a beautiful partner but not necessarily a kind or spiritual one. Hence, it is more a matter of living compatibility that we should seek, not necessarily how exciting the partner may be.