Business Astrology

Other Planets in Business Astrology .Once the Moon is strong and under good influence, it is important to examine the other planets which govern business ventures.


A good Mercury is necessary for the proper communication which all enterprises depend upon.

It governs the second stage of ventures, when we are in a position to communicate them to others and do commerce through them. It gives ease in the exchange of commodities and ideas. It is also particularly important for affairs dealing with communication, writing, teaching, and healing.


It is better if Mercury is not retrograde, or in conjunction with the lunar nodes (unless in its own sign). Nor should it be within two degrees of the Sun, as this blocks objectivity.

Mercury conjunct or aspect Jupiter is very favorable and gives practical gains. Jupiter gives expansiveness and Mercury the ability to influence others through it. Mercury with Venus is good for creative or artistic pursuits. Mercury with Saturn is all right for property or for serious mental pursuits but otherwise not good. It makes one materially conservative. Mercury with Mars is good for scientific or legal ventures but is apt to make one overly aggressive.

Mercury should not be debilitated which gives immaturity and foolishness, or at least impracticality. Its better signs for location are Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, which are those of its friends. It is better located in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 & 11.

Mercury is a very strong wealth-giving planet for Leo ascendant as it rules two houses of wealth, 2 and 11.

Jupiter is the main planet that gives wealth, hence he should be favorably placed and aspected. Jupiter governs the main phase of any activity, when its greatest expansion and success occurs. It gives optimism, the capacity for action and strong endurance. It is good for all business enterprises particularly where there are legal, government or religious groups to deal with. It is good for all charitable ventures as well.


Its better signs are Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Jupiter is a strong wealth-giving planet for Aquarius by the dual houses of wealth it rules, 2 and 11. It is better located in houses like that given under Mercury, particularly in its own sign or exalted. Jupiter in air signs is good for knowledge but not always for the holding of wealth.


Venus gives the charm and charisma necessary to carry out most ventures relating to the public. It is good for enterprises that depend on quality, taste and high values, rather than mass marketing. It is good for businesses involving women or products aimed at them. It is good for vehicles as well. It is essential for artistic and creative ventures. Venus gives wealth and luxury but not always motivation, the urge to work, willingness to do service or great generosity.


Saturn shows the obstacles we have to face in our endeavors. It indicates the time that may be needed to accomplish them. It gives property and enduring status but only after persistent effort and often many ups and downs. It may raise us up but can also bring us down, particularly if our actions are selfish.


It is usually not favorable to have Saturn in the tenth house, particularly by itself, in any career venture. It does well in the eleventh, however. It is mainly good for property. A strong Saturn is also helpful for working with the government or other institutions and organizations.


Mars shows the energy and motivation that we have to accomplish things. Well placed, it gives leadership, decisiveness, dynamism and inventiveness. Misplaced, it can make us reckless or too forceful in our actions and bring us into conflict or legal complications.Mars is better for scientific and technical ventures. It gives logic as well. A strong Mars is good for legal affairs, but may cause us to push things too far.


The Sun shows the power of our will and character we have to rely on, or the authority we are able to create. It gives us honor, respect and prestige and often gives the good grace of the government or whatever powers we are looking up to.It does not do well in the second house, however, as it can show high expenses. Its malefic affect on houses should be considered. It is particularly important for ventures that depend upon a strong force of character and individuality, which require a famous or well recognized personality.


Rahu shows our greatest desires. It indicates our area of greatest success, on one hand, and our area of most unrealistic expectations, on the other. It is usually not to be trusted, though it can be a source of many good ideas that need to be validated by other sources. Well placed, as in the tenth house, it can give great success, particularly with the public, as with mass media ventures or communication projects.


sometimes does this if located in other angles like the seventh and the first. It is usually good for income if placed in the eleventh or for good fortune if placed in the ninth. In the sixth it can be good for success in legal ventures. As usual, we must always consider the strength of its lord and the houses its lord rules.


Ketu shows our hidden resources, our psychic reserve. Yet for outer ventures it causes negativity and doubt. Only with planets in their own or exaltation sign does it become a powerful augmenting force and will tend to magnify whatever influences they possess. Ketu with the lord of the second or eleventh houses in their own sign or exalted is particularly good for wealth. This is especially true if the planet involved is Mercury or Jupiter.