Business Astrology


The Moon represents our capacity to influence people, to have an impact upon society, to reach the masses or large numbers of people. It gives popularity and recognition and keeps us in harmony with the trends of the time. Hence, for business ventures, particularly those that aim at the public or whose concern is teaching or communication, a strong Moon is necessary.

In addition, the Moon governs the birth or the first phase of all ventures. A strong Moon is important for the time of initiating important enterprises. It continues to rule them until they are off the ground (out of the womb as it were).


For timing actions or decisions, the Moon should preferably be waxing. Generally, it should be between three days after the new Moon and full. The eleventh day of the Moon is best. The day of the full Moon is also good, preferably before the moment the Moon has exactly reached full.

The Moon in cardinal signs is better for starting ventures and provides more initiative and dynamic expression. It is better for ventures that aim at leadership, introducing new ideas or having a strong expression and influencing people. In fixed signs, the Moon is better for giving continuity and endurance to our projects. It is better for long term projects, fixed assets or property. In mutable signs, the Moon functions for reexamination or reformation of projects or working out their details. It is also better for matters involving communication or transaction of commodities and can be helpful for intellectual or artistic ventures.