Business Astrology

The Moon as House Lord

In terms of house location, the Moon is best placed in angular or trine houses 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 & 10 as these give it strength. The fourth house is the strongest as it has directional strength as well. The Moon should be the lord of favorable business houses from the ascendant. Favorable ascendants in which the Moon rules positive houses for business are:

Aries (4), Gemini (2), Cancer (1), Virgo (11), Libra (10), Scorpio (9), Capricorn (7), and Pisces (5). If not the lord of good houses, the Moon should be well placed or well aspected to compensate for this.

  • For Aries ascendant the Moon, as ruler of the fourth house, gives property, domestic or emotional happiness.
  • For Gemini, as ruler of the second, it gives income and gains in one's personal occupation.
  • For Cancer, as ruler of the ascendant, it furthers all enterprises generally and exalts one's personality.
  • For Virgo, as ruler of the eleventh, it gives good income and high values.
  • For Libra, as ruler of the tenth, it gives fame, status and social recognition.
  • For Scorpio, as ruler of the ninth, it gives good luck and favor of government, spiritual or religious groups.
  • For Capricorn, as ruler of the seventh, it gives political and social power and capacity to work with partners.
  • For Pisces, as ruler of the fifth, it gives gain through children, creativity, speculation and good advice.
  • For Taurus, as ruler of the third, the Moon gives energy and curiosity but not always good business sense. The individual may be too impulsive to be successful.
  • For Leo, its function depends upon the planet which most influences it as it is lord of the twelfth. By itself it gives loss.
  • For Sagittarius, it gives capacity for profound thinking but not always practical sense, though it is good for inheritance. Again, its value depends a lot upon how it is influenced as ruler of the eighth which also has a neutrality to it.
  • For Aquarius, it is good for service or healing work, but not so much for income or commercial ventures and may give legal problems, as it is ruler of the sixth.

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