Business Astrology

Aspects to The Moon

The Moon should be free as much as possible of unfavorable aspects. Conjunction with Rahu, the north lunar node, creates false imaginations and unrealistic plans. It may get us carried away by unreliable mass trends, or though our business may be successful its spiritual and psychological complications may prove difficult or unwholesome.

A little influence of Saturn on the Moon may be good as it gives objectivity, but very much can give negativity, an overly conservative nature and the inability to make use of opportunities. Outwardly it can give obstructions and result in loss.

Aspects of Mars to the Moon can cause impulsive or rash action and can show conflict or legal difficulties. Problems of communication with the public may arise. Ketu, the south node, causes contraction and may give difficulties or obstructions beyond our control, including conflict or contradictory situations.

Aspects Moon

The best aspect to the Moon is a good influence of Jupiter. Aspects of Jupiter or Jupiter in an angle from the Moon, particularly if Jupiter is exalted or in its own sign, are good. Jupiter gives expansiveness and success, and usually right values, as well as the favor of legal, business and government influences.

Aspects of Mercury aid in proper communication and exchange of information. This is useful in all ventures but particularly affairs of teaching or communication. Mercury in itself, unless it is the ruler of houses of income, however, may not be strong enough to give success.

Venus gives charm and ability to influence and is usually helpful in gaining resources for us. Its influence is good for artistic matters or projects involving women.