Business Astrology

Planetary Periods

Once the Moon and the other planets are strong and under good influences, we have to consider the planetary periods. The planetary periods of the birth or horary charts should be given their proper attention. Even if the chart is good the results cannot be gained if the period is not right.

We should note the major and minor planetary periods governing the time of the chart, if it is a horary chart, or the business decision, if it is the birth-chart. These should be of planets that can give wealth, like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury, or of the rulers of houses of wealth like the second, fifth, ninth and eleventh. Generally, a combination of periods of lords of different houses of wealth is very good. For example, if the major period is of the lord of the tenth, the minor period of the lord of the second, the sub-minor the lord of the ninth, it should be very good. If on top of this there is a good transit of Jupiter, the period becomes very strong.

Planetary Periods

Periods of the lord of eleventh give income. Periods of the lord of the second are favorable for career gains. Periods of the lord of the fourth give property or vehicles. Periods of the lord of the ninth give good fortune, luck or sudden and unexpected gains.

Similarly, periods of malefics or malefic lords cause difficulties. The period of the lord of the twelfth can give loss or high expenses (again consider the other house the planet rules). The period of the lord of the eighth gives adversity. The period of the lord of the sixth gives legal or health difficulties which have financial implications.


It is difficult to find a birthchart or horary time that is entirely good for all these factors. It is always the majority of factors that has to be considered. Hence, it is best to consider a time period when a venture should be done. If it has to be started within a three-month period, then we look to the favorable positions available at those times and choose the best. We can use astrology to see if the ventures should be started soon or whether one should wait. This depends upon the birthcharts of the people within the business.