Business Astrology

The Moon in Signs

The Moon should reside in favorable or friendly signs. Cancer and Taurus, its own sign and sign of exaltation, are generally good for all enterprises. Cancer is better for matters involving the public or social influence, affairs of the home or personal communication. Taurus is better for those involving material resources, including articles of luxury such as gemstones.

Moon Sign

Aries Moon

is good for starting new ventures, particularly those dealing with science or the mind. It is good for projects that are inventive and are opening up new ground. It is more a time to develop new ideas, however, than to begin practical actions or to set up shop. It is better for projects promoting one'self or a particular personality. One must beware of being overly impulsive as it is not entirely wise to trust one's instincts at this time. One can be headstrong and too aggressive under its impulse.

Taurus Moon

is good for artistic ventures or for businesses aiming at comfort and luxury. It is good for business partnership, particularly between husband and wife. It is good for dealing with fixed assets. It is also good for poetry, film and other affairs of Venus.

Gemini Moon

is good for communication, writing and teaching ventures. It is good for educational pursuits, commerce, exchange of ideas, information and commodities generally but it is a fluctuating influence that is not always good for fixed enterprises or starting companies. Nothing should be trusted under its impulse unless it is done in contract.

Cancer Moon

is good generally for expressing our ideas and feelings to other people. It is good for healing enterprises, for food or domestic concerns and for influencing others generally and working with the masses. It requires that we are sensitive to public opinion, however.

Leo Moon

is good for projecting the power of our personality, for ventures having to do with the projection of our own will, character, fame, influence, status or honor or those of some personality. It gives good P.R. but requires that we take a leadership role. It will draw attention to us personally and we should be ready to deal with that. If afflicted, it can cause some negative notoriety.

Virgo Moon

is good for healing, writing, art, crafts, sports, science and service ventures. It is one of the best Moon positions for getting to the details of practically establishing something. There is some danger of getting too caught in details, however. Hence, it is often better for finalizing rather than making initial decisions in a project. It is better for modest ventures than for great projects and by its mutable disposition may give ups and downs and make it difficult to maintain a long-term venture.

Libra Moon

is good for artistic, spiritual and political affairs. It is appropriate for new ventures designed to change or reform the world and communicate values of harmony and justice to the masses. It gives diplomacy and the capacity to influence people on a subtle level. There may, however, be a danger of being overly idealistic or fanatical. There may be impracticality, as ideas become more important than actual resources. It is also good for projects relating to Venus, like art.

Scorpio Moon

is generally unfavorable for business matters, as it shows emotional confusion, domination and manipulation. It may cause conflict, emotional entanglement and legal problems. However, if its fall is canceled, it can be good for shamanism, psychology, astrology, religion, poetry, healing and scientific research..

Sagittarius Moon

is good for legal enterprises, for projects with religious groups, for working with governments, or with one's ancestors and their traditions. It gives clarity and order in action. It is good for establishing our principles and values. It is also favorable for travel. It is warm, friendly, expansive and optimistic but can attempt too many things.

Capricorn Moon

is good for influencing society, for establishing institutions, for working with traditions. It is often political. It gives objectivity and detachment, as well as the capacity to orient material resources. It is a good place to have the Moon to make business decisions, issues of money or property, but may lack in vision or sensitivity to the views of others. It is better for long term ventures or those slow to develop because the influence of Saturn will slow things down but make them strong in the long run. It is good for property and other affairs of Saturn.

Aquarius Moon

is usually not favorable for outer ventures. It gives faith, renunciation, dependency, and otherworldliness. Well placed, it is good for religious and spiritual enterprises and gives a capacity for group action. In this way, it can be good for charities and humanistic work. It is better for following than leading. It may cause us difficulties beyond our control or obstruction from friends or allies. It may indicate unrealistic ideas or expectations or show a venture with an inherent negativity and self-destructiveness. On a lower level, Aquarius Moon may get us involved in underworld dealings, like drugs or other forces of deception and illusion.

Pisces Moo

is good for art, imagination, enthusiasm, and intuitive ventures, as well as for affairs involving the sea or commerce across the sea. It is creative and good for establishing new motivation but lacks in objectivity and consistency. It gets carried away by moods, whims or enthusiasm. Hence, it requires careful scrutiny. It is often too fluctuating to be trusted.

When judging the position of the Moon in signs, we should also consider that of the ruler of the sign in which the Moon is located (its dispositor). It should also be favorably placed, particularly relative to the Moon, and be in a friendly relationship to it.