Vrischikha Rasi or Scorpio Moon sign is the eighth sign in the zodiac belt. It belongs to the water element and is ruled over by the fiery planet of Mars. Vrischickha natives are said to be very intense, passionate but secretive. They are much committed to their tasks. The year 2023 poses to be a year of mixed fortune for the natives. For Vrischika folks, Jupiter would be in the 5th house till mid-April and then shifts to their 6th house. Saturn would be transiting their 4th house of Aquarius all through the year.

Rahu or the Moon’s north node would be in Meena, your 5th house. Retrograde Mars turns direct in mid-January and Venus is to go combust for the first two weeks of August 2023. These planet transits sure have an impact on the natives, find out what’s in store for them through the year.

Vrishchikha Horoscope 2023 For Love and Marriage

In 2023, your 5th Lord Jupiter would be placed in your 5th house of love and romance till the middle of April. This assures goodness in the love front and some of you might be able to get married as well around this time. Jupiter ensures that there is goodness in love and marriage for the natives this period. Rahu and Keu, the nodes of the Moon also support the love pursuits and married life of Vrischikha personalities through the year, particularly during October when they transit. But then Venus, the planet of love and emotions would be retrograding between July-end and the start of September when the natives might feel the pinch in this area, careful treading would avert major disasters and assures goodness in love and marriage through the year.

Vrishchikha Horoscope 2023 For Career

As the year 2023 starts, the career prospects of Vrishchikha Rasi folks would be better thanks to the good placement of Saturn till mid-January. Also Jupiter transits through your 5th house till mid April when career development is promised. The Nodes of the Moon namely, Rahu and Ketu are also favorably posited to favor your professional growth through the year. However make sure that any major changes or relocation with regard to career are done before the transit of Jupiter to your 6th house which is an evil placement and might impede your career performance.

Vrishchikha Horoscope 2023 For Finances

With Jupiter, the planet of wealth favorably placed in the 5th house, the financial prospects of Vrischikha Rasi people would be very good. All sorts of investments of long term and financial revamps ought to be made before mid April when Jupiter transits. Also natives are advised to restrain from making any major financial moves between the end of July and the start of September in 2023 as during this period Venus would be going retrograde affecting your finances. But for this, the general financial standing of the natives would be quite satisfactory all this year.

Vrishchikha Horoscope 2023 For Education

Vrischikha Rasi students would find good development in their educational pursuits this year thanks to the position of Jupiter in their 5th house till mid April. Also Saturn would be in the 4th house of Aquarius from mid-January further bringing about discipline and teaching you important life lessons. The nodes of the Moon also ensure that the students concentrate on their studies and perform well in their exams. But then Saturn would retrograde between mid-June and the start of September when the natives would be put to test, their studies gets hindered. They are advised to resort to meditation and try to concentrate on their tasks to come out successful around the year-end. Vrischikha Rasi students have favorable conditions for higher studies and overseas pursuits as well through the year if they stay committed to their tasks.

Vrishchikha Horoscope 2023 For Family

Jupiter travels through the 5th house till the middle of April in 2023 for Vrishchikha Rasi people. Hence there would be goodness in their family life, domestic welfare and happiness is assured and auspicious events at home are most likely. Also Saturn would be in the 3rd house till mid-January bringing about goodness in the home-front. However Saturn’s transit to your 4th house might affect family welfare to a certain extent. The transit of the nodes in October favors goodness in the domestic life for Vrischikha Rasi folks. The retrograde movement of Saturn between mid-June and the start of November would once again adversely impact the family prospects. However there would be no major impacts and occasional minor issues crop up now and then which can be handled by your tact this season.

Vrishchikha Horoscope 2023 For Health

With Jupiter placed in the 5th house, Vrischikha Rasi folks are promised with good health and cheer till mid April when Jupiter transits to their 6th house. As the 6th is the house of diseases, there might be occasional minor health issues for the natives. Concerns related to the eye and limbs likely to bother the natives, however there would not be any major impacts on their lives. Saturn ensures that the natives are in good shape and lead a more disciplined life through the year, transiting through their 4th house. But then its retrograde motion between mid-June and the start of November might impede the health of the natives, in particular there might be issues related to the limbs and digestive system. Following good diet, physical exertion and meditation would assure that the natives stay fit through the year.

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