Simha Rasi or Leo Moon sign is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle and belongs to the fire element. It is ruled over by the main luminary, the Sun. Simha Rasi folks are generally very committed to their works and they have high principles and lofty aims in life. They love to hog the limelight.

In 2023, for Simha Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru enters their 9th sign of Aries in mid-April after transiting through the 8th house from the start of the year.

Saturn or Sani, the great disciplinarian shifts position to the 7th house of Aquarius in mid-January. Rahu or Moon’s north node transits through Meena or your 8th house. The retrograding Mars as the year starts turns direct in mid-January and would be direct for the rest of the year. Venus gets into exact combustion with the Sun for the first two weeks of August 2023. These planetary shifts would alter the life course of Simha Rasi people this year. Read on for more on this.

Simha Horoscope 2023 for Love and Marriage

The love and marriage prospects of Simha Rasi personalities would not be good in 2023 as Jupiter transits through your 8th and Saturn or Shani through your 7th house. There would be troubles in your love life and marital affairs. For the aspiring single ones, their marriage proposals might get delayed. The transit of Jupiter to the 9th house from mid April, however would bring about glad tidings in this area. There are good chances that the love prospects of Simha Rasi people would materialize into marriage or get the approval of elders in the family around the end of the year.

Simha Horoscope 2023 for Career

Saturn is the lord of careers and it would be in the 7th house for Simha Rasi people from mid January, 2023. This is likely to increase your work load. Delays and hindrances would be encountered for the natives all this year owing to the effects of Saturn. Also, Jupiter or Guru is in the 8th house of Meena for the natives till mid April. Hence there would be hardships in their professional path. But then when Jupiter transits to the 9th house after mid -April, Simha Rasi natives would be able to find a new job. Promotions, much awaited relocations and such things materialize. The third quarter of 2023 would again pose some problems in the career front for the natives. There would be a sort of disappointment and dissatisfaction in the work place and then from November, your career prospects would improve due to the transit of the Nodes.

Simha Horoscope 2023 for Finances

The general financial standing of Simha Rasi people would be quite average in 2023 till mid April, as Jupiter or Guru, the planet of finances transits your 8th house. Saturn transiting through your 7th house also would cause delays and hindrances for your financial prospects and unwanted expenditure might bother you. With the transit of Jupiter to your 9th house of prosperity in mid-April, you would be blessed with good finances. You would have ample funds to save some as well. Rahu and Ketu , the Nodes of the Moon would also provide with good finances till the end of October. Simha Rasi people are asked to avoid major financial delas for the third quarter of the year, as there are the chances of losing their money. You ought to get away from all speculative deals for the period.

Simha Horoscope 2023 for Education

As 2023 starts, Simha Rasi students would see moderate study prospects with Jupiter transiting through their 8th house from mid-April. Then with Jupiter shifting to the 9th house the natives would find the period very favorable for higher studies. Some of them would be conferred the highest degrees in their area of interest. Saturn travelling through your 7th house would bring about distractions occasionally. The retrograde motion of Jupiter around the last quarter of the year might pose some impediment for your study pursuits, do not lose your course and keep working hard though the year.

Simha Horoscope 2023 for Family

The family life of Simha Rasi folks is not going to be that easy in 2023 with Saturn transiting through their 7th house and Jupiter through the 8th house. Unhappiness abounds at home and there would be communication issues. With better understanding and commitment on the part of the native, things shall look better. After mid-April, the shift of Jupiter to the 9th house would bring about happiness once again back to the family forum. Rahu and Ketu the modes of the Moon travelling through Aries and Libra also make sure that domestic welfare and happiness is assured for Simha Rasi people for the rest of the year

Simha Horoscope 2023 for Health

As for the health prospects of Simha Rasi people in 2023, they would have occasional heath concerns this year with Saturn in the 7th and Jupiter through the 8th house till mid April. This would bring about eye issues and troubles with the limbs, some natives might even get involved in accidents, hence be cautious when you drive or travel this year. A sense of insecurity would be brought about the planets till mid -April. After that there would not be any major concerns for the rest of the year. Simha Rasi folks are asked to follow good food practices and stay mentally active for the period. Natives with chronic issues would see betterment after the first quarter of the year.

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