Mesha Moon Sign Horoscope 2023


According to Indian astrology, Aries or Mesha is the first sign of the zodiac and is of fire element. It is ruled over by the fiery planet of Mars. Hence Mesha Rasi people are always fierce, aggressive and determined. Quite a great period is forecast for Mesha Rasi people in 2023.

For Mesha Rasi people, Jupiter or Guru would be entering their own sign in mid January of 2023.

This is a favorable transit and promises goodness all around. Saturn or Shani would be transiting the 11th house of gains and social life for the year.

Rahu or the Moon’s node travels through their 12th house of Meena or Pisces. Mars that had been retrograding from the last part of 2022 would go direct in the middle of January this year. Venus, the planet of love and compassion would get into combustion with the Sun as August 2023 starts. Al, the above planet transits would affect the various aspects of life for Mesha RAsi people. Let us get to know them one by one.

Mesha - 2023 Horoscope for Love and Marriage

It would be a roller-coaster ride for the love life of Mesha Rasi people in 2023. Due to the position of the Nodes, Mesha rasi people who are yearning to get married would meet with delays and hindrances.. However with Jupiter transiting through your sign, the impediments would be averted to some extent. The 7th house aspect of Jupiter on the 7th house of love and marriage forebodes favourable trends then. The single ones would be able to settle down in a good relationship and married Mesha Rasi people would see conjugal felicity during the last quarter of 2023 when the nodes transit.

Mesha 2023 Horoscope for Career

The career scope of Mesha Rasi folks seems very bright in 2023 as the10th Lord Saturn transits the 11th house from mid-January in 2023. This would bring about goodness and satisfaction in your professional life. Jupiter in your own sign also assures better career prospects for the year. All this year, you would be fully loaded with work. However as the 10th Lord Saturn would be retrograding through the year, natives are urged to keep working hard and put in all their might with a discipline to reach new heights. From November start, Saturn would be going direct and then there would be tremendous growth prospects in your career field. Occasional incompatible issues might arise in the work place due to the position of Ketu in the 7th house till October, 2023.

Mesha 2023 Horoscope for Finances

The year 2023 would bring about unwanted expenditure of sorts for Mesha Rasi natives due to the effects or Rahu and Ketu. Your 2nd house would be transited by Venus between the end of July to the start of September and this would be a good time to resort to some long term investments plans. Saturn in the 11th house would be bringing you gains through the year though. The year is favorable for Mesha Rasi natives to buy landed property as well. Hence a comfortable year ahaead is promised in terms of your finances.

Mesha 2023 Horoscope for Education

Due to the aspect of Saturn on their sign for the first quarter of the year, Mesha Rasi students would find the period hindering their study opportunities. Then with Jupiter transiting your sign, your study dreams would get realized slowly. During April-May, the luminary Sun gets exalted in your sign which would be a great time to focus on studies. Higher studies and overseas study opportunities are also favored by Jupiter through the year. The nodes around continue to distract you from your studies though.

Mesha - 2023 Horoscope for Family

The domestic life of Mesha Rasi people would not be that good for the year 2023. Simply because the nodes of the Moon namely, Rahu and Ketu are not favorably posited for the same. They are in the first house and seventh house respectively affecting your domestic welfare and happiness. But then during the last quarter of the year probably around October -end, when the nodes shift places there would be betterment. Jupiter placed in your own house also assures domestic goodness though happiness would elude you at times.

Mesha 2023 Horoscope for Health

Saturn aspecting your sign and placed in the 11th house would drain your energy and bring about laziness and lethargy this year. Rahu or the Moon’s node in the Ascendant would bring about issues related to the digestive system. Jupiter however supports your fitness ventures. Those with chronic issues need to be careful for the year ahead. Strict diet plans and physical activity would make sure that Mesha Rasi people are in good shape through the year ahead.

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