Kanni Rasi or Virgo Moon sign is the 6th in the zodiac line-up. It is an earthy sign and is ruled over by the planet of Mercury. Natives are known for their critical nature and overbearing on health issues. For these natives, in 2023, Jupiter would be in the 7th house till April 22nd and then shifts position to the 8th house. Saturn stays in your 6th house of Kumbha or Aquarius for the year ahead.

Mars would be retrograde till mid January and then goes direct and Venus gets into combustion by its proximity to the Sun during the first two weeks of August. The above planet shifts stand to influence the life activities of Kanni Rasi folks this year. Here is the detailed report:

Kanni Horoscope 2023 for Love and Marriage

In 2023, Jupiter would be posited in the 7th house of love and marriage for Kanni Rasi natives and this assures goodness in the marriage front for the natives. But then things would not turn much favourable for you after Jupiter transits to your 8th house in mid-April. Also between July-end to start of September, natives are urged not to take any major decisions regarding their marriage as Venus around would play spoilsport. Also the shift of the Nodes of the Moon in end of October would interfere with the prospects of your love life or marriage. In general, quite an uneventful year ahead is promised in marriage and love for Kanni Rasi people.

Kanni Horoscope 2023 for Career

In 2023, for Kanni Rasi people, Saturn or Shani would be placed in their 6th house of work from mid-January. This would bring about good growth and development for your career. Natives stand to land in job positions of their liking and there would be better job satisfaction this year. Jupiter or Guru transits the 7th house till the middle of April in 2023. Until then the conditions would be favourable for your career development. Then when Jupiter transits to your 8th house you would meet impediments for your career pursuits. All sorts of challenges come in the work front, troubles with authorities, peers, unwanted relocations, denied pay hikes and the like. But then Saturn in the 6th would be stabilizing situations.

Kanni Horoscope 2023 for Finances

For Kanni Rasi natives, this year Jupiter would in the 8th house from the middle of April. Though this would bring in good finances, there would be unwanted expenditure as well. When Jupiter is in the 7th house till April, there would be good gains of money. The transit of the Moon nodes in October-end would also affect your finances quite adversely this year. Natives are asked to refrain from making major financial moves between July end and start of September due to the malefic effects of Venus around. Saturn placed in the 6th house is the only favourable position that aids to your financial upliftment this year. Do bank on the money when the inflow is quite satisfactory.

Kanni Horoscope 2023 for Education

The position of Jupiter, the planet that rules over knowledge and wisdom in the 7th house would bless the educational prospects of Kanni Rasi students in 2023. However it would help out only till mid-April after which it turns malefic with its transit to the 8th house. Then Kanni Rasi people would have a tough time with their studies with concentration going out of way. Students ought to put in extra effort these days to stay afloat in their line of study. Saturn in the 6th house would support your efforts and reward you amicably. The transit of Rahu and Ketu to the signs of Meena and Kanni in October would also again distract the students from their studies. The last quarter of the year would hinder your study prospects with Jupiter going retrograde. To summarise this would be a year of mixed fortune for Kanni Rasi students, and only hard work would help them get through.

Kanni Horoscope 2023 for Family

The domestic life of Kanni Rasi people or those born with Moon in Virgo sign would be very good as the year 2023 starts with Jupiter transiting their 7th house. There would be happy times with family, peace and harmony would prevail in the home-front. In mid-April, Jupiter shifts position to the 8th house which might be detrimental to your family life. The domestic welfare and happiness stands to get affected and only adjustment and proper understanding by the native would bring about betterment in family ties. Saturn posited in your 6th house makes sure that no major impacts happen in your family life through the year, despite occasional minor hindrances and distrubances.

Kanni Horoscope 2023 for Health

Kanni Rasi people would command good health and cheer as year 2023 starts. With Jupiter transiting the 7th house, goodness would prevail and natives would be blessed with good health. However as Jupiter shifts to your 8th house in mid -April, things shall turn against you. Natives stand to face one health issue or the other, especially issues related to the digestive and nervous system likely for some folks. The transit of the Nodes in October end would further aggravate things around in the health sector. Natives are asked to keep good control over their food habits and be physically active to avoid major repercussions. However, the silver lining here is that Saturn through the 6th house would give you the energy and will power to stem the tide of any illness that might come your way through the year.

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