Meena Rasi or Pisces Moon sign is the 12th sign of the zodiac and it belongs to the water element. It is ruled by the planet of Jupiter. Meena Rasi natives are very sensitive, emotional and spiritual. They like to travel a lot and make good buddies. For Meena Rasi people, Jupiter transits through your sign till mid-April and then transits to your 2nd house of Aries. Saturn transits through your 12th house of Kumbha or Aquarius from mid-January.

Around the same period, the retrograding Mars would turn Direct. And Venus, the planet of love would be combust for the first two weeks of August. These transits would most likely affect the life of the Meena Rasi people for the year ahead. Find out what is in store for them.

Meena Horoscope 2023 for Love and Marriage

As far as love and marriage are concerned, Meena Rasi people would meet with some hindrances till mid-April, with Jupiter transiting through your Ascendant sign. However after that its transit to the 2nd house of Aries forebodes goodness in the love front. Your love pursuits would be good and this is a favorable time for the natives to get married as well. Between the end of July and the start of September 2023, natives are advised not to take any major decisions with regard to love and marriage as Venus, the planet of love would be in its retrograde phase. Also the transit of Saturn to your 12th house of Kumbha might interfere with your love life and marriage this year. Hence there might be occasional problems and issues of incompatibility with partner or spouse. The natives are advised to tread cautiously and slowly. The transit of Rahu and Ketu to your Ascendant and 7th house would also disrupt your love and marriage after October.

Meena Horoscope 2023 for Career

Meena Rasi natives would have troubles in their career life as the planets are not much favorably posited for them. Saturn would be travelling through your 12th house and Jupiter through your Ascendant till the middle of April. The nodes of the Moon would be transiting during the last days of October 2023. Hence there would be much challenges and work pressure coming your way. Natives ought to be quite cautious with your professional moves this time. Then after mid-April, Jupiter moves over to your 2nd house of Aries when some goodness can be expected in the career front. Between mid-June and the start of November, Saturn or Shani would go retrograde and this might bring about some negative performance in the job front. Be cautious and keep working hard to travel through this tough time of your life.

Meena Horoscope 2023 for Finances

In the year 2023, Meena Rasi folks would be blessed with good finances. There would be much financial gains in their lives as Jupiter transits to your 2nd house of finances, namely Aries in mid-April. Saturn would be transiting through your 12th house of Kumbha this year from mid-January and might bring about some unwanted expenditure of sorts. The Nodes of the Moon namely, Rahu and Ketu would transit to the houses of Meena and Kanni during the last days of October. This would again interfere with your finances, would bring about expenses that are out of bounds for you. Hence natives are asked to bank on the resources when they come their way and to lead a frugal lifestyle all this year.

Meena Horoscope 2023 for Education

Meena Rasi students would have optimum results this year as far as their educational pursuits are concerned. They might lose their focus and concentration and become wayward as Jupiter transits the Ascendant house till mid-April. Also the transit of the Nodes of the Moon in October to your Ascendant and 7th house might interfere with your study life. The retrograde motion of Jupiter or Guru, the planet of knowledge and wisdom between the start of September to the end of the year would play spoilsport with your studies. Be cautious, keep working hard and do not let any hindrances deter your education through the year. Commitment would see some natives excelling in their area of interest.

Meena Horoscope 2023 for Family

The domestic life of Meena Rasi people would be of mixed prospects in the year 2023. Jupiter transits through your Ascendant sign till mid-April and Saturn travels through your 12th house of Kumbha from mid-January. These transits do not favor positive prospects in your family life. Troubles abound at home and misunderstandings arise with family members. Peace and harmony would elude you. Also the transit of the nodes might hinder goodness in the family. However once, Jupiter transits to your 2nd house of family welfare in mid-April, things shall get sorted out in the family front to a certain extent. Despite all these there would be a dearth for cordiality in the home front for the year ahead.

Meena Horoscope 2023 for Health

Meena Rasi people would have some health concerns through the year due to the presence of Saturn or Shani in their evil house of 12th, namely the sign of Kumbha. And Jupiter in your Ascendant house is also not a good placement and asks the natives to take good care of their health. They are likely to have minor health concerns occasionally. Digestive issues and nervous troubles would bother some natives. Then from mid-April, things shall settle down in the health front as Jupiter shifts position to your 2nd house of Aries. The transit of the nodes of the Moon namely, Rahu and Ketu during the last of October would also give you health issues related to the eye and limbs. However there would not be any major impacts on life. Natives are advised to be more spiritually inclined, pursue some meditation and follow good food habits and kicking bad habits that would give them good health through the year.

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