Mithuna Rasi or Gemini is the third in the zodiac line-up. The ruling planet is Mercury, the planet for communication. For the year 2023, for these folks, Jupiter would be in the 10th house till mid-April and then shifts location to their 11th house. Saturn or Sani transits the 9th house of Kumbha or Aquarius in mid January. Retrograde Mars turns direct in mid January too and transits in direct motion for the rest of the year. Venus, the ruler of love and compassion comes into direct contact with the Sun going combust in August. These planet transits stand to affect the various life aspects of Mithuna people. Read on for more on this.

Mithuna Horoscope 2023 for Love & Marriage

With Jupiter or Guru moving to your 11th house of gains in April, Mithuna Rasi people are predicted with goodness in their love and marriage for the year ahead. And Rahu transiting through your 11th house would further enhance your love prospects. Goodness would prevail in the relationship with partner or spouse, there would be no dearth for romance and joy these days. Those in a love relationship would finally get married this year. Venus likely to hinder better prospects in this area of love between July end and September start, but then by your commitment and understanding you can get back on track. Occasional differences of opinion with partner cannot be ruled out for Mithuna people this year.

Mithuna Horoscope 2023 for Career

Saturn or Shani which rules over our career performances would be in the 9th house from mid January for Mithuna Rasi people. This would help them to face any obstacles in the career field diligently through the year. In April 2023, Jupiter shifts its position to the 11th house for the natives. This transit stands to greatly benefit Mithuna Rasi natives, in that they would excel in whatever career they are. Particularly those in the technical field would see a great change in their career growth. The nodes also play a significant role in the development of the career prospects of the natives. The third quarter of 2023 however might pose some troubles in the work front, there might be compatibility issues with higher-ups and peers. Natives are advised to go slow for the period. By the end of the year, things shall get smooth once again and they would be back on track.

Mithuna Horoscope 2023 for Finances

Jupiter or Guru, the planet that rules over our finances transits through the 10th house form the start of the year till mid-April for Mithuna Rasi people. This would bring about some unwanted expenditure for the natives. Later on, Jupiter shifts position to your 11th house of gains. This would bless the natives with a gainful period in recent times. Rahu or the Moon’s node traverses through your 11th house till the end of October and this transit sure will give much financial gains for the natives. The position of Jupiter and Saturn together in 2023 would give you good financial standing when compared to the past few years, especially when Saturn was transiting through your 8th house. 2023 would also be favorable for you to save some funds. The third quarter of the year between July and September might bring about unwanted expenditure like medical ones, be prepared with some contingency plans.

Mithuna Horoscope 2023 for Education

With Jupiter occupying the 11th house from mid-April, the study prospects of Mithuna Rasi students would be quite good for the year ahead. Jupiter would bless the natives wiht immense knowledge and they would excel in their fields. With the north node namely Rahu posited in the 11th house till end of October, the natives would have a determination and will power to come out successful in studies. But then the last quarter of the year would hinder and delay the ambitions and aims of the Mithuna students as Jupiter goes for a retrograde phase.

Mithuna Horoscope 2023 for Family

The domestic life of Mithuna Rasi folks would be good in 2023 once Jupiter or Guru moves to their 11th house in mid-April. Then there would be peace and harmony in the family front. Saturn transiting through the 8th house might have caused occasional hindrances in your domestic area in the previous year. Now things shall turn in your favourable as Saturn is favorably posited for you. Between July-end and the start of September 2023, again family issues might crop up due to the position of Venus . However there would not be any major upsets for the year. Better understanding and love shall work wonders here for the Mithuna people.

Mithuna Horoscope 2023 for Health

Mithuna Rasi people or those born with Moon in Gemini are promised good health in 2023. When Saturn transited through your 8th house in 2022, you would have had lot of health issues. Now all these health concerns disappear. Those with chronic issues would see some light at the end of the tunnel. Some natives might feel tired, stress and strain from work might affect their general health. Mars is likely to drain your energy between end of September to end of December. This is likely to cause back pains and limb ailments for some Mithuna people. But for this, the general health of the natives would be quite good through the year.

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