Kataka Rasi or Cancer Moon sign is the fourth in the zodiac line-up. This is a water sign which is ruled by the luminary, the Moon. Being ruled over by the Moon, Kataka Rasi people are very emotional, devoted and dedicated. They have maternal instincts and are good in nurturing. Here is the detailed horoscope for Kataka Rasi people for the year 2023.

In the year ahead, Jupiter or Guru would enter the 10th house in mid-April. Saturn or Shani happens to transit through your 8th house f Kumbha or Aquarius.

Rahu or the Moon’s North node would be travelling through your 9th house of Meena or Pisces. In mid- January, Mars, the fiery planet which was retrograding during the last part of 2022 would turn direct. And Venus would get into exact combustion with the Sun in the first two weeks of August 2023. These planetary transits and shifts would play a role in deciding the course of events in the life of Kataka Rasi people for the year.

Kataka Horoscope 2023 for Love & Marriage

For Kataka Rasi people the first quarter of the year promises goodness in the area of love and marriage thanks to the transit of Jupiter through their 9th house. The single ones would find a good partner and get married and the married couple would enjoy cordial relations in their married life. But then Saturn is in the 8th house and Ketu is in the 4th house for Kataka Rasi people and this is likely to cause some troubles in love and marriage. Also Venus and Mars are not favorably placed to support the love and marriage prospects of the natives. Once October ends, Ketu would be shifting position to the house of Kanni or Virgo when goodness is assured. All through the year, natives might encounter difference of opinion with partners, hence they are advised to take it slow and be committed to partner during tough times.

Kataka Horoscope 2023 for Career

Saturn is the planet responsible for our career prospects. In 2023, this Saturn or Shani would be in the 8th house for Kataka Rasi natives from mid-January. This is not a good placement, and is likely to cause certain hardships. Challenging scenarios arise in your work palce, there would be rift with authorities and colleagues in work place. There would be a sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction in your profession for the year. With Jupiter transiting through a benefic position till mid-April, some positive changes can be seen in your work place. Much awaited job changes would materialize for the deserving Kataka Rasi folks then. Jupiter’s transit to the 10th house during the end of April might bring about troubled moments in your career field. Natives are advised to be cautious of their moves. You ought to be patient and avoid any hasty decisions for the period. The transit of Rahu and Ketu around October- end would bring some good news in your career.

Kataka Horoscope 2023 for Finances

As 2023 starts, Jupiter would be in the 9th house of prosperity for Kataka Rasi. This assures overall prosperity and goodness for the natives. After April, Jupiter shifts to the 10th house and Saturn happens to be traversing through the 8th house which is not a good position. This would bring about unwanted expenditure for the natives for the year. Rahu in the 10th house and Ketu posited in the 4th house would bring about much expenses owing to family commitments for the natives. Then in October-end the nodes would be transiting bringing about some financial gains yet again. Natives are advised to be cautious between the end of July and the start of September when all financial decisions they take might end in debacles.

Kataka Horoscope 2023 for Education

For the year 2023, Jupiter transits the 9th house of higher education for Kataka Rasi students till April. This promises good higher study prospects for them. Overseas scope are also on the cards for the deserving and hard working folks. However Saturn in the 8th house is not a good position and is likely to hinder your study prospects. Natives might not be able to concentrate or focus properly in their studies owing to the position of Saturn and the nodes of the Moon. With the nodes transiting in the end of October , the conditions become quite feasible once again for the students to pursue their passions. The last quarter of the year would be much favorbale for you to learn a new skill or hone an existing one.

Kataka Horoscope 2023 for Family

The domestic life of Kataka Rasi natives might suffer this year with Saturn transiting through their 8th house. Also Ketu or the Moon’s South node in the 4th house of domestic life indicates that your domestic family life would be at stake for now. Mars is also not in a good position to aid your family life. Hence through the year, Kataka Rasi natives might meet with some family impediment or the other. But with some commitment and adjustments, natives can overcome the family trials. Good understanding and love shall help you to win over family members this year.

Kataka Horoscope 2023 for Health

In 2023, Kataka Rasi people would have average health prospects. This is because Saturn is transiting your 8th house and Ketu is in the 4th house and this brings about fitness and mental issues to the fore. A sense of weakness and fatigue would set on the natives. You might have some issues related to the limbs as well. All through the year some issue or the other would be lingering on. However there would not be any major impacts on life. Some expenditure related to medical issues of family members also likely. Jupiter aspecting your 5th house makes sure that you would be able to tide over this difficulty as well.

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