Makara Rasi or Capricorn Moon sign is the 10th sign in the zodiac cycle and belongs to the element of earth. The sign of Makara is ruled over by the planet Saturn or Shani. Makara Rasi natives are said to be duty-conscious and are very devoted to their works. They have good organising capacity as well. For the year 2023, for Makara Rasi folks, Jupiter or Guru would enter the 4th house of Aries in mid-April. Saturn transits your 2nd house of Kumbha or Aquarius all this year, starting from mid-January.

Rahu or the Moon’s node travels through Meena your 3rd house. Mars retrograding as the year starts goes direct in mid-January just as Saturn changes houses. And Venus, the planet of love and emotions would be in direct combust with the Sun during the first two weeks of August. These planet transits stand to affect the various facets of life of the Makara Rasi people. Read on for more on this.

Makara Horoscope 2023 For Love and Marriage

The love and marriage prospects of Makara Rasi people is not going to be that good in the year 2023. Jupiter placed in your 3rd house till mid-April and then in your 4th house afterwards does not support your love and marriage pursuits. This would not be an auspicious time to get married or start a new love relationship. Venus, the planet of love and emotions would be going retrograde between the end of July and the start of September in 2023 also does not augur well for your love and marriage. The transit of Rahu and Ketu in October might bring about some favorable atmosphere in this arena then. This is not a time for making major decisions with regard to your love and marriage though.

Makara Horoscope 2023 For Career

The career prospects of Makara Rasi people would be quite average in the year 2023. This is because, Saturn or Shai enters your 2nd house in mid -January and might impede your career performance for the year. You might feel more pressure in your work place and would not be able to meet your deadlines thus resulting in not earning the goodwill of authorities. And Jupiter’s transit to your 3rd house in mid-April of 2023 is also not much favourable for your career aspirations. It would bring about changes in your profession and unwanted relocation as well. Those in business would also find the year not ideal for their ventures. Any decisions with regard to business expansion or joint-deals can be made only after the transit of the nodes of the Moon in the end of October. Between mid-June and the start of November, Saturn or Shani would be retrograding causing hindrances and delays for your career pursuits. Natives are advised to focus on their work and strive hard these days. Do not take any major decisions if self-employed during this period as it might meet with impediments.

Makara Horoscope 2023 For Finances

Makara Rasi folks would have average financial performance through the year ahead. Jupiter, the planet of finances would be placed in your 4th house from mid-April and this is not a favorable transit for your finances. And Saturn or Shani transits to your 2nd house of finances in mid-January. This brings about some inflow of funds, however there would be related expenditure as well. Medical expenditure and expenses related to family are on the cards. Venus being your 5th and 10th Lord is retrograde between the end of July and the start of September. This is not much favourable for your financial pursuits and might delay your money inflows. Do not make any high value investments or major financial deals for the period. Then from October-end when the Moon’s nodes transit there might be some gains of money for Makara Rasi people.

Makara Horoscope 2023 For Education

Makara Rasi students might feel some hardships in their pursuit of education as 2023 starts as Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and wisdom would be transiting through their 3rd house. Also Saturn travelling through the 2nd house interferes with your studies and would hinder and delay your study prospects. The node of the Moon, namely Rahu in the 4th house would dampen your studies too. You would be losing focus and concentration during this transit period. However after mid-April, Jupiter would shift position to your 4th house of Aries and this would give you a good path to pursue your education without any hindrances. From October-end the nodes of the Moon would be shifting position to the houses of Meena and Kanni and this is also a highly favourable transit favoring higher studies and success in your educational endeavours.

Makara Horoscope 2023 For Family

Makara Rasi natives ought to be ready to face some trials and tribulations in their family life this year. Jupiter, the ruler of family and its welfare transits through your 3rd house of Pisces till mid-April and then shifts position to your 4th house of domestic welfare. This transit of Jupiter would not be much favorable for your domestic life this year. Rahu, the Moon’s north node placed in your 4th house again would interfere with your family life and cause occasional disturbances. However the transit of Rahu and Ketu to the houses of Meena and Kanni during October-last might bring about peace and harmony in your family life. Makara folks are advised to carry on their domestic duties with better understanding for cordial atmosphere to prevail at home.

Makara Horoscope 2023 For Health

Natives born under Makara Rasi would have average health all this year though occasional minor issues cannot be ruled out. Natives are advised to take a balanced diet and stick to healthy habits through the period. In mid-January, Saturn or Shani shifts to your 2nd house and this would bless the Makara natives with good health and cheer. The transit of Jupiter to the 4th house in mid-April is not much favorable for the natives. They are likely to have health concerns related to the eye and digestive troubles. The transit of the nodes during the last part of October would enable good health once again for the natives.

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