The year 2023 is predicted to be much favorable for the 12 Rasis or Moon signs according to vedic astrology principles. It is most likely to be a period of much positive energy, fun and happiness for the Rasis. As per the planetary studies it is found that the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will have quite an energetic period ahead. The earthy signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn would remain stable with secure moves and the Airy signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius would have much growth while the Watery signs or Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are forecasted a great beginning for the New year ahead.

Based on Indian astrology, your Varshaphal or Vedic Horoscopes give detailed predictions for various aspects of your life like career, love, marriage, children, finance, education and travel. Our horoscopes have been done by expert astrologers adept in this for years now. We hope that our horoscopes would help you to have a reasonable picture of your future for the year ahead.

Here is a look at your destiny based on Indian Astrology principles for the year ahead:

Important Fasting (vrata) days for 2023

Mesha Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Mesha 2023
According to Indian astrology, Aries or Mesha is the first sign of the zodiac and is of fire element. It is ruled over by the fiery planet of Mars. Hence Mesha Rasi people are always fierce, aggressive and determined. Quite a great period is forecast for Mesha Rasi people in 2023. more...

Rishabha Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Rishabha 2023
For the year 2023, Jupiter or Guru would enter the 12th house of Aries for Rishabha Rasi natives or those born with the Moon in Taurus. Saturn would transit to your 10th house of Kumbha or Aquarius in mid-January. Mars, the fiery planet that had been retrograding from the last part of 2022 would turn direct in mid January.more...

Mithuna Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Mithuna 2023
Mithuna Rasi or Gemini is the third in the zodiac line-up. The ruling planet is Mercury, the planet for communication. For the year 2023, for these folks, Jupiter would be in the 10th house till mid-April and then shifts location to their 11th house. Saturn or Sani transits the 9th house of Kumbha or Aquarius in mid January.more...

Kataka Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Kataka 2023
Kataka Rasi or Cancer Moon sign is the fourth in the zodiac line-up. This is a water sign which is ruled by the luminary, the Moon. Being ruled over by the Moon, Kataka Rasi people are very emotional, devoted and dedicated. They have maternal instincts and are good in nurturing.more...

Simha Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Simha 2023
Simha Rasi or Leo Moon sign is the fifth sign in the zodiac cycle and belongs to the fire element. It is ruled over by the main luminary, the Sun. Simha Rasi folks are generally very committed to their works and they have high principles and lofty aims in life. They love to hog the limelight.more...

Kanni Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Kanni 2023
Kanni Rasi or Virgo Moon sign is the 6th in the zodiac line-up. It is an earthy sign and is ruled over by the planet of Mercury. Natives are known for their critical nature and overbearing on health issues. For these natives, in 2023, Jupiter would be in the 7th house till April 22nd and then shifts position to the 8th house. more...

Tula Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Tula 2023
Tula Rasi or Libra Moon sign is the seventh sign in the zodiac cycle. Its element is Air and is ruled over by the planet Venus. Tula is the only sign that has an inanimate symbol in the zodiac. Tula Rasi natives are said to be very diplomatic and are full of tact. They are good for co-operative deals. more...

Vrischikha Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

vrischikha 2023
Vrischikha Rasi or Scorpio Moon sign is the eighth sign in the zodiac belt. It belongs to the water element and is ruled over by the fiery planet of Mars. Vrischickha natives are said to be very intense, passionate but secretive. They are much committed to their tasks. The year 2023 poses to be a year of mixed fortune for the natives. more...

Dhanus Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Dhanus 2023
Dhanus Rasi or Sagittarius Moon sign is the 9th in line in the zodiac cycles and it of the element fire. This is a very adventurous and spiritual sign and is ruled over by the benefic planet of Jupiter. This year proves to be a year of goodness for the Dhanus Rasi natives. For them, Jupiter would be transiting their 4th house till mid-April and then shifts to the 5th house of love and luck. more...

Makara Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Makara 2023
Makara Rasi or Capricorn Moon sign is the 10th sign in the zodiac cycle and belongs to the element of earth. The sign of Makara is ruled over by the planet Saturn or Shani. Makara Rasi natives are said to be duty-conscious and are very devoted to their works. They have good organising capacity as well.more...

Kumbha Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Kumbha 2023
Kumbha Rasi or Aquarius Moon sign is the 11th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet of Saturn. Its element is Air. The Kumbha Rasi natives are more bent towards research and are always goal-oriented. For Kumbha Rasi folks, in 2023, Jupiter would be transiting through the 2nd house as the year starts and shifts position to the third house in mid-April.more...

Meena Moon Sign Horoscope 2023

Meena 2023
Meena Rasi or Pisces Moon sign is the 12th sign of the zodiac and it belongs to the water element. It is ruled by the planet of Jupiter. Meena Rasi natives are very sensitive, emotional and spiritual. They like to travel a lot and make good buddies.more...


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