Planetary Influences - November 2021

Venus Transits Sagittarius –(October 30 – December 8)

Venus that had been transiting the zodiac sign of Scorpio transits to the adjoining house of Sagittarius on the 30th of October and stays there till the 8th of December. This would be a quite a pleasant stay for Venus after some hard toil when in Scorpio.

In December, Venus would be going retrograde as well in Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius would help us to do some groundwork with respect to our creative pursuits and relationship issues. Everything related to creativity and Sagittarius (like adventure and freedom) would be greatly emphasized during this time.

Venus in Sagittarius gets all the freedom it wants for the creative process and it would be quite expansive. However it might feel some restriction by Saturn currently transiting the neighbouring house of Capricorn. Stick on to your intuition and life truths that would inspire us to create and connect with others in a more positive sense.


Mercury Transits Libra-( November 1 – 20)

Mercury that was retrograding in September/October 2021 went direct on the 18th of October in the sign of Virgo. It then transits to the house of Venus, namely Libra which happens to be an air sign on the 1st of November and stays here for a about a fortnight or so. It would be transiting to the watery sign of Scorpio on the 20th of November.

In Libra, Mars would be getting the company of Sun and Mars. Together, the Mars- Mercury combination can work together more efficiently and effectively with Mars' power and Mercury intellect clubbed together.

Libra, the abode of Venus promotes creativity as well. And Mercury in Libra makes it a good period for bettering our networking and communication links. This would also be a good time to harness our creative energy towards a more disciplined approach.


New Moon in Libra- November 4

The New Moon for November occurs on the 4th in the house of Libra where the other luminary the Sun, Mars and Mercury are already posited. All these four planets have just come out of Virgo which was aspected by Rahu or the Moon’s North Node for quite sometime. Now in Libra, there would be a sense of relief and a new found energy.

Both the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon join at 19 degrees of Libra to form the New Moon. This would be a good time for some small outings and light work. This New Moon indicates that there would be some success in even a daunting environment. Hence though the clime around seems to be very cold and drab, things can survive with all the four planets swaying their impact over us.


Sun Transits Scorpio-( November 16 – December 15)

The Sun is in Libra for the first two weeks of November. In Libra, the Sun would be debilitated. Then on the 16th of November, it transits to the watery sign of Scorpio and stays here till mid-December. In Libra, the Sun would have received the malefic aspects of Saturn as well.

In Scorpio, the Sun would have escaped the effects of Saturn, but it gets into the lordship of Ketu or the Moon' South node. Hereon the luminary would be preparing for the lunar eclipse due in a couple of days' time. The Sun through Scorpio, the abode of Mars would help us to solve complex life problems, untangle issues and fight for a more just cause. The Sun through Scorpio helps us to commit ourselves to our direction of movement without much pressure.


Full Moon in Taurus(Partial Lunar Eclipse) November 19

The Full Moon for November occurs on the 19th of November at 4 degrees of Taurus. The other luminary Sun would be in opposition at 4 degrees of Scorpio. Since this luminary combination is a few degrees away from the nodal axis, it causes a partial Lunar Eclipse. And this would be visible in most parts of America, Australia and Eastern Asia.

In general, Eclipses are said to be factors of fear, they have an ominous cloud over them and they forebode disaster. But that is not the case always. It can be taken as a time when the lights are off for a small period of time and it relates to hope at the end of the dark or shadow period.

Shortly after the lunar eclipse, Jupiter would be entering Aquarius on the 20th of November and this gives a sense of completion. This eclipse period is a time to express yourself freely and concentrate more on self. Make your actions clear. Do protect yourself and your resources without hurting the sentiments of those around you. Certain sacrifices might be asked for from your part though.


Jupiter Transits Aquarius-( November 20 – April 13)

Jupiter that had been transiting Capricorn, the home of Saturn for a couple of years now would be moving to the house of Aquarius where it would be stay put for about 5 months time. With Saturn, Jupiter was very much constricted in its actions, add to this, Jupiter was debilitated in Capricorn as well.

Now in Aquarius, Jupiter would bring about much wisdom, abundance and a ray of positive hope. Things that you had thought would not materialize would now see the light of the day. Things begin to roll out anew and start to progress. This might indicate the time period when we walk free out of the pandemic scenario once for all??

Though, Jupiter has moved to Aquarius, Aquarius is again the abode of Saturn. Hence its effect would be felt here too, all kinds of restrictions and discipline doing their round. However the effects would be quite minimal and we can count on Jupiter for some expansion and positive energy.


Mercury Transits Scorpio-( November 20 – December 9)

Mercury transiting Libra would move to Scorpio on the 20th of November, shortly after the occurrence of the lunar eclipse. It stays in Scorpio till the 9th of December and would also participate in the solar eclipse that occurs on the 4th of December in Scorpio.

Mercury is not much comfortable in the sign of Scorpio. However it can adjust to the stint there and affect our communication and thought process. Mercury had quite a great time in its sign of Virgo, and then in Libra where it retrograded. However during the past transits it would have collected lot of information which can be used in a positive sense through the watery sign of Scorpio. It helps us to change the way we view things and it also brings about missing puzzle pieces together.

As Mercury moves over to Scorpio, Mars and Saturn would be aspecting each other, with Mars in Libra being alone and Saturn in Capricorn. This slows us down and brings about a balanced approach to life.