Planetary Influences - September 2021

Venus Transits Libra –(September 5 – October 1)

During August 2021, Venus was transiting the house of Libra where it was debilitated. Then on the 5th of September, Venus moves to the adjacent house of Libra, which happens to be its homestead.

Venus in Libra indicates the formation of new social links or a reconnection with your past relationships. Venus in Libra brings to the fore your creative skills and your relationship with others.

As Venus enters Libra, it is aspected by Saturn from its own house of Capricorn. Saturn is always said to restrict or give pressure and hence you would feel that you are moulded with the restrictions under place. Also Saturn is currently retrograding, and its aspect on Venus would help us to restart projects that have been long in the back burner. Some of your long withheld projects would now see the light of day. Venus transiting through Libra is a good time to give a new leash of life to some of your old existing ventures or ideas on the drawing table can be brought to life.


Mars Transits Virgo –(September 5 – October 21)

On the same 5th of September, Mars in Leo would be moving to the house of Virgo, just as Venus is exiting the same. There might be some rifts between the creative energy of Venus and the fiery energy of Mars, however it would be balanced quite well by Mercury in its own house of Virgo.

This Mars and Mercury duo in Virgo would be together till around the middle of November 2021. Though Mars and Mercury are not really good friends they make a good working team.

Virgo is an earthy sign, posited with its ruler Mercury and which is exalted therein as well. Virgo is concerned with learning, working, health routines and anything related to practicality. Hence this Mars-Mercury combination supports building anything new.

But then do note that Mercury would be retrograding from the end of September dampening our work plans. Mars would be leaving Virgo during the 20’s of October. With all this energy around, though we would not be able to get good yields despite our hard grind, keep pushing.


New Moon in Leo- September 6

Just as Mars exits the sign of Leo on the 5th of September, the Moon would be entering Leo on the ensuing day of 6th, and joins the other luminary Sun therein at 21 degrees, forming the New Moon for September. Around this time, Mars, Mercury and Venus would be visible in the western sky together.

Though the Sun is said to be full of energy in its sign of Leo, this New Moon is a period of calm and lull emotions. Jupiter in Aquarius would be opposing the Sun and Moon from Aquarius. This is a positive aspect, however as Jupiter is retrograding currently, it would be good if we are faithful and patient enough to wait and watch.

Slowly after the New Moon, the Moon starts to wax and gain strength. Mars, Mercury and Venus would be busy with creative works. However retrograding Jupiter brings about some instability and Saturn could restrict us and ask us to be patient and not to rush over on things or situations.


Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn- September 14

The retrograding Jupiter would be returning to Capricorn on the 14th of September from Aquarius, where it would be rejoining with Saturn there. Jupiter would be going direct around mid-October. In Aquarius, Jupiter had the reins, however now it has the company of the restricting Saturn in Capricorn.

Jupiter is said to be debilitated in Capricorn, the home of Saturn. Hence there would be a trouble with our growth and we ought to survive with limited resources now. Jupiter would be in Capricorn for the next two month period, and while Jupiter tends to expand our territory, Saturn would find all means to hinder the same. Do note that both Jupiter and Saturn are currently retrograding, and hence there would be not much high-energy moves around for now. This is a good time to go on a retreat. The last time Jupiter and Saturn were together in conjunction was in December 2020, hence look out for clues from that time period.

Jupiter moving over to Capricorn might bring us back to where we started. Also this combination would be aspected by Rahu or the Moon’s North Node from Taurus. This again adds to the already stirred up environment. Make use of this time to remove some knots in personal and professional spaces.


Sun Transits Virgo-( September 16 – October 16)

The Sun in Leo, its own house as the month of September starts would be transiting to the neighbouring house of Virgo on the 16th and stays there till mid-October. In Virgo, the Sun gets the company of Mars and Mercury already posited therein. This combination is very potent and guides us in whatever we do, our ventures would be highly favored during this time.

Both Mars and Sun are of fiery energy and they fuel our passions and drive us crazy. Do make sure that you do not yield to impulsive acts for now.

The Sun in Virgo would be aspecting, Pisces the watery abode of Jupiter. Though things around might look hazy without any clarity and organisation, soon things will fall in places, thanks to Sun in Virgo. Though minor hiccups would be there, look at the bigger picture and aim for the stars, be practical at all times.


Full Moon in Pisces- September 20

The waxing Moon of September, continues to grow and becomes full at 5 degrees of Pisces. It would be in direct opposition (180 deg) to the other luminary, the Sun at 5 degrees of Virgo just across the zodiac cycle.

Currently the Sun is enjoying the company of Mars and Mercury. This would be a great time to take a note of your relationships and solve issues that have been haunting you for quite sometime now. Mercury rules our mind while the Moon is all about emotions. The other planets of Mars and Sun involved with this full Moon are about the self. Hence there might be a clash between the self and the expression of the self to the outside world. This Full Moon can be utilized to better our relationships.


Mercury Enters Libra - September 21

Just after the Full Moon, Mercury in Virgo, would be transiting to the adjacent house of Libra on the 21st of September. In Libra, Mercury gets the company of its friend, Venus. Mercury would be spending time in Libra till the start of October, wherein its retrograde motion starts, when it would be moving back to Virgo with Mars and Sun over there.

Mercury in Libra would be a good time to break free from work and to relax. Social life can be enhanced during this time. Mercury and Venus together in Libra advises us to take a vacation and enjoy the good things that life has to offer us.


Mercury Retrograde in Libra-Virgo (September 26 – October 18)

Shortly after it enters Libra on the 21st, Mercury becomes full of energy and goes into retrograde mode on the 26th of September. This continues till the 18th of October. With high energy levels due to the Mercury-Venus combo, this retrograde motion further excites the situation around.

Though this time would seem like fun, the retrograde motion of Mercury might make us lose our focus and commit mistakes. Hence all precautionary measures ought to be taken before you enter the fun or relaxation mode.

During its retrograde motion, Mercury would be going back to Virgo wherein Mars and Sun are situated on the 1st of October. This is a good time to plan for the forthcoming sessions, gathering and taking stock of our resources and the like…