Planetary Influences - July 2021

Mercury Transits Gemini –(July 7 – 25)

Mercury that was retrograding in June 2021, went direct on the 22 nd of June in the zodiac sign of Taurus. After transiting through the final degrees of Taurus in direct motion, Mercury would be entering its own home of Gemini on the 7 th of July. The luminary Sun would be joining Mercury on the 25 th of July, by which time, Mercury would be leaving Gemini.

Mercury is quite comfortable in its own sign Gemini and we can see connections being established, businesses and finances being organized once again after the retrograde season. This would be a great time to learn a new skill too. After a period of disorientation and disillusion, we would be able to forge ahead in the right direction thanks to Mercury being posited in its own house.


New Moon in Gemini- July 9

Followed by Mercury’s entry into Gemini, the other luminary Moon would also be joining it. Here the Sun and Moon enter into exact Conjuntion (0 deg) at 24 degrees of Gemini forming the New Moon for the month of July. And mind you, this New Moon would be strongly influenced by the power of Mercury in its own house of Gemini.

Generally, New Moons are period of low energy levels, however the presence of Mercury in the vicinity would up our energy and guides us to press ahead. Do note that Gemini is an air sign, and around this time,the airy signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are all receiving the benefic aspects of Jupiter. This is quite a positive energy around. Though things seem a little confused as Jupiter is currently retrograding, the effect would be quite minimal. This would be a great time to pursue some academic or research interests. This is also a good time to look after some spiritual solace.

This New Moon is an ideal time to form new ideas that can survive in the present global scenario.


Sun Transits Cancer –(July 16 – August 16)

After the New Moon, the Sun slowly moves through the final degrees of Gemini and reaches the sign of Cancer on the 16 th of July and would be here for a month period, when it exits Cancer on the 16 th of August. Then it would be entering its own homestead of Leo.

In Cancer, the Sun would be meeting the Venus-Mars duo who are there from the middle of June. However during the late part of July 16 th , Venus would be exiting the sign of Cancer. Mars would be exiting the house on the 20 th of July .

The planetary combinations in Cancer would be aspected by the strong Saturn from its own house of Capricorn. Particularly the aspect of Saturn on Sun would bring about some friction around as they are natural enemies. And the Mars-Venus duo opposing Saturn would improve our self esteem and our creative ability thus increasing the productivity.

The exit of Mars and Venus from Cancer, would leave the Sun alone in Cancer which might bring about some tension around, the fiery Sun in a watery place is not a good placement to behold. The ride ahead would be a little bumpy then. As the Sun is all about self, you can see a war between the serving of the public and personal agenda these days.


Venus Transits Leo –(July 16 – August 10)

Close on the heels of the Sun entering Cancer, Venus would be exiting Cancer on the 16 th of July itself. However a few days before that on the 13 th both Mars and Venus get into exact conjunction (0 deg). Venus rules over our love life, our social standing and the way we connect with people around. In Cancer till the 16 th of July, Venus would have been in a territory that forebodes creating new ideas and ideals.

As Venus enters the zodiac sign of Leo, it escapes the malefic look of Saturn and gets the benefic aspect of Jupiter. However do note that the current retrograde motion of Jupiter might bring about some surprises in our creative moves.

But then there would be a steady and slow growth with our pursuits. Jupiter aspecting Venus constantly reminds us that though we aspire greater things, occasional minor downfalls cannot be unwarranted. After the conjunction between Mars and Venus, both of them would be visible in the western sky around sunset from the 13 th of July, a sight to be cherished.


Mars Transits Leo –(July 20 – September 5)

Mars would be leaving Cancer for the adjacent sign of Leo a little later after Venus, on the 20 th of July, to be precise. Mars is said to be very comfortable in Leo, and its strength and focus can be utilized to make amends to some of our weaker areas in life. Mars would be spending time in the house of the Sun till around the 5 th of September.

However do note that the fiery planet Mars in a fire sign is quite dreaded. Jupiter from the watery sign of Aquarius aspecting might bring about some guidance to the intense energy of Mars. Mars’ transit through Leo is all about power, ego and the self. This might cause some downtrend in issues that are concerned with the society at large. With the pandemic around, it would be best advised to focus more on the world outside, rather than focussing our energy on selfish goals that take us nowhere at the end of the day.


Full Moon in Capricorn- July 23

The New Moon of July starts waxing and gets full on the 23 rd of July at 8 degrees Capricorn while the Sun is in direct opposition at 8 degrees Cancer. During this Full Moon there would be a good balance between the good and the evil, the light and the darkness. A good time to look at some of our minor flaws and make amends. The light of the Full Moon guides us in seeing everything from the right perspective for now.

With Saturn in its own house of Capricorn opposing the luminary Sun in Cancer, this would be a great time to find out what our guilt in life are and how we go about mending this.


Mercury Transits Cancer-( July 25 – August 8)

Mercury transiting its own house of Gemini, moves over to the house of Cancer on the 25 th of July and stays here till the 8 th of August. In Cancer, Mercury gets into the company of the Sun and the opposition (180 deg) of Saturn from Capricorn. The exact conjunction (0 deg) of Mercury and Sun occurs on the 1 st of August at 16 degrees of Cancer. Then on the 8 th of August, it exits Cancer and moves into Leo where it joins Venus and Mars.

Mercury transiting Cancer improves our communications and the way we take vital life decisions. It also helps us to think clearly and change our route when hurdles abound in front of us. The proximity to the luminary Sun does not bother much the planet Mercury unlike the other planets which lose their energy. But then Mercury would be finding it a difficult to tread through the emotional and watery sign of Cancer.

The exact opposition (180 deg) between the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn occurs on the 1 st of August and the presence of Mercury in Cancer would mitigate the effects. There would always be a tiff between social and personal needs, the standoff between Sun and Saturn and Mercury would help to bring about a good balance between these two needs.