Planetary Influences - June 2021

Mars Debilitated in Cancer –(June 1 – July 20)

Mars transiting the house of Gemini in May 2021 moves to the zodiac sign of Cancer on the 1 st of June and stays here till the 20 th of July. Mars is said to be debilitated or of low energy in this sign. Currently Saturn is transiting the house of Capricorn and thus Mars and Saturn are in direct opposition (180 deg). Cancer is the abode of Moon, which rules over our mind and emotions. Mars is all about strength, power and aggression and hence would find it out of place in Cancer.

The opposition between Mars and Saturn would be driving us crazy, and there just seems to be no forward movement. Even if we gather up all the courage brought about by Mars, Saturn would bring about a sense of fear and hinder further development. Also do note that Saturn is currently retrograding.

Mars in Cancer would be quite moody. And from Cancer, Mars would be aspecting the signs of Libra, Capricorn with Saturn and Aquarius with Jupiter by its 4, 7 th and 8 th house aspects. Saturn restricts and Jupiter attempts to break this restriction and the sign of Libra receiving the aspects of both Jupiter and Saturn would bring about a balance. This position of Mars in Cancer drives us towards new avenues with a mixed feeling of hope, despair, courage and fear. Let us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


New Moon in Taurus - June 10 (Annular Solar Eclipse)

The lunar eclipse we underwent during the last week of May has its pair of Solar eclipse that occurs on the 10 th of June. This is also a New Moon when the Sun, the Moon and Rahu or the Moon’s North node join together in the earthy sign of Taurus. The luminaries are at 26 degrees Taurus and the Moon’s node is at 17 degrees close by. And this combination is very close to Mercury currently retrograding in the house of Taurus itself. However do note that due to the difference in degree of the Moon’s Node, this would not be a total solar eclipse. The last solar eclipse occurred on the 14 th of December , 2020. Look out for clues from this time period.

Generally eclipses are said to obscure light and they are known to leave a trail of destruction and confusion. With a retrograde around there would be much more instability seen around, but do note that this effect would be quite temporary. Natives who have major planetary placements in the last degrees of Taurus would in particular feel the effects of this eclipse much more.

This solar eclipse period is not a time to take major decisions as we are standing on unstable ground. Do keep calm and wait for things to unfold naturally. Also a host of planets namely, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograding around. Hence things are not always the same as they appear outside. It is best to collect all information and gear up to take decisions on a later date.


Sun Transits Gemini-( June 14 – July 16)

The Sun moving through the earthy sign of Taurus as the month of June unfolds, moves to the house of Gemini on the 14tth and would be here for the next one month period, till the 16 th of July. The Sun’s exit from Taurus guides us to reconnect and reorganize things.

In Gemini, the Sun joins the planet Venus as well, however Venus would be soon leaving for the adjacent house of Cancer on the 22 nd of June. As the Sun leaves Taurus, Mercury would be left in Taurus to fend for itself,it however is adept in handling situations better.

All things that are concerned with Gemini like communications, networking, education, writing and speaking can be pursued during this period of transit of the Sun. With Mercury undergoing retrograde nearby,this would be a great time to revive, revisit and re-organize things around.


Jupiter Retrograde –(June 20 – October 17)

Jupiter transiting Aquarius goes retrograde on the 20 th of June and this retrograde motion proceeds till the 17 th of October, 2021. Aquarius is the abode of Saturn, though Saturn is not a natural friend of Jupiter. Here they would be at loggerheads, strive to bring about a balanced approach to life, Saturn contracts and Jupiter expands our efforts.

With both Saturn and Jupiter both retrograding around this time, the effects would be mixed. Things we thought could not proceed would move about with much ease and what we thought was a cake-walk now gets stunted. Generally Jupiter in Aquarius is all about growth, but now the growth would be quite unconventional and unpredictable, there would be mixed ups and down phases.

At 10 degrees of Aquarius, Jupiter goes retrograde. It returns back to Capricorn on the 20 th of September. When it reaches 29 degrees of Capricorn, Jupiter goes direct on the 17 th of October. In Capricorn, Jupiter encounters Saturn which would restrict it. However Jupiter gets out of this company on the 20 th of November when it returns to Aquarius once again.

This retrograde phase of Jupiter would interrupt or disappoint some of our forward plans. However rely on Saturn’s retrograde to speed up things a little better.


Venus Transits Cancer –(June 22 – July 16)

Venus in Gemini moves to the adjacent zodiac house of Cancer on the 22 nd of June and stays here for a short stint till the 16 th of July. Presently Mars, the fiery planet is also posited in Gemini and they are in for a conjunction (0 deg) at 26 degrees of Cancer on the 12 th of July. Later on both Mars and Venus together would be moving to the next house of Leo in the zodiac line-up.

Venus is a watery sign of feminine quality while Mars is a fiery planet with masculine energy. They are not in harmony with one another at any point of time. But do note that the creative energy of Venus and the analytical and tactical skills of Mars together when brought about would give amazing results. Hence this would be a great time to conceive something new.

Do note that this Mars- Venus combination in Cancer, the abode of Moon is aspected by Saturn from Capricorn. As Saturn is presently in retrograde motion some of our actions would be sped up in a positive direction for now.

Make use of this Mars, Venus and Saturn energy positively. There would be a demand for creativity with all the negative energy around at present. Natives with these planets strongly placed would find the time period quite exhaustive. Do not loose hope, this too shall pass, lay low.


Mercury Direct in Taurus- June 22

The retrograding Mercury from the last week of May goes direct on the 22 nd of June in the earthy sign of Taurus. This is a time to slow a bit with all our energy levels being used up during the retrograde phase. The retrograde motion along with the occurrence of two eclipses around would have unearthed some hidden secrets and revealed some of your weaknesses. Mercury going direct in Taurus, would however keep us grounded.

This direct motion of Mercury is a great time to analyse where we stand and garner our resources and keep a tab of what we have. Mercury then slowly moves ahead reaching its own house of Gemini on the 7 th of July. You might be brought to the drawing board once again, do not lose hope.


Full Moon in Sagittarius- June 24

The Moon begins to wax after the solar eclipse that occurred on the 10 th of June. It grows as it passes through a host of zodiac houses. Then on the 24 th of June, it reaches full at 10 degrees of Sagittarius . During this full Moon there would be a great balance between the placement of the planets across the zodiac sky.

This full Moon has Ketu or the Moon’s South node on one side and Saturn and Jupiter on the other side. This would be a great time when you can look at life from a higher perspective and prune out unwanted things and people from life. Generally New Moon’s are very vulnerable times, and during this Full Moon with the planet Saturn squeezing around, you might be forced to undergo some difficult tasks in life.

During this Full Moon, the Sun would be at 10 degrees of Gemini in opposition (180 deg) to the Moon. Also the Sun around this time is flanked by Mercury and Rahu on one side and Venus and Mars on the other side in the house of Cancer. This is a great time which guides us in channelling our energy in positive modes. Quite a calm period to lay low and take stock of the future at hand.


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