Planetary Influences - January 2021

Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn

Jupiter and Saturn joined together in the sign of Capricorn on the 21st of December 2020 and continue for this January 2021 as well. Jupiter would be moving to the neighbouring house of Aquarius leaving Saturn in its own house during the first week of April 2021.

During January, Jupiter would be seen transiting through the house of Capricorn. Jupiter in Capricorn would give us some good news as we move ahead in the New year. News about vaccines for the corona virus has already started doing its rounds.

However Jupiter in Capricorn would be aspecting Rahu or the Moon’s North node and might bring about some tensions around. And there would be a war to release the same as well. With Rahu around we are asked to be cautious and listen to the wisdom that Jupiter bestows on us during this period.


Venus Transits Sagittarius –(January 4 – January 27)

Venus transiting the intense sign of Scorpio as year 2021 starts would move over to the adjacent house of Sagittarius on the 4th of January and stays here till the 27th of January when it would transit to the house of Capricorn. In Sagittarius, Venus would be free from the aspects of all the planets but one from the luminary Sun around mid-month.

As Venus moves over to Sagittarius, it would be escaping the aspects of Mars. This gives us some space and a balanced atmosphere as far as our relationships are concerned. Venus in Sagittarius gives us all the knowledge to help us stay intact in our relationships. We would be more gentle now in this area. Though Sagittarius is a fiery sign, Venus with its watery element would help us to strike a good balance. During this period, Mars would be in its own sign of Aries, very aggressive and courageous. However Venus in Sagittarius would help us to move ahead with grace and a cool demeanour.


Mercury Transits Capricorn –(January 5 – 25)

Mercury would be transiting to Capricorn, the house of Saturn on the 5th of January and would be here till the 25th when it enters the adjacent zodiac sign of Aquarius. In Saturn’s house, Mercury is said to be in friendly territory. And during this period it has good aspects with Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu or the Moon’s North Node as well. Mercury in Capricorn would help us to sort out conflicts in personal and professional relationships and also our finances.

Mercury in Capricorn keeps the chaotic atmosphere brought about by Rahu under check. It also balances the determination of Saturn and the positive nature of Jupiter. Hence this is a positive placement. A retrograde phase of Mercury is shortly due by the end of the month. This is a good time to organize your future plans, gather your resources and check out your communication channels. Also health and study areas need to be revamped now.


New Moon in Sagittarius- January 12

With the start of the New year 2021, the Moon would be waning and would be placed in its own house of Cancer. And the Moon would be in opposition (90 deg) with the Jupiter- Saturn conjunction (0 deg) in the sign of Capricorn. The waning Moon gets new at 30 degrees at Sagittarius.

Around this time, Mars would be in Aries, giving us the courage and grit to act. But the New Moon always changes our perception and asks us to be cautious of our moves. Shortly after its conjunction with the other luminary, the Sun, the Moon slips to Capricorn where it would be joining a host of planets namely, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter.

Use this New Moon period to take some rest and self-care routines.


Sun Transits Capricorn –(January 14 – February 13)

The Sun transiting the zodiac house of Sagittarius as year 2021 starts, moves over to the house of Capricorn on the 14th of January and stays here till the 13th of February. During its transit in Capricorn, the Sun would be combusting Saturn on the 24th and Jupiter on the 29th of January. In Capricorn, the Sun is said to be in enemy territory. Also it is aspected by Rahu or the Moon’s North Node from the house of Taurus.

The Sun and Saturn combination in Capricorn would bring about some rifts between our own selfish self and the world outside. This would be a good time to express our individuality without affecting the interests of those around us. Though the Sun-Saturn combination would question our integrity, Jupiter around helps truth to triumph.


Venus Transits Capricorn –(January 28 – February 20)

Venus entered the zodiac house of Sagittarius as the year started and would be moving over to the house of Capricorn on the 28th of January. In Capricorn, Venus has a host of planets for company. Till now, Venus is said to be the morning star visible in the eastern sky. However as the year progresses, Venus moves across the zodiac would be meeting the Sun in March end, after which it would be visible in the evening sky in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Venus transiting through the sign of Capricorn brings about compassion in our thoughts and actions. We would be thriving to look out for beauty and comfort despite a tough atmosphere around as we are presently experiencing owing to this pandemic. Venus guides us to forge ahead with good cheer. A time where we would be able to change the way we look, and relate and connect with others.


Full Moon in Cancer- January 28

As January 2021 begins to end, the Moon gets into exact opposition (180 deg) with the other luminary Sun on the 28th . The Moon would be in its own house of Cancer at 15 degrees and the Sun would be at 15 degrees Capricorn combusting the two major planets of Jupiter and Saturn.

This Full Moon is a great time of peace and tranquillity bringing about global understanding. Though the Sun would be combusting Jupiter and Saturn, the full Moon guides us in pushing ahead with our ambitions. This full Moon would be aspected by Mars from its own house of Aries. This would bring about frustrations, anger and a stubborn environment around. However we are advised to stay calm and do not yield to emotional upheavals.


Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn –(January 31 – February 20)

Mercury in Capricorn, transits to the adjacent house of Aquarius on the 25th of January. As Mercury continues in the territory of Saturn, its friend, there would not be any major negative impacts around.

Mercury begins its first retrograde motion for the year 2021 on the 31st of January at 3 degrees Aquarius and would be moving to Capricorn on the 5th of February when it would be combusted by the Sun which is already posited therein with Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury goes direct on the 20th of February.

Mercury retrograde as usual always meddles with our relationships and communications this time as well, hence be cautious and check everything to the finest detail to stay on track.


Planetary Influences - January 2021