Planetary Influences - May 2021

Mercury Transits Taurus-( May 1 – 25)

In April 2021, Mercury was in Aries, the house of Mars and Mars was in Gemini, the house of Mercury. This was an exchange of houses and this facilitated new starts. Now on the first of May, Mercury transits to the next house of Taurus. Soon, Venus and Sun would be following suit as well.

Taurus is an earthy sign and is the abode of planet Venus, which is an ally of Mercury. There might be some struggles with Mercury in this earth sign. In Taurus, Mercury would be joining Rahu or the Moon’s North node on the 11 th of May. Mercury would be then moving into its own house of Gemini on the 25 th where it would be going retrograde around the month end. Be prepared for some re-works then.


Venus Transits Taurus –(May 4 – 28)

Venus in Aries moves into its own sign of Taurus on the 4 th of May and stays here till the 28 th when it moves to the zodiac house of Gemini. Do note that Venus has just gone direct after its retrograde motion. Also Venus has just shifted its position as a morning star into an evening sight which would continue to the end o the year.

In Taurus, Venus would have the company of Mercury and Sun. However this planetary combination does not have any aspects from the other planets. Hence this would be a good time to sit and discuss issues and negotiate your terms, both in personal and professional circles. Venus in Taurus is all about inspiration of our artistic side. And Mars in Gemini would be loaded with fiery energy. This combination would be used to start building things for which the foundations have been laid earlier.


New Moon in Aries- May 11

The New Moon for May 2021 occurs on the 11 th at 28 degrees Aries when both the luminaries Sun and Moon join together. Aries is the house of the fiery planet Mars and the Sun is also quite good and strong in the house of Aries.

During this New Moon, no other planets are posited in the house of Aries. Most of the other inner planets are presently in the next two adjacent houses of Taurus and Gemini. This indicates the starting of things for which the resources have already been garnered.

Do note that in a month’s time we would be seeing a host of planets going retrograde. Hence we are advised to fully utilise the energy of the planets when they are in direct motion for now. The retrograde period starting from the end of May would be a time when we would not be seeing much positive motion or results.


Sun Transits Taurus –(May 14 – June 14)

Sun transiting through the house of Aries, moves to Taurus on the 14 th of May and would be here till mid-June. In Aries, the Sun was said to be exalted, now with its transit to Taurus, its energy level decreases a little. In Taurus, the Sun gets into the company of Rahu or the Moon’s north node as well which would bring about obstructions and confusion marring all sorts of transparency around.

Do note that this Sun in Taurus is free from the aspects of both Jupiter and Saturn. However those planets are preparing for their retrograde cycle and hence things might seem to be moving at a faster pace than had been anticipated. Venus is the lord of Taurus and so your creative energy would be highlighted during this period. Look our for avenues to hone up your skills this season.


Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn-( May 23 – October 10)

Saturn in Capricorn suddenly stops its forward motion in Capricorn at 20 degrees on the 23 rd of May. Then it reverses its motion and this retrograde phase would last for about four and a half months. Capricorn is the house of Saturn and it would be here till the start of the year 2023. Saturn in its own house of Capricorn is all about hindrances and obstacles however it brings about a sense of detachment and determination in us for the period.

When Saturn goes retrograde we would encounter difficult times and some of our very foundations might even be shaken, hence prepare for the worst these days.


Full Moon in Scorpio- May 26 (Total Lunar Eclipse)

On the 26 th of May, the Moon in Scorpio gets into exact opposition of the other luminary Sun in Taurus forming the full moon of the month. This would also be a total lunar eclipse and the first eclipse of the year. The Moon and the Sun would be in opposite signs at 12 degrees in their respective houses. During this eclipse there are no major aspects around of noticeable importance.

This eclipse would ask us to delve deep into our inner self and look our for hidden knowledge. Around this time, the Moon which is known for emotional upheaval would be very calm and composed. A time when our intuition would do the talking, loud and clear.

Also the Sun in Taurus along with Venus, the sign of social life would encourage us to improve our social life and enjoy good times together, but keep social distancing at all costs with the pandemic around. With no major aspects of Jupiter and Saturn on the luminaries, we are asked to roam around freely with our desires and wishes.


Venus Transits Gemini-( May 28 – June 22)

Venus in its own house of Taurus, transits to the house of Gemini on the 28 th of May and would be here till the 22 nd of June. Gemini is the abode of Mercury and here Venus gets into the company of Mars as well. Venus slowly approaches the fiery planet Mars in Gemini and they can be viewed together in the evening sky, a great sight to behold.

However Mars would be in Gemini only for a couple of days and it moves to the neighbouring house of Cancer on the 1 st of June. Mercury would also be in Gemini till around the start of June only after which Venus would be left alone in Gemini to fend for itself.

Venus in Gemini would be aspected by Jupiter and this inspires us to work towards a social cause, interacting with the masses at large. Mercury is in Taurus and with Venus in Gemini with an exchange of houses the energy around would be one of inspiration. Communication, networking and social works get highlighted as Venus transits Gemini, the abode of Mercury, the messenger.


Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus –(May 29 – June 22)

Mercury in Taurus moves over to Gemini on the 25 th of May. There it stops and then takes a retrograde motion on the 29 th of May when it comes back to Taurus on the 2 nd of June. This retrograde motion is on till the 22 nd of June when Mercury finally goes direct at 22 degrees of Taurus.

When Mercury is in Taurus, Venus would be in Gemini, the house of Mercury and this exchange of houses is a potent combination. However when Mercury is retrograding we are advised to go slow as there would be a sort of confusion and events that have the power to destabilize you. Your plans may go haywire. With an eclipse around, things would only get worse. Be guarded, and prepare to jump off the fence when in trouble.

However this would be a great time to hone your creative skills and sign up for mock drills. You can revisit some of your ideas that are yet to take shape. Once Mercury goes direct, you can put them into action.