Planetary Influences - March 2021

Mars and Rahu(Moon’s North Node) in Taurus- (February 22 – April 13)

Mars joined with Rahu or the Moon’s North node in the zodiac sign of Taurus on the 22 nd of February and this conjunction (0 deg) would last till the 13 th of April. The Moon’s North node in the house of Taurus is a very strong placement.

Rahu would support the actions of Mars placed in Taurus for the next two months. Mars in Taurus is all about material supplies that support our survival and stability on is of windy element and this is a very potent combination unless a water element or source is available in the vicinity. The signs of Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius beware during this period, as you get the fiery aspects of Mars.

Mars is always about impulsiveness and aggressiveness and this ought to be curbed during this season. Natives are advised to stay calm and grounded else things around would flare up. And Rahu with Mars is noted for accidents, hence watch out for this.

The exact conjunction(0 deg) of Mars and Rahu occurs on the 28 th of March in Taurus. Do note that this combination gets the benefic aspects of Jupiter from the house of Capricorn. Advise for the natives to survive this Mars-Rahu combination effect is to listen to your inner feelings and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node would help you in this with your intuitiveness.


Mercury Transits Aquarius –(March 11 – 31)

Mercury that was retrograding in February went direct on the 21 st of February in the sign of Capricorn. The Mercury then gets into exact conjunction (0 deg) with Jupiter on the 3 rd of March. This would be a good time to begin a new study venture as Mercury-Jupiter duo is always said to be having a student-teacher relationship. Between the 10 th and 11 th , the Moon would be joining Mercury. Then on the 11 th Mercury transits to the neighbouring house of Aquarius and stays here till the end of March.

In Aquarius and in Capricorn, Mercury is said to be in friendly territory. Mercury in Capricorn is all about assessing situations, and organizing. It is aspected by the Moon’s North node as well. The shift of Mercury from Capricorn, a house of Saturn to its other house of Aquarius in fact makes us to feel a bit free as Mercury comes out of the clutches of Saturn in Capricorn.

In Aquarius, Mercury would be joining its friend Venus and the luminary, the Sun. This combination of planets emphasize reworking on relationships that have been broken, and getting up the wires where the communication was cut. By the middle of March, Venus and Mercury would be leaving to the next house of Pisces, leaving Mercury all alone in Aquarius.

Now that Mercury has come out of its shadow period of the retrograde phase, this would be a great time for assessing our resources and shifting our focus on how to distribute and use the resources we have at hand.


New Moon in Aquarius- March 13

Around the middle of March, on the 13 th , the luminaries Sun and Moon get into exact conjunction (0 deg) at 29 degrees in the zodiac sign of Aquarius forming the New Moon for March. This duo would be joined by Mercury and Venus as well.

This New Moon happens at the border between the signs of Aquarius and Pisces indicating that there is some hope for some of our long lost goals in life. There would be a sense of exhaustion around, however the light at the end of the tunnel would be seen. Shortly afterwards, this luminary combination would be moving to the adjacent house of Pisces which is the last mansion in the zodiac and which indicates the start of the completion of things around.


Sun Transits Pisces –(March 14 – April 13)

The Sun in Aquarius, moves over to Pisces on the 14 th of March and this marks the start of the spring season as well. Pisces is ruled over by the planet of expansion namely, Jupiter and Sun seems to be in friendly territory in Pisces. The entry of Sun into Pisces indicates the vanishing of things that are quite irrelevant around.

Around this time, Venus would be very close to the Sun when it is said to be combust. Venus’ energy would be subdued by the mighty Sun’s rays. However Sun and Venus are quite comfortable together in Pisces, though they are not natural friends. Venus is exalted in the house of Pisces, and this adds strength to the Sun here.

The Sun –Venus duo in the vast watery house of Pisces enable us to strike a good balance between our individual likes and our social lives wherein we live which comprises of our family, and other relationships at large. But then do note that Saturn in Capricorn would be aspecting the Sun in Pisces. This would help us to assess our stand on societal causes rather than more bent on our selfish desires in life.


Venus Transits Pisces-( March 16 – April 10)

Venus in Aquarius transits to the next house of Pisces on the 16 th of March and stays here for about a month’s time till the 10 th of April. In Pisces, the watery house of Jupiter, the planet Venus is said to be exalted.

Pisces is the 12 th house of the zodiac cycle and marks an end to anything. Hence Venus in Pisces is all about a time when certain final finishing touches can be given to our relationships. Venus in Pisces encourages us to complete certain connections and look out towards more position directions.

In Pisces, Venus gets into exact conjunction (0 deg) with the luminary Sun on the 26 th of March. On this day, the planet Venus would be further away from the Earth, and the Sun obscuring the Venus. This is a time when we are taken away from the limelight and called on for some backstage works. This also marks the beginning or birth of anything new.


Full Moon in Virgo- March 28

The Waxing Moon of March gets into exact opposition (180 deg) with the luminary Sun which is at 15 degrees Pisces along with Venus. The Moon would be at 15 degrees Virgo. The ruler of Virgo is the planet Mercury.

Moon is all about emotions while Mercury rules over our intelligence and how we analyse and communicate across. This full Moon is alone in Virgo with no major planetary activities around. And this guides us in remaining calm and monitoring the situation around.

This full Moon is aspected by Jupiter from the earthy sign of Capricorn. Hence, the Moon also imbibes earthy characters for now. This helps us to make changes that are slow and stable.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is currently transiting through the house of Aquarius.This guides us towards analysing our mental and emotional status. The Moon helps to bring about stability. Around this day, the Moon’s North node and Mars would be conjunct at Taurus and this would increase our energy levels.


Mercury Transits Pisces –(March 31 – April 15)

Mercury which was retrograding in February gets direct during the 20’s. It goes for a fast transit through Aquarius and then enters the adjoining house of Pisces on the last day of March and stays there till mid-April. In Pisces, Mercury gets into the company of the Sun and Venus.

Venus is currently exalted in Pisces while Mercury in Pisces is said to be debilitated. This mixed results helps Mercury to transit unharmed. Just before Mercury exits Pisces, the Sun would exit on the 13 th and Venus would be moving away from Pisces on the 10 th of April. And then the planets seem to be spread out across the zodiac sky. This helps us to think over our future plan of actions without much planetary events around.