Planetary Influences - February 2021

Five Planet Stellium in Capricorn - (February 4 – 13)

Between the 4 th and the 13 th of February, the earthy sign of Capricorn would be hosting the planets Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn and Venus. The Moon would also be joining this bandwagon between the 9 th and the 11 th of February. When three or more planets are posited in a zodiac house then it is said to be a stellium formation.

Venus transited to Capricorn during the last days of January. The retrograde Mercury entered Capricorn on the 4 th . Do note that similar such stellium occurred during the February of 1962, some 60 years back. Usually stelliums like this forebode something negative.

The ruler of Capricorn, namely Saturn is posited in its own sign as well as Jupiter and hence expect mixed results around. Therefore there would be a better balance of events. Capricorn is an earthy sign that is all about hard work and commitment. So forward motion is possible only after much friction and hindrances.

Jupiter in Capricorn though helps us to make some strong foundations for our future. Be patient, and keep going. The works we do now hold our future ground. Hence play it safe.


New Moon in Capricorn- February 11

The New Moon of the month of February falls on the 11 th when the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon join together at 30 degrees of Capricorn. They are joining a great contingent in Capricorn which consists of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury which are forming a stellium.

Generally New Moon periods are considered to be quite challenging. This would be a good time when we are asked to take rest as emotional and mental turbulences abound everywhere. Do note during this time, all the planets lie between the two nodes of the Moon, namely Rahu and Ketu forming a great yoga which bears a negative connotation wherein we would be trapped into situations around.


Sun Transits Aquarius –(February 13 – March 14)

The Sun would be transiting to Aquarius, the abode of Saturn on the 13 th of February and stays there till the 14 th of March. The Sun is about self and ego. While Saturn denotes the fragility of life and how we should remain detached from worldly ties. As the Sun transits through Saturn’s territory there would be a clash of our ideals and the truth. In general, the Sun and Saturn are always said to be at loggerheads with each other.

As the Sun breaks away from the stellium at Capricorn, Venus and Mercury follow suit in some days’ time. Finally after sometime, Saturn would be left in its house of Capricorn.

The Sun posited in the house of Aquarius is all about growth, anticipating the spring ahead, corrections if any to our path can be done now, and it gives us the patience to face the current challenges in our lives.


Mercury Direct in Capricorn - February 20

Mercury entered the zodiac sign of Aquarius during the last week of January, 2021. On the final day of January, that is on the 31 st , it enters the adjacent house of Capricorn, all during its retrograde motion. Then on the 20 th of February, it turns direct.

This Mercury in retrograde would have passed through Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn before going Direct. Mercury rules everything that is concerned with communications and transactions. It also gives us the ability to learn new things in life. It helps us to adapt to hostile situations, even tough ones like the current pandemic we are passing through.

The retrograde phase of Mercury would have derailed many of our tasks. However, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is a good friend of Mercury and hence things would not have been that bad.

The direct Mercury zips past Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. This would be a good time to learn something new, manage your investments, finding new ways to make money and the like. A good time for laying the foundation for some of your long term plans in life.


Venus Transits Aquarius-( February 20 – March 16)

Venus in Capricorn transits to the neighbouring house of Aquarius on the 20 th of February and stays there till mid-March. In Aquarius, Venus is said to be in friendly territory as it is a friend of Saturn, the lord of Aquarius. In the house of Aquarius, Venus would be a little more with freedom thanks to its detachment from Saturn in Capricorn. Now that it is in Aquarius, it also gets away from the aspect of Rahu or the Moon’s North node from Taurus. Hence this is a time when our relationships get calmed down.

Venus rules over our personal and social relationships and our artistic pursuits. From the stellium combination, Venus moved past Saturn and Jupiter during the first half of February. However the retrograding Mercury around would be interfering with our Venusian pursuits.

During this transit through Aquarius, Venus prepares to shift its position from being a morning star to an evening one. Venus in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius further elevates our social and charity works during this transit period. However Venus might be at loggerheads with the Sun in Aquarius which is all about self and ego while Venus strives its focus on the society as a whole.

However the Sun supports the artistic pursuits brought about by Venus,though things would not be brought to the limelight thanks to the over powering of the Sun.


Mars Transits Taurus-( February 22 - April 13)

Mars in its own house of Aries from the last days of year 2020, moves over to the zodiac sign of Taurus on the 22 nd of February and stays there till the 13 th of April for about two months’ time. In Taurus, Mars gets into the company of Rahu or the Moon’s North Node. This helps us to face challenges that are beyond our deeds and expectations.

With Rahu around in Taurus, there would be a clash between the air and fire elements in Taurus. Here the Venus energy comes to our rescue. Jupiter also helps this combination from Capricorn by its 5 th house aspect. It helps Mars to channel its fiery energy towards positive growth and development.

The combination of Mars and Rahu is always one of aggression and impatience. This might be a cause for loss of vital energy at times, hence be cautious. It also foretells something positive in the medical side of global health. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars in Taurus gives some hope for the future, hoping that the Covid vaccines developed across the continents would bring about some relief at last after a year of strong fight.


Full Moon in Leo- February 27

The waxing Moon gets full on the 27 th of February in the zodiac house of Leo. This is the house of the other luminary Sun and the Moon looks quite comfortable around here with no major planetary involvements around.

The Full Moon occurs at 15 degrees of Leo, while the Sun is at 15 degrees in Aquarius in direct opposition. This full Moon is very auspicious and is noted for charity works and holy dips. Venus would also be aspecting the Moon in Leo. This is a time when we are asked to avoid being too fast, to go it slow, one step at a time, so that a fall if any would not hurt us much.