Planetary Influences - April 2021

Jupiter Enters Aquarius - April 5

Jupiter that has been transiting the zodiac house of Capricorn transits to the adjacent house of Aquarius on the 5th of April. This is a major transit that would affect all the 12 zodiac signs variably. This transiting Jupiter would be in Aquarius till the 14th of September, 2021. It would then go retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter would turn direct on the 18th of October and then spends its time in Aquarius from the 19th of November 2021 to the 12th of April, 2022.

Aquarius, as Capricorn is the house of Saturn which is a restricting planet, much against the nature of Jupiter which rules over expansion. Currently Saturn is posited in its own house of Capricorn. Jupiter transiting to the house of Aquarius slows us down literally. Do note that Aquarius is an airy sign.

The transit of Jupiter through Aquarius indicates the welfare of humanity as a whole. Does it indicate how we are managing the current pandemic around? Now that Jupiter has come out of the house where Saturn has been placed, we would be able to express ourselves a bit more freely rather when Jupiter was in the company of Saturn in Capricorn, where we were restrained quite literally.

Jupiter in the house of Aquarius is all about philosophy and a good time for organising things even at a grass root level. It also guides us to store our knowledge and other resources safely for tough times ahead. This Jupiter transit would be an ideal time for renovations and repairs and recuperation.


Venus Transits Aries –(April 10 – May 4)

Venus had been in Pisces for the last one month and was in exaltation there. Now it moves to the adjacent house of Aries on the 10th of April. Now Venus moves out of its proximity to the luminary Sun and by this April end it would not be visible in the morning sky and instead would appear in the western sky as an evening star. Do not miss it.

Mars is the lord of the house of Aries and is not friendly to Venus. Hence this is a time when we would not be at out best. We would be shying way from starting new personal or professional relationships with Venus in the house of Mars. However we would get the courage or direction to start our works though we do not have all the resources ready at hand.


New Moon in Pisces- April 11

The New Moon for April, 2021 occurs on the 11th with the Sun and the Moon join together in the zodiac house of Pisces at 29 degrees. Pisces is all about getting rid of unwanted things in life and marks the start a new beginning. Hence this New Moon in Pisces advises us to give up all past stagnancy and redundancies in life and forge ahead this spring.

This combination of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon would be in the company of Mercury as well, which is now in Pisces and under debilitation. This is a good time for introspection and attending to our mental and emotional needs in a more positive sense. This New Moon setting has Jupiter in Aquarius on one side and Venus in Aries on the other side. And this is a very strong set up that supports starting of new things in life.


Mars Transits Gemini –(April 13 - June 1)

Mars in Taurus, the house of Venus transits to the house of Gemini on the 13th of April and stays here till the first of June, 2021. Gemini is the house of Mercury and the fiery planet Mars is not that potent in the house of Gemini. Hence this would be a great time for interactions of all sorts though on a minimal level.

Jupiter that had recently transited to Aquarius would be aspecting Mars in Gemini by its 5th house aspect. This would be a totally benefic aspect. In Gemini, Mars would resort us to mental works rather than physical ones which it usually does. Mars in Gemini supports building of communication and distribution systems. A great time for problem solving as well.

Mars in Gemini has some speed and hence the path needs to be good, else the plans might derail. It asks us to gain more speed, however a sense of stability is what is much needed now. The fiery and speedy Mars would be aspecting and affecting the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn as well for now. Ride the wave, do not let your guards down.


Sun Transits Aries –(April 13 – May 14)

The Sun in Pisces for the past one month transits to the house of Aries on the 13th of April and would be stay put here till the 14th of May. The Sun is said to be exalted in the zodiac house of Aries. The Sun’s past transit through Capricorn and Aquarius, the houses of Saturn and through Pisces, the abode of Jupiter is always about gloom and despair with the winter season around. Now in Aries, it is all about spring and a positive energy seems to be seeping in.

During this transit through Aries, Venus would be slightly ahead of the Sun and the planet Mercury would be at the back with a little lag. The Sun in Aries would be free from the aspects of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars and hence very strong and full of energy and vigour. This is a great time for spring cleaning, and to be back on track with improving our own self. A sense of freedom and independency abounds with the Sun in Aries.


Mercury Transits Aries –(April 16 – 30)

Mercury had been in Pisces for quite sometime now and was debilitated there. Now it transits to the zodiac sign of Aries on the 16th of April and stays here till the end of the month. In Aries, Mercury joins the combination of the Sun and Venus already posited therein.

Mercury in Pisces, was very sluggish, all communications were dull and slogging. However in Aries, Mercury changes its mood all of a sudden. The lord of Aries is Mars. Presently Mercury is in the house of Mars and Mars is in Gemini, the house of Mercury, there is an exchange of houses here. This is a very potent situation.

This is a good position of planets for starting ventures related to communications, medicine and management of resources. Things slowly gather speed as Mercury speeds up, hence make sure that your track or path is correct.


Full Moon in Libra- April 26

The New Moon of April starts to wax and gets full in the house of Libra at 13 degrees on the 26th of April. This Moon would be opposing the exalted Sun at 13 degrees Aries. On this full Moon day, the planets Venus and Mercury could be spotted in the western sky around sunset.

The lord of Libra is Venus where Moon is situated presently. Libra, the abode of Moon now, and Aries the location of the Sun are movable signs and they help to get things started now. Libra also happens to be an airy sign.

This full Moon is a great time to look life form a different perspective though everything around looks so unstable, not to mention the pandemic around. A good time to collect all your inspirations and ideas and find new ways or modes to express them which would be quite useful for humanity as a whole. Something that is very much the need of the hour for the globe.


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