Mercury Retrograde 2021 in Libra - September-October

Sequence of Events

The last Retrograde phase of Mercury for the year 2021 is from September 27 to October 23. The series of events that take place during this phase are as follows:

• The Mercury Retrograde begins with the Pre-Shadow in Libra on September 6 at 8:05 pm Universal Time, 4:05 pm EDT, 1:05 pm PDT.

• Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra (25º 28") on September 27 at 5:10 am Universal Time, 1:10 am EDT and 10:10 pm PDT on September 26.

• The Direct Station of Mercury occurs in Libra on October 18, 3:17 pm Universal Time, 11:17 pm EDT and 8:17 am PDT.

• Mercury ends the Post-Shadow period in Libra on November 3 , 1:07 am Universal Time, 9:07 pm EDT and 6:07 pm PDT.

The previous Retrograde in Libra occurred in September 2015, hence you can look out for similar clues if you have an idea of what went on in your life then.


The Mercury retrograde transit in Libra begins with a trine between Jupiter and the Moon and ends in an opposition to Chiron, and a grand trine with Lilith and Saturn. This is a time that would block all our growth and development in life. We would be encouraged to expand our thought process around this time. Relationships are also greatly highlighted during this Mercury retrograde phase in Libra.

The retrogradation of this phase of Mercury takes place in Libra. Libra is the zodiac sign that represents our inner desires, passion and wishes. And when Mercury retrogrades in this sign, we would become more introvert. We would start to analyse our thoughts and might find out a hidden deep desire. Mercury also makes us to manipulate people around us during this retrograde phase.

Mercury Retrograde 2021  in Libra

Indian Astrology context to this Phase

•  Mercury when it is transiting Chitra nakshatra in Thula Rasi (Libra).

•  During this period, Mercury would be in close range with the Sun and Mars as well.

•  At this time, Saturn or Sani and Jupiter or Guru, both would be in retrograde motion and would be in trine relation with Retrograde Mercury.

•  Hence this Mercury retrograde phase would be a tough phase for those born under the Moon signs of Libra (Tula), Gemini (Mithuna) and Aquarius (Kumbha).

•  Those born under the Nakshatras of Arudra, Chitra, Poorvabhadra  would also be affected a lot.

•  Those born under Mercury owned signs of Mithuna (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) or nakshatras of Aslesha, Jyeshta, Revati, would have troubles with their finances and relationships.

• The above natives are advised against going in for any medical treatments or surgery for the period and to wait for the Mercury direct station.

Effect of 2021 Mercury retrograde in Libra during September-October on the zodiac signs

Effects on Aries

This would be affecting your 5 th house of love and children. Your communication with others would be affected a lot. This period asks the natives to concentrate more on their love relationships and make amends if needed. Also children need extra care for the period. During this time your creative skills would be greatly enhanced and emphasized.

Effects on Taurus

Mercury going retrograde in September would be affecting the 4 th house of domestic welfare and happiness of Taurus guys. The way you connect with family would be altered during this time. This would be a great period to plan for revamping your house and family life and once Mercury goes direct, these plans can be put into action.

Effects on Gemini

Your lord Mercury is now retrograding in the house of Libra. This would bring about changes in your personal relationship with parents and siblings. There might be conflicts here and there. Your personal communication with others would go haywire. You would not be able to get your word across and this might hinder and bring about misunderstandings in your personal and professional life.

Effects on Cancer

The second house of family and finances would be affected for Cancer folks when Mercury retrogrades in the house of Libra this September. This is a great time when you can plan for your financial future. Certain career or business ideas can also be worked out to be put in action later on. Be careful with your finances during this period.

Effects on Leo

Leo guys would see major hindrances in all their endeavors as Mercury goes retrograde this September. You would encounter issues in your relationships. And most Leos would learn the tough lesson that any sort of pride and ego that goes to the head would affect them in the long run.

Effects on Virgo

As Mercury goes retrograde in the house of Libra, Virgo folks would not see much damage in their lives. Beware of signing any contracts and litigations though , avoid all sort of selling or buying as troubles lurk around. Wait for Mercury to go direct.

Effects on Libra

As Mercury goes retrograde in your sign this September, you would be more legitimate in your thoughts and actions. All your actions would be very cautious and double-checked. This is a great time to go for some skill honing studies. You can even submit applications for further studies but not to initiate any for now.

Effects on Scorpio

Scorpio guys would be able to look back to some of their old unresolved financial issues during this Mercury retrograde phase. This would be a good time to look out for ways and means to improve your personal and professional standing. Some of your current work paths might need a detour.

Effects on Sagittarius

As Mercury goes retrograde this September in the zodiac sign of Libra, Sagittarius people would be able to better reflect more. They can use this retrograde phase to revisit some of their decisions to which they have been blindly clinging onto and which serves no purpose for now.

Effects on Capricorn

Mercury going retrograde in the house of Libra would bring about some sort of confusion and a troubled heart for Capricorns. They would find it very difficult to keep certain truths from the public eye these days.

Effects on Aquarius

Aquarius folks might feel being let down by a close friend this Mercury retrograde phase. You would feel as if you have been back-stabbed. Use this period to tweak the promises you have made to your friend. This is a great time to prune your relationships as well.

Effects on Pisces

Mercury retrograde in September of 2021 would guide you to decide about your future career path. Some of you folks might look for a change of course as well these days. If you had put an important career decision in the back burner, then this is the time to go for it.

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