Planetary Influences - August 2021

Mercury - Sun Conjunction - August 1

Mercury passes by the Sun in the middle degrees of Cancer on August 1 forming an exact conjunction (0 deg). And in a week or two Mercury would be away from the range of the Sun and would be conjunct with the Sun in October 2021, when it goes retrograde once again.

Hence from the middle of August to October, we would be free from all sorts of restrictions in our creative and analytical areas. We would not be bound from controlling forces around. Mercury entered the zodiac house of Cancer during the last week of July and would be here till the 8 th of August after which it transits to the neighbouring house of Leo, the abode of the luminary Sun. Mercury in Cancer, a watery sign is not quite a good position as our emotions and sensitiveness would be brought to the fore which are against Mercury’s domain of only facts and figures. But then this transit through Cancer can be best used to find out where we are emotionally weak and find ways to rectify the same and remain stable and grounded. In a way, it helps us to stay away from strong emotional feelings that might weaken us.


New Moon in Cancer- August 8

The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon would be at 23 degrees of Cancer to form the New Moon for the month of August. The Moon would be in direct opposition to Saturn transiting in Capricorn and hence this would be a very sensitive and activated period.

Usually as the Moon starts to wane we feel very low in energy and exhausted. Add to this the aspect of Saturn from Capricorn on the New Moon. This situation asks us to yield to situations around us and work with our limited resources come what may.

Just as the New Moon occurs, Mercury would be exiting the house of Cancer. The Moon is all about emotions and Mercury has to do with logical thinking. This short stint on August 8 th between Mercury and Moon would bring about notable changes around. Expect major transformations despite tough situations around.

This New Moon is a time of greater anxiety and sensitivity and difficulty. However we are called upon to forge ahead with whatever burdens we have and be open to any changes around.


Mercury Transits Leo –(August 8 – August 25)

Just after the occurrence of the New Moon, Mercury would be leaving the luminaries in Cancer and entering Leo where it would get into the company of Mars and Venus. In Leo, Mercury helps us to make practical changes and even tackle tough jobs. This transit of Mercury from Cancer to Leo , being the shift from a water sign to a fire sign helps us to find out ways through tough road blocks. Hence this transit of Mercury can be taken as a start of a new journey that has just took off.

Shortly after Mercury’s entry into Leo, Venus would be leaving for Virgo, leaving Mercury with Mars in Leo and this duo would be aspected by the retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. Mercury and Mars are natural friends and make an amazing pair. They guide us towards progress in life together.Though things get done easily by the energy of Mars and the analytics of Mercury, there would not be much compassion left with this pair.

Moreover they are posited in a fiery sign. Hence there would be some strive for more personal ambition fulfilment than service to the society as a whole. Anything that is done on a personal level would see light during this Mercury transit.


Venus Transits Virgo-( August 10 – September 5)

Venus in Leo as August starts would transit to the adjacent zodiac sign of Virgo on the 10 th of August and would be here till the 5 th of September.

Venus is said to be debilitated in the house of Virgo. Venus in the house being ruled by Mercury would make us feel new creative juices flowing around. Though debilitated, if some effort is given the real nature of Venus can be brought about to the fore.

Venus makes sure that you connect well with everyone, particularly your relationships and social contacts are highlighted. In the house of Mercury there might be a trouble with this area though. It makes commitment in relationships quite awry these days. Controlling our passions and directing it towards positive changes in relationships would seem daunting now with Venus in Virgo, that’s it. Not to worry if you are not able to settle down in relationships, study the situations around and wait for the right moment to plunge in later on.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo would be entering its own house on the 25 th of August to join Venus there. This would support our efforts to connect and commit in relationships. Our creative pursuits would also be greatly enhanced then.


Sun Transits Leo-( August 16 – September 16)

As August starts, the luminary Sun would be in Cancer. Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn would be in direct opposition (180 deg) between the 8 th and the 16 th of August. Then on the 16 th , the Sun moves to its own abode of Leo. In Leo, the Sun would be joining Mars and Mercury.

The house of Leo with Sun, Mars and Mercury is being apected by the retrograde Jupiter. This is beneficial, however the retrograde mode might stun our forward motion to a certain extent. With Sun exiting from Cancer, it has got out from the strong aspects of Saturn in Capricorn.This makes the environment a little more conducive and lighter. Sun in Leo supports our creative and leadership qualities and gives fillip to these areas.

Now with both fiery planets of Mars and Sun in Leo there would be a great increase in fire energy. But then the aspect of Jupiter from the watery sign of Aquarius might keep things under a good balance and check of the vital elements needed for life.


Full Moon in Aquarius-( August 21 – 22)

On the 22 nd of August, one of the luminary, the Moon would be joining Jupiter in Aquarius. And at 6 degrees of Aquarius, it would be opposing the Sun in 6 degrees in Leo forming the Full Moon for the month of August.

The Moon is with retrograde Jupiter now and the Sun is with Mercury and Mars. This indicates a culmination of our past efforts. From here on there would be some loss of energy levels in us. The Full Moon with Jupiter helps us to understand our ups and downs and our rise and falls in life. We would be able to get a better perspective of our future with better clarity this time around. And Mar aspecting the Moon gives us the energy and the gut feeling to move ahead despite the forward territory unknown to us.


Mercury Transits Virgo –(August 25 – September 21)

Mercury in Leo would be transiting to its own house of Virgo on the 25 th of August and would be here till the 21 st of September. Then around the last few days of September it would be starting its final phase of retrograde motion for the year 2021.

In Virgo, its own home, Mercury is said to be Exalted. Before the retrograde motion, Mercury slows down a bit in Virgo, and this time helps us to thing clearly and logically and analyse and make our stand clear, and get prepared for the choppy Mercury retrograde times.

Use this pre-retrograde phase of Mercury to set in order your communication, finances and educational themes. Because there would be off-track movements in this areas once Mercury starts to retrograde. Venus is in Virgo currently and Virgo is also aspected by the Moon’s North Node, Rahu. Hence this is a potent energy period to move your projects in full steam.