Planetary Influences - October 2021

Retrograde Mercury transits to Virgo- October 1

Mercury that is retrograding from the last days of September in Libra would be transiting to its own house of Virgo on the 1st of October. On this same day, Venus in Libra would be moving forward to the house of Scorpio. Retrograding Mercury in Virgo would be joining with Sun and Mars already posited therein. Mercury would go direct on the 18th of October and would be once again entering Libra as November 2021 starts.

Mercury in Virgo is said to be quite strong, being its own house and said to be exalted therein as well. Sun would be in Virgo till the middle of October and Mars stays till the 21st of October. During this period, Mars would be combust by its close proximity to the Sun as well. Mercury in Virgo would also be combust.

And on the 9th of October, Sun, Mars and the retrograde Mercury get into conjunction (0 deg) at 22 degrees of Virgo. This would be quite an intense period to behold. Power would be concentrated in one point with Virgo being an earthy sign as well. Though combustion is always connoted with negative energy it is not always so. The planets involved in the conjunction and the house where it takes place alters the results.

With Mars combust, this should not be seen as a negative period, both Sun and Mars are friendly and hence positive vibe can be seen. We would be powered with much energy to drive our projects in the days ahead. With Mercury retrograde in association with Sun and Mars, this would be a great time to repair, rework and reanalyse our works before Mercury goes direct around mid-October. Utilize this Mercury retrograde period to put all efforts towards constructive thoughts and actions.


Venus Transits Scorpio –(October 1 – 30)

On October 1st, just as the retrograde Mercury transits to Virgo, Venus in Libra transits to the neighbouring sign of Scorpio and stays there till the month ends. Venus is the planet of love and rules our creative pursuits as well. It is the ruler of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. Scorpio currently houses Ketu or the Moon’s South node as well.

Venus in Scorpio is not quite a good placement, all its energies would remain idle. Our relationships and creative projects might take a beating or delay this period. Ketu would be further restricting any positive development around. Venus and Ketu get into exact conjunction (0 deg) on the 10th of October.

Being in Scorpio, Venus’ diplomatic moves would not be much effective. Though it rules over love and binding of any sort, its stint in Scorpio is likely to bring about some tie-breaking moves. Venus in Scorpio would be threatening our relationships to the core. However do note that you can bring about positive change in a relationship.


New Moon in Virgo- October 6

The luminaries Sun and Moon join together at 20 degrees of Virgo zodiac sign on the 6th of October to form the New Moon for October 2021. They are joined by Mars and Mercury as well located in Virgo, being the abode of the retrograding Mercury at present. The Sun, Moon and Mars are friendly planets and hence they get along well in Virgo, the earthy sign despite Mars being combust owing to its proximity to the Sun.

This is a period that supports the development or enrichment of skills that have to do with the limbs, particularly sport skills are most entertained. This planetary configuration calls for an in-depth reflection into our lives. This would be a good time, to slow down, weigh all the pros and cons and get ready to forge ahead. Then as the New Moon starts to wax as the month proceeds, Mercury would be turning direct and so also, Jupiter and Saturn. A time to proceed cautiously.


Saturn Direct in Capricorn- October 10

From the start of 2020, Saturn has been in its own house of Capricorn and would be here till January 2023. Saturn would be then moving over to Aquarius where it would be stay put till around 2025. On the 10th of October, the retrograding Saturn goes direct. With Saturn going retrograde, we were restricted, our forward motion was stunted, now when it goes Direct, lots of stored energy would be ready to be harnessed. Till now we were asked to be patient and observe perseverance.

Saturn in its own house of Capricorn and in direct motion now indicates that we need a solid base if we are planning for larger life later on. When it was retrograding, Saturn delayed and hindered our progress, now it gives us the freedom to move ahead and make amends and repairs if necessary. A good time when we can start the race.


Sun Transits Libra –(October 16 – November 16)

Sun in Virgo, the abode of Mercury as October started would be transiting to Libra, the house of Venus on the 16th of October and would be staying here for about a month’s time when it would exit Libra on the 16th of November, 2021.

Though Libra is not much of a friendly terrain for Libra, we would be able to move ahead but with some restrictions and delays. Libra is a social sign that yearns for collective performance while the Sun focuses on the individual and the “I” tag. Hence with the Sun transiting Libra, this would be a good time to scale down our personal commitments and look out on relationships and social links.

Also the Sun in Libra is aspected by Saturn which further pressurizes the Sun to yield to social commitments more now. Also shortly around the 20’s Mars would be entering Libra as well and this would be a good period to shed off our selfishness and concentrate more on the “others” part.


Jupiter Direct in Capricorn- October 18

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth and accumulation of knowledge while Saturn restricts and delays our forward movement in life. Both the planets have been in Capricorn for the past one year or so and this time period had been a quite a great experience for us, a testing time to tell the truth.

Now on the 18th of October, the retrograding Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn. This is quite a positive news. Some of the troubles we have encountered during the past few months now gets ironed off. Jupiter goes direct at 29 degrees of Capricorn, the last degrees of Capricorn and then when it gains speed, it moves over to the house of Aquarius on the 2nd of November.

In Capricorn, Jupiter is said to be debilitated. With the retrograde motion as well we were tried and tested to our fullest limit. Now when it goes direct, Jupiter is still in debilitation, hence is a time for a cautious move. Do hope that there is light at the horizon.


Mercury Direct in Virgo- October 18

Closely following Jupiter, the retrograding Mercury also goes direct on the 18th of October and this takes place at 15 degrees of Virgo. Mercury is said to be exalted in the sign of Virgo, which is its homestead. Now as Mercury is direct, it gives us the freedom to do what suits us best, all delays and hindrances would be eliminated and our communication lines that have snapped would now be restored.

Mercury is all by itself in Virgo with Mars leaving Virgo on the 21st of October. Mercury continues to receive the aspect of Jupiter from Capricorn and hence we can make some forward progress. Then as November 2021 starts, Mercury would be leaving Virgo on the 2nd to the house of Libra to join Sun and Mars posited therein already. This combination of planets then would be a good combo for all sorts of co-operative ventures.


Full Moon in Aries-October 20

The waxing New Moon of October becomes full at 4 degrees of Aries on the 20th of October when it directly opposes(180 deg) the other luminary Sun in 4 degrees of Libra. During this Full Moon, the Sun is in Venus’ sign while the other luminary Moon is in the sign of Mars. Hence this would be a period of passion and romance when both attraction and repulsion are most likely to alternate.

This full Moon is a great time when it illuminates our relationships and bring about any imbalances to the fore, thereby giving us chances for making some amends. This full Moon would be healing all personal and interpersonal imbalances found in us.

The Sun ruling the selfish self would experience humility being in Libra the sign of social agenda. The full Moon teaches us that killing some of our self desires would bond our relationships for the better.


Mars Transits Libra-( October 21 - December 4)

Mars in the house of Virgo moves to the neighbouring house of Libra on the 21st of October and stays there till the start of December 2021. With this transition, Mars would be in Venus’s sign and Venus would be in the house of Mars, thus indicating an exchange of signs.

Mars is the planet of power, authority, aggression and courage. And being in Libra it would be put to some test and would be taught lesson that relationships are built on trust and not by power. During its stint in Libra, Mars would be aspected by Saturn from its house of Capricorn. Hence though Mars helps us to plan well and move ahead, Saturn sort of restricts our positive motion for quite sometime. Saturn would be delaying or hindering our ventures but instead of being frustrated find out the root cause for the issues and try to sort it out. In this way, you can keep moving even in a tough environment.