Sani Peyarchi Palangal for Simha Rasi (2023-2026)

Saturn Transit 2023 to 2026 Predictions for Leo Moon sign


Saturn or Sani transits to the 7th house for Simha Rasi people in January 2023. And Saturn would be aspecting your house with its 7th house aspect. Hence this would be quite a favorable transit for Leo folks. Your overseas career aspirations would be met, relocations that have been long pending would materialize during the transit period.

Marriages and auspicious events get through without much hassles. With discipline in life, you would reach new heights. Your hard work pays off now. There might be occasional challenges coming your way, but aided by the power that Saturn bestows, you would be able to embrace success during the transit.


This Saturn transit would not be a good time for the career prospects of Simha Rasi people. There would be troubles galore around. Do not be deceived by colleagues in work places. Promotions and pay hikes shall elude you. Those in business ventures ought to be careful about partnership deals. Acting responsibly in the work place would prevent a headache in the ensuing year.

Sani Peyarchi Palangal for Simha


The love and marriage prospects of Simha Rasi people would be of mixed effects with this Saturn transit happening in January, 2023. Do not take any rash decisions this year with regard to your relationships. However domestic welfare and happiness assured for the transit period. With Jupiter or Guru aspecting your 2nd house of family welfare, things shall be a lot better these days. Harmony and peace would prevail in the home-front.


The transit of Saturn in 2023 would happen in the 7th house for Simha Rasi people. This points out that your finances would be able to meet out your needs. Some long term investment plans can be made and speculative deals would also fetch good returns. However there might be expenditure with respect to spouse and their health concerns. Do do bank on your resources for any contingency issues.


Simha Rasi students would do well in their studies this transit season. They would perform in competitive exams and their creativity would be brought to the fore. Some of your folks might hog the limelight now as your intellect would come to the world outside. Those aspiring for higher studies would also be able to pursue the same as Saturn transits to the house of Aquarius.


The Saturn transit in January 2023 might have some adverse effects on the general health of Simha people. Much work without any rest could take a toll on your general health. Some natives are in for a surgery during the transit period. Simha Rasi people are advised to kick all bad habits and lead a clean eating life. Do not let stress and strain burn you out. Those with chronic health issues in particular might suffer a lot due to this Saturn transit.

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