Planetary Influences - November 2020

Mercury Goes Direct- November 3

The last retrograde phase of Mercury that started in October ends on the 3rd of November in the zodiac house of Libra. This advises us to re-set our agendas, to slow down and take a better perspective of the life ahead. Now we are entering the shadow period of Mercury retrograde, hence not a time to be complacent, remnants of its retrograde period still remain, hence go it slow.

Do note here that Mercury and Venus are in an exchange of signs around this period. This propels our creative side. Now that Rahu or the Moon’s North node is aspecting Venus in Virgo, there might be some hindrances for this part. A good time to re-organise our personal and professional life. Find ways to make amends if your present style of working is not materializing.

Mercury in Libra would be aspected by Mars and Saturn, hence expect some hurdles as well. This cautions us to effectively use our resources which are quite limited at this time. Around the middle of November, Venus would be joining Mercury as well in Libra. This brings about a cheerful atmosphere around. Then on the 27th of November, Mercury would be transiting to the adjacent house of Scorpio, thus completing its major retrograde phases for the year.


Mars Goes Direct- November 13

Mars was in retrograde phase from September 10, 2020. This caused some tough situations around. Now it goes direct in the zodiac house of Pisces. Mars would stay in Pisces till around Christmas time.

This direct Mars enlightens us to prune certain personal and professional choices, like who or what stays in our life and what or who has to be thrown out. It also gives us the energy to forge ahead in style thus making positive progress.

Mars is known for it intense, rash and impulsive energy. Mars is presently in the watery sign of Pisces. And is aspecting the zodiac houses of Gemini, Virgo and Libra, a mix of air and earth elements. This strengthens up Mars and gives us best positive results supporting our efforts whole-heartedly.


New Moon in Libra- November 14

On the 4th of November , the luminaries Sun and Moon join together at 20 degrees in the zodiac house of Libra forming the New Moon for the month of November 2020. New Moons imply the starting of something new. It marks the start of a new cycle. A new approach to life warrants us. We would be asked to make some important decisions or diversions in life around this time. Note that the US presidential elections are over on the 3rd and does this New Moon mark a major change coming its way?

This luminary combination would be aspected by Saturn as well. Do note that presently Mercury is spending its time in Libra too. The direct Mars would also be aspecting this New Moon. This would give us the courage and strength to keep going despite hardships around. We have been living with the pandemic now for quite sometime. With Venus and Jupiter in the final degrees of their own houses be ready for some change in the offing around this time. Can we expect a successful vaccine?


Sun Transits Scorpio –(November 15 – December 15)

As November starts, the Sun is in the house of Libra where it is said to be debilitated. Then on the 15th, it transits to the neighbouring house of Scorpio and stays there for about a month time till the middle of December. The Sun would have the company of the Moon in Scorpio for a couple of days.

The Sun in Scorpio is said to be in a friendly territory with Mars, the ruler of Scorpio being its friend. However with an ensuing lunar eclipse, things would not be all that rosy in this secretive sign.

This is a good period to lay low and introspect out future course of action with the harsh winter ahead of us.


Venus Transits Libra –(November 16 – December 10)

Venus in Virgo transits to its own house of Libra on the 16th of November. The luminaries Sun and Moon would have just exited the house of Libra, the day before on the 15th.

In Libra, Venus has the company of Mercury and this duo would be aspected by both Mars and Saturn. This makes the current period a busy one. Major changes would be coming your way and the experiences would be one of a lifetime for many of us.

Though Venus rules over our personal relationships, being in the house of Libra, it concentrates more on the societal links. It convinces us to be more accountable on a larger level. Venus takes care of our diplomatic relationship and Mercury would do with the communications around.


Jupiter Enters Capricorn- November 19

Jupiter in its own house of Sagittarius moves over to the neighbouring house of Capricorn, the abode of Saturn where it is currently placed as well on the 19th of November. In Capricorn, Jupiter is said to be debilitated. Jupiter stays here till the start of April, 2021.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and rules over our finances and family in general. Jupiter in Capricorn would be challenged to keep its positive energy above the waters. Certain struggles and power shifts are coming your way. Saturn in Capricorn would be a deterrent for our forward moves brought about by the benefic Jupiter.

This Jupiter transit would ask us to choose between the good and the bad, between slavery and freedom and the like. Jupiter in Capricorn would be aspected by the Moon’s North node from Taurus as well. Generally, the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn, two important planets in our solar system has brought about major forms or revivals in global political systems. Watch out for the US Presidential results…


Mercury Transits Scorpio –(November 27 – December 16)

Mercury would be transiting to Scorpio on the 27th of November and moves over to Sagittarius on the 16th of December. Mercury is direct now and this period would make us efficient in our finances and communications.

However do note that the retrograde effect of Mercury do linger on around and we are through the shadow period till the end of November 2020. Hence natives are advised to slow down a bit as things are not that clear yet around. In the meantime, the direct Mercury would be accelerating.

The South Node of Moon is placed in the house of Scorpio as well. This might play spoilsport with our financial speculations, hence stay cautious, this is not the time for any sort of gambling or investment.


Full Moon in Taurus (Lunar Eclipse)- November 30

The waxing Moon of November gets into opposition with the Sun at 14 degrees in Taurus. The Moon would be at 14 degrees Scorpio, forming the full Moon for the month of November. And as this full Moon is just 12 degrees from the Nodal axis of the Moon we are in for a penumbral Lunar eclipse.

The Moon in Taurus is exalated now. The power of the New Moon would be great. However it indicates an oscillating mindset. This lunar eclipse would bring about strong emotional and mental shake-ups.

The lunar eclipse is not the right time to make any major decisions. Better keep our moods under control, lay low and wait for sometime to make things straighten out once for all.


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