Planetary Influences - July 2020

Jupiter in Sagittarius –(June 29 – November 19)

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion went retrograde around the middle of May 2020 and would be so till the middle of September 2020. It transited from Capricorn to its own house of Sagittarius on the 29th of June. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a very beneficial position. It supports our education and spiritual pursuits. Its direct motion in September further substantiates its positive energy.

For now, the house of Sagittarius takes the centre stage and areas ruled over by this particular house in your personal horoscope get greatly emphasized. Also the opposite house of Sagittarius, namely Gemini also gets the effect of this retrograde Jupiter. Hence look out for this area as well.


Full Moon in Sagittarius- (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) -July 4

As the month of July starts, the luminary Sun would be travelling through the house of Gemini. And the waxing Moon gets full on the 5th of July in the house of Sagittarius forming the full Moon for the Moon which also happens to be a lunar eclipse.

The Sun is at 20 degrees Gemini and the Moon at 20 degrees Sagittarius when the exact opposition occurs. This is a partial lunar eclipse as the opposition is a little away from the nodal axis.

The lunar eclipse would be visible in North America, South America, western Europe and some parts of Africa. During this time, the Moon and Retrograde Jupiter are in for a conjunction in Sagittarius. Simultaneously, retrograde Mercury is with the other luminary Sun in Gemini.

This lunar eclipse guides us towards a new path of purity and goodness in relationships. En-route we might need to take some painful decisions as well. There would be major shift in the way we communicate or understand in our relationships.

Do note that the Mercury- Sun duo would be aspected by the fiery Mars around this time. This might make us lose our temper and bring some accidents to the fore. This is a time that does not calm us down, and instead make us fiery towards making some harsh decisions, be wary though.


Mercury Direct in Gemini - July 12

The retrograding Mercury turns direct on the 12th of July at 12 degrees Gemini, being its own house. Mercury has been transiting Gemini from May 24th and would be loitering therein till the 1st of August.

Not to blame on the current retrograde phase of Mercury, this year has been quite crazy just from the start with the Corona virus fear gripping us, not a single country has been sparred. Also there has been a hue and cry over equality and injustice the world over.

Though Mercury turning retrograde would put us through our communications and relationships with ease for now. Things are not going to be all that rosy, as Jupiter and Saturn are still retrograding.

Mercury in Gemini, guides us in performing our works quite efficiently and data analysis would also be made easy for now. Mercury is receiving the benefic aspects of Mars from Pisces and Jupiter from Sagittarius. These are positive ones and make us to be productive despite the tough situations around.


Sun Transits Cancer –(July 15 – August 15)

The Sun in Gemini at the start of July, transits to the neighbouring zodiac sign of Cancer on the 15th of July and would be here till the middle of August. Cancer is the hometown of Moon.

With the fiery Sun entering the watery sign there would be some mitigation of the fieriness around. However do note that the Sun in Cancer comes into direct opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps another reason to fret about for now.

The Sun is all about self and Saturn is about collective ideals and be prepared for some major controversies and head bangs here. Saturn also has a detaching attitude, something to blame for the present separation many of us are going through with respect to our family and friends.

The Sun transiting through the zodiac sign of Cancer, gets the Cancerian traits of home, family, nurturing, good food and the like, go on, indulge.


New Moon in Cancer- July 20

With the Sun already in Cancer, the Moon also enters its own territory on the 20th of July and they conjunct at 5 degree of Cancer forming the New Moon for the month. Though the Moon is quite comfortable and beneficial in its own sign, as it is new, the time would be more vulnerable, hence be cautious of your moves.

The Sun deals with our individuality and the way we express our soul needs and the Moon is responsible for our mental and emotional well being. During the New Moon, though our energy levels would be low, we can take it as a time to lay low and relax our nerves.

The New Moon in Cancer is also aspected by Saturn from the house of Capricorn. This adds some pressure element to our already worn-out souls. Also we would be at our emotionally weakest point, hence take care to nurture your thoughts and deeds in a positive way.


Venus Transits Gemini –(July 31 – August 31)

For the whole of July, Venus is transiting its own sign of Taurus. It enters the adjacent zodiac sign of Gemini on the 31st of July just as the month ends. Venus in Taurus had been quite a beneficial placement for us, with all the troubles around.

With the pandemic doing its rounds, Venus guided us towards connecting more to mother nature and our home. It is a great boom for the current volatile situation around. And now we would be able to see Venus as the morning star. Venus entering Gemini, the house of Mercury is a benefic transition too.

However, Venus might encounter Rahu or the Moon’s North Node in Gemini. This might bring about some major political upheavals for now. This also focuses our communications and relationships towards positive territory. All Venus related creative pursuits can be taken up now, as Venus would be receiving the benefic aspects of Jupiter from its own house of Sagittarius as well.


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