Planetary Influences - March 2020

Venus Transits Aries -(February 29 - March 28)

Venus that was in exaltation in Pisces, transits to the zodiac house of Aries, a fiery sign on the 29th of February and stays there till March 28th. During this time, Mars, the ruler of Aries resides in Sagittarius another fiery sign. And Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is settled in its own house of Sagittarius as well.

From Sagittarius, Jupiter would be aspecting Venus in Aries. Venus, belonging to the water element might not be quite comfortable being in a fire sign. Hence we are asked to cool ourselves physically and mentally for now. However our creative energy would be at its best, and this would be a great time to nurture our talents and creative abilities.

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Full Moon in Leo- March 9

The full Moon for March 2020, occurs on the 8th of March, in the zodiac house of Leo at 26 degrees where it opposes the other luminary Sun at 26 degrees Aquarius. This full Moon is strong and with potent power as there are no major planetary influences on it.

During this time, the watery planets of Moon and Venus are in fire signs. Mars, Ketu or the Moon’s South node and Jupiter are in fire signs. With Mercury in the final stages of its retrograde movement, there would be a sleuth of information exchange around. But do not stress, instead look our for clarity and positive information flow during the Full Moon phase.


Mercury Direct- March 9

The retrograding Mercury in its first phase for the year 2020, slows down and goes direct at 5 degrees Aquarius on the 9th of March. All the retrogrades of Mercury for 2020 occur in airy signs, hence it would be quite favourable phases for us. The next retrograde is due in the house of Gemini in June and the last one in October occurring in the zodiac house of Libra.

During all Mercury retrogrades our communications and relationships get embroiled in controversies, but do not lose your cool, things shall settle down once Mercury goes direct.

Aquarius is a friendly place for Mercury to go direct. It has good association with Saturn, the lord of Aquarius as well. Hence this would be a good time to concentrate on communications, and networking and reaching out to people. While you might like to stress it out, do maintain a good balance and do not be hyper-active, as the direct Mercury is potent enough to instil the same in you.

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Sun Transits Pisces-( March 14 – April 14)

The Sun transiting in Aquarius during the start of March 2020, transits to the house of Pisces on the 14th of March and stays there till the 14th of April. With all the planets sparsely placed in almost all the houses of the zodiac cycle, things around us would be going on quite smoothly.

The Sun is quite comfortable in the watery sign of Pisces and its ruler, Jupiter is friendly with Sun. However the Sun might encounter some hindrances from Saturn. Also there would be the aspect of Mars on the luminary Sun in Pisces. This might bring about some delays and frustrations around. With Jupiter, the lord of Pisces also suitably placed in Sagittarius, this is a favourable time period to behold in our lives. The area ruled over by the house of Pisces in your natal chart would get greatly enhanced these days. Check out Pisces in your natal chart.


Mars Transits Capricorn-( March 21 – May 4)

Mars in the house of Sagittarius , transits to the house of Capricorn on the 21st of March where it is said to be Exalted. It would stay here till the 4th of May. It would get into exact conjunction (0 deg) with Saturn, the lord of Capricorn on the 30th of March here.

Mars and Saturn usually do not get along well with each other. However they can get on well , if the other planetary influences around are good. Mars gets into exaltation at 28 degrees Capricorn, when we are asked to be serious with our works and commitments.

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New Moon in Pisces- March 24

On the 24th of March, 2020, the luminaries Sun and Moon conjunct (0 deg) together at 11 degrees Pisces, forming the New Moon for the month.

Though the other planets support a fiery work environment, it is best advised to go it slow, taking one thing at a time. Some good planetary placements are coming their around in a couple of days’ time. A balanced approach is asked from us. This is also a time to fill up the cracks and mend fences that need your attention.


Venus Transits Taurus-( March 28 – August 1)

Venus in Aries as March starts, transits to the earthy sign of Taurus on the 28th of March and would be there till the 1st of August. While in Taurus, Venus would go retrograde between the 12th of May and 25th of June as well.

Venus generally goes retrograde in alternate years. The last time it was retrograde in October-November 2018 and did not retrograde in 2019. Hence look out for clues from this period, to understand the behaviour of Venus retrograde.

This Venus in Taurus is a good placement and supports our relationships and creative pursuits in life.


Jupiter in Capricorn -(March 29 – June 29)

Jupiter in Sagittarius as the month of March starts transits to the zodiac house of Capricorn on the 29th. Here it gets the company of Mars as well.

Jupiter in Capricorn is said to be debilitated. Add to this, Saturn, the enemy of Jupiter is also posited therein at Capricorn. This might restrict the expansive positive approach of Jupiter for the time. Be prepared for delays and hindrances of sorts.

Jupiter in Capricorn helps in restraining the fiery energy of Mars there. And all the planets namely, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter are preparing for their respective retrograde motions from the house of Capricorn that starts in May 2020.


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