Planetary Influences - January 2020

Mars in Scorpio -January 2020

Mars transited from the zodiac house of Libra to its own house of Scorpio on the 25th of December 2019. Mars in its own sign of Scorpio brings about some stability around and enhances our power and energy as the New year starts.

Mars would be exiting its own house to enter into Sagittarius on the 7th of February, 2020 where it would join Jupiter and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node. Till then you would be able to garner the resources available to you and start building something amazing in life. Mars in Scorpio is a good time to prune relationships. Also an apt time to plan for a surgery or getting rid of something. Make sure that your love and compassion and interest in creative pursuits brought about by Venus are not altered by Mars these days.

Mars in Scorpio generally asks us to dig deeper into situations or things around. It also brings major transformations. A time which asks us to follow our intuition and act assertively.

Venus Transits Aquarius –(January 8 – February 2)

Venus transiting through Capricorn moves over to the house of Aquarius on the 8th of January. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Rahu or the Moon’s North Node. Aquarius is a sign of people and connects humanitarian needs and desires. And Venus passing through Aquarius makes sure that your creative talents are best brought out these days. Add to this the aspect of Saturn on Venus in Aquarius as well.

Venus in Aquarius also gets the tough aspects of Mars. This might bring about some pressure and tough times for natives. Prepare to face the consequences and try to resolve things amicably these days. Particularly love and marriage pursuits get affected . Go with the flow. However Mars might give you some practical solutions for now by its aspect on Venus in Aquarius.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon in Gemini – January 10

The waxing Moon of the New year 2020 gets full on the 10th of January where it opposes the luminary Sun in the zodiac house of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is already posited with the big shots Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu or the Moon's South Node. This also causes a lunar eclipse which would be visible in most parts of the eastern part of the globe.

This eclipse would be visible in most parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and in some parts of the Americas.

The Moon would be at 26 degrees Gemini, and those natives who have planetary placements around 26 degree Gemini of Moon or 26 degree Sagittarius of the Sun would feel the pinch of this eclipse a lot more severe than the others. The eclipse might cause emotional turbulences and mental confusion for almost all the zodiac natives, despite their planetary placements.

The effect of this lunar eclipse would be quite imminent and enormous, hence beware, we have another 5 eclipses that follow through the year 2020, get ready.

Eclipses in Year 2020

Mercury Transits Capricorn –(January 13 – 30)

Mercury traversing through Sagittarius, transits to the house of Capricorn on the 13th of January. Capricorn is ruled over by Saturn and Saturn would shortly be entering its own house of Capricorn later on in the 23rd of January. Through Capricorn, Mercury would be mostly in combust position because of its close proximity to the Sun and thus grabs the limelight this season of the year.

Mercury has to put up with the combination of Sun and Saturn in Capricorn these days. Sun and Saturn are arch-rivals and might bring about rifts in professional and personal life. However Mercury might help in subsiding the effects by its practical solutions.

With the Sun-Saturn duo causing troubles around, Mercury helps us to overcome obstacles by organising things and paying attention to details. This period when Mercury travels through Capricorn can be used to create new schedules and get rid of unwanted chores. It gives us the energy and enthusiasm to stay on board despite hindrances from all quarters.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020

Sun Transits Capricorn –(January 14 – February 13)

The Sun travelling through the zodiac house of Sagittarius hops on to the house of Capricorn on the 14th of January and stays there till the 13th of February. Capricorn is ruled over by the planet Saturn. The luminary Sun travelling through the territory of Saturn brings about troubles around as they are bitter enemies. The Sun has to do with the self and ego while Saturn is completely against this motto and hates self-obsession.

However the rift between Sun and Saturn can be best taken advantage of as they teach us some valuable life-lessons. They teach us to remove ego from ourselves and concentrate more on sacrificing towards the wellness of those around.

Sun moving through Capricorn, the house of Saturn would see ourselves fighting against our assertive nature and surrendering to nature’s law. Also we would be asked to let go off of our individual desires and work towards communal upliftment. Look out for positive trends in this regard around.

Saturn in Capricorn –(January 23, 2020 – January 17, 2023)

Sani Peyarchi Palangal for the 12 Rasis

Saturn or Shani as it is termed in Indian astrology spends around three years in each zodiac sign. This transit impacts our life considerably based on our other planetary placements. Saturn’s transit is always linked with a negative connotation. Saturn always burdens us and teaches some of life’s hardest lessons as it transits.

Saturn traversing through the zodiac house of Sagittarius transits to Capricorn, its own house on the 23rd of January 2020. Saturn in its own house is quite beneficial after some terrific malefic times. Now we would be able to build something fresh with a stable foundation. Also would be able to get rid of unwanted relationships from our fold.

As Saturn exits Sagittarius, Jupiter would help us to pick up the threads and follow blocked ventures. There would be immense opportunities for progress. And Jupiter would be joining Saturn in Capricorn as well during the last days of March, 2020 and would stay there for approximately a three month period. This would bring a sense of positive energy around and would start yielding fruits for our past efforts.

Generally Jupiter in Capricorn is said to be debilitated and would find it difficult to showcase its expansive nature. But then this debilitating nature would be somewhat subdued by Saturn transiting its own house. Hence a stable environment is guaranteed.

New Moon in Capricorn- January 24

The waning Moon on the New year, joins the luminary Sun on the 24th of January at 11 degrees Capricorn forming the first New Moon of the year. This New Moon would be a time of low energy levels, hence it would be quite wise to lay low and acknowledge trends around. The days ahead might seem like a huge task at hand. But do not lose hope as good times are just around.

The Sun-Moon combination is in Capricorn, the house of Saturn. Hence natives are advised to look for the voices around and also to their own inner voices. Saturn also posited in its own house of Capricorn, gives us some hope of positive things coming up.

Mercury Enters Aquarius - January 30

Mercury entered the zodiac house of Capricorn on the 13th of January. Then it transits to the house of Aquarius on the 30th as the month of January unwinds. By this Mercury enters the company of Venus in Aquarius and also gets out of the combustion brought about by its vicinity to the Sun. Mercury and Venus together would teach us better things in life.

But as February starts, Venus would exit Aquarius to enter the zodiac house of Pisces. This allows Mercury to express itself totally without any inhibitions and no planets around. Do note that Mercury would go retrograde on the 17th of February 2020. It resumes direct motion on the 10th of March.

Mercury Retrograde in February 2020

Planetary Influences - January 2020