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How to Survive the Shadow Period before and after Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde has become the buzz word in astrology circles of late. You are asked not tp panic, lay low and what not. However we do not pay much attention nor heed to the Pre- shadow period and Post- shadow period of Mercury that holds much virulent power. The power of Mercury during the shadow periods can be termed as potential energy ready to show up anytime.

Do note that troubles and trials start during the pre-shadow period, peak during the Mercury retrograde phase and then get resolved during the post-retrograde session of Mercury.

mercury retrograde-shadow periods

The shadow periods are equally troublesome as the Mercury retrograde periods. The pre-shadow period actually starts about 10 days ahead of the actual Mercury retrograde phase. It peaks 3 to 4 days prior to the Mercury retrograde period. Then Mercury would be going retrograde for about two weeks time. Then the intense effect of the retrograde would be felt for three to four days in the post-shadow period and it lasts for about 10 days or so.

Pre shadow period

The pre-shadow period is when trials, tribulations and misunderstandings just begin to sprout around us. You might not even notice their coming. They come without any notice. They gain momentum as Mercury retrograde sets in. These testing times would be a great learning period for us. It helps us to grow stronger by the day. In a nut-shell, the pre-shadow period can be best termed as the teaser for the real movie ahead- the mercury retrograde.

If you are wide awake and pay heed to what's going around the Pre-shadow period, you would be better armed to handle the actual Mercury retrograde phase later on. Forewarned is forearmed. You would already know what lies ahead, and how to circumvent that trouble. The pre-shadow period readies you for the harsh reality ahead.

This concept of the shadow period in retrograde cycles of the planets, particularly that of Mercury, cropped up recently and astrologers use different techniques to arrive at the dates and hence the dates might vary slightly.

The shadow period details are often shelved and Mercury retrograde takes the centre -stage. However some of life’s hardest lessons are to be learnt during these days. The pre-shadow period gives clues as to what area of your life stands to get affected by the ensuing Mercury retrograde. The post-shadow period helps you to put the lessons you learnt during the mercury retrograde into practise.

Did you know that some of the worst disasters across the world happened in shadow periods rather than Mercury retrograde periods.

What You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Pre and post shadow periods of Mercury retrograde are not small issues to be swept under the blanket, there are to be taken seriously as they hold the clues to your troubled times ahead.

This phase of Mercury occurs about three times every year. The shadow periods help us to think, and have an idea before-hand of what might follow later on.

Mercury retrograde shadow period affect the different zodiac signs differently and as per their house positions in the natal chart.

Do note the biggest chaos of your life do happen during the shadow period and not during the retrograde period.

But then do not stop living your life. Always have a Plan B, and multiple options as well to tide over this period, as things are not going to be normal for now.

What the Zodiac signs should do during the post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde:


Once the retrograde phase of Mercury is over, the fierce and energetic Aries folks need good rest. This helps them to tide over any sort of anxiety around. Rejuvenation and relaxation would be the need of the hour.


As the Retrograde phase of Mercury comes to a close, the Taurus folks begin a new leash of life. Here there is no place for any sort of negative relationship or things around that cropped up during Mercury retrograde.


Your communication skills which was thrown to the wind, during the retrograde phase now slowly reclaims its past glory. You need to slow down a bit. Also maintain a good balance between work and play.


As Mercury retrograde phase ends, things that have been holding you back slowly lose their grip. This would be a good time to give your physical and mental self a big clean-up.


Mercury retrograde would have thrown your financial plans to the wind. Now you can settle down, with a revamped budget and better finances in sight.


Things that you have been holding back would now see the light. Also a good time to settle old scores with relationship issues. Your communications would be back on track.


Finally a break from lots of stress in career brought about by the Mercury retrograde. Mend fences with colleagues in work place and set your communications straight.


Now that you have been tested miserably by the Mercury retrograde, it is the time to leave the past. Put the lessons you learnt into practical use.


Mercury retrograde made you to hurt and do wrongs for the people around you. Now is the apt time to ask for forgiveness if you are guilt-ridden.


Caught up in a muddle thanks to Mercury retrograde? Use this shadow period to come out of the mess you had created and forge ahead.


Did Mercury interfere with your money during the retrograde phase? If so, do fix your financials for now. Re-budget and monitor your financial moves.


Had a tough time with Mercury retrograde around? Now is the time to reflect on the things that happened then. Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body for now.

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