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Influence of astrological beliefs on student academic performance

20 Apr 2024

Many elements have been identified as factors influencing student performance, including family origin, socio-economic factors, teaching resources and methods.

Celestial Studies: How Astrology Enhances Education for College Students

12 Apr 2024

Astrology, often seen as a blend of science and mysticism, has found a unique niche within the educational journey of college students. As young adults navigate the complexities of academia, personal growth, and future planning...

What Can Star Signs Tell Us About F1 Success

30 Mar 2024

This piece investigates the potential link between a Formula 1 drivers zodiac sign and their racing success. Additionally, it serves as a concise overview of probability and the concept of random distributions.

Astrology in Todays World: A Guide for the Modern Seeker

18 Mar 2024

Astrology, once the domain of mystics and seers, has found a new lease on life in the digital age. Its resurgence in popularity among the younger generation speaks volumes about its enduring appeal and adaptability to the changing times.

Study Astrology in College: All You Need to Know

14 Mar 2024

Various ancient civilizations practiced astrology. That includes Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, as well as Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs.

What Your Birth Month says about you

13 Mar 2024

We do know that our zodiac signs and horoscopes tell a lot about us. But then did you know that your month of birth holds a lot of information about you.

Pet astrology for all animals and sun signs

12 Feb 2024

The celestial dance of the stars has long captured our fascination, and now, pet astrology is emerging as a whimsical way to explore the unique characteristics and quirks of our beloved animal companions.

Entering 1st Jan 2024 in the esoteric world

30 Dec 2023

Farewell 2023, welcome 2024.. Year 2024 begins positively with Mercury ending its retrograde motion. The direct station of Mercury happens at 10:08 P(EST) after which your communication channels would be better.

2024 Planetary Influences on Pisces

14 Dec 2023

For Pisces, the planet events for the year 2024 starts with the grand entry of the luminary, the Sun into their sign on the 19th of February heralding the Pisces season.

2024 Planetary Influences on Aquarius

12 Dec 2023

The Water bearers are in for an eventful year in 2024 with much planetary fireworks on the anvil. To start with the Sun enters their sign on the 20th of January starting the Aquarius season.