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Indian Astrology

Read insightful articles and blogs on Vedic astrology by our renowned Bloggers. We have articles of various categories like Hindu Astrology, Jyotish and spirituality for your perusal.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal- Jupiter Transit- (2024-2025)

12 Apr 2024

Jupiter is a planet that spends approximately about a year in each zodiac sign. It is the planet that rules over our growth and prosperity in life.

Meena Rasi - 2024 Moon sign Horoscope - Meena Rashi

29 Dec 2023

The year ahead would be a mixed bag of good and bad fortunes alternating for Meena Rasi people or Pisces Moon natives. However there would be marked progress in your life with much of your desires and wishes in life getting fulfilled.

Kumbha Rasi - 2024 Moon Sign Horoscope - Kumbha Rashi

28 Dec 2023

Year 2024 would be favourable for the career and travel opportunities of Kumbha Rasi people or those with an Aquarius Moon. Those into services and business would do well, but be cautious

Makara Rasi - 2024 Moon sign Horoscope

28 Dec 2023

This is a year that would bring about new meanings and new paths for Makara Rasi people or Capricorn Moon sign natives. All through 2024 Saturn or Shani is placed in your sign and this disciplines you to work hard and put your best foot forward.

Dhanus Rasi - 2024 Moon Sign Horoscope

27 Dec 2023

2024 is supposed to be a year when Dhanus Rasi people or those with Sagittarius Moon would be fortunate enough and blessed with all the good things in life. Almost all areas of your life like health

Vrischikha Rasi - 2024 Moon Sign Horoscope - Vrischika Rasi

27 Dec 2023

Vrischikha Rasi natives would have mixed fortune for the year ahead. There would be goodness in life as like getting married, birth of a child in the family. Natives would be blessed with much luck and fortune.

Tula Rasi - 2024 Moon sign Horoscope

23 Dec 2023

This is a year when Tula Rasi people would need to strike a good balance between their personal and professional ambitions. There would be problems galore for you through the year, though things won’t long last enough.

Kanni Rasi - 2024 Moon Sign Horoscope

22 Dec 2023

2024 would be a year of mixed results for Kanni Rasi individuals or those born with their Moon in the zodiac sign of Virgo. The first half of the year would be eventless.

Simha Rasi - 2024 Moon Sign Horoscope

21 Dec 2023

This would be a generally good year for Simha Rasi people but would have many highs and lows. As the year starts things would be good for the natives. But the position of Saturn in your 6th house would bring about troubles from enemies.

Kataka Rasi - 2024 Moon sign Horoscope

19 Dec 2023

2024 has a lot in store for Kataka Rasi people or Cancer Moon sign folks. You are in for myriad opportunities that would elevate your lifestyle through the year.