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Solar Eclipse- what does it imply astrologically?

01 Dec 2022

Solar Eclipses always fall on New Moons and are portals of new beginnings. They open new paths for us to travel. Solar eclipses remind us of the purpose here on planet earth. Solar Eclipse inspire sus to sow seeds that would yield fruits later on in our lives.

Jupiter Transit over Natal Planets and its Impact

22 Nov 2022

Jupiter is a slow moving planet just like Saturn and is one of the outer planets. Jupiter travels through the zodiac sky

Transit of Jupiter in Houses and its Effects

22 Nov 2022

Jupiters transit in any zodiac sign lasts for about 12 months or 1 year. Hence the effect of its transit

Lunar Eclipse - Red moon, Total eclipse, Partial eclipse, Penumbral explained

21 Nov 2022

Eclipses bring about major changes in our lives and they are the cause for evolution around. As per astrology, eclipses are transformative periods that bring about rapid and sudden changes.

Ways to survive a Saturn Transit

17 Nov 2022

When Saturn transits it would be a time for life lessons. Things slow down, there would be delays and hindrances of all sorts around.

During Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse

17 Nov 2022

The Eclipses are rare and interesting celestial events. In any typical year, we may have a few lunar and solar eclipses. These two types of eclipses are highly significant for humans,

Wolf Moon, Black Moon, Blue Moon, Pink Moon and significance

26 Aug 2021

According to the Native American folklores, Wolf Moon is the time when wolves howl with hunger and for mating during cold January nights. Meanwhile, Indian folklores believe in humans transforming into wolves as soon as this moon comes to the horizon.

What is a Stellium in astrology

26 Aug 2021

A Stellium is the combination of three or more planets in one zodiac sign or an astrological house. Having a Stellium in your zodiac is pretty rare, as chances of having numerous planets in your zodiac sign are meager.

The Mars effect - An effect which links the position of Mars and the performance of sportspersons.

Forer Effect - this effect identified by Forer happens when a vague common description is taken by an individual as his/hers.