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Celestial Studies: How Astrology Enhances Education for College Students

12 Apr 2024

Astrology, often seen as a blend of science and mysticism, has found a unique niche within the educational journey of college students. As young adults navigate the complexities of academia, personal growth, and future planning...

Guru Peyarchi Palangal- Jupiter Transit- (2024-2025)

12 Apr 2024

Jupiter is a planet that spends approximately about a year in each zodiac sign. It is the planet that rules over our growth and prosperity in life.

Monthly Horoscope Video - April 2024.

05 Apr 2024

Monthly Horoscope - April 2024. Astrology prediction for this month April and horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Watch your Monthly Horoscope Video

What Can Star Signs Tell Us About F1 Success

30 Mar 2024

This piece investigates the potential link between a Formula 1 drivers zodiac sign and their racing success. Additionally, it serves as a concise overview of probability and the concept of random distributions.

The Divination World: An Introduction to Tarot and Tarot Reading

25 Mar 2024

Everyone is fascinated by divination. Despite technology advancements such as the use of artificial intelligence and robots, people are still drawn to Tarot and divination practices.

Astrology in Todays World: A Guide for the Modern Seeker

18 Mar 2024

Astrology, once the domain of mystics and seers, has found a new lease on life in the digital age. Its resurgence in popularity among the younger generation speaks volumes about its enduring appeal and adaptability to the changing times.

Study Astrology in College: All You Need to Know

14 Mar 2024

Various ancient civilizations practiced astrology. That includes Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, as well as Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs.

What Your Birth Month says about you

13 Mar 2024

We do know that our zodiac signs and horoscopes tell a lot about us. But then did you know that your month of birth holds a lot of information about you.

How to Identify Original Yellow Sapphire

08 Mar 2024

The bright color and brilliant luster of yellow sapphire makes it a beautiful and mystical gemstone in the mineral kingdom. This munificent gemstone draws its metaphysical powers from the planet of Jupiter.

Monthly Horoscope Video - March 2024.

28 Feb 2024

Monthly Horoscope - March 2024. Astrology prediction for this month March and horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Watch your Monthly Horoscope Video