Planetary Influences - February 2020

Venus in Pisces – (February 2 – 28)

On February 2 nd 2020, Venus enters the zodiac sign of Pisces and stays here till the 28 th . Venus, the planet of love and relationships is said to be Exalted in Pisces. Venus in Pisces makes us to get into oneness with our partners/lovers/spouses during the period. It asks us to try out new things in life and get rid of old ones, particularly relationships at large.

Venus in Pisces would be aspected by Saturn from the zodiac house of Capricorn. This brings about some sort of restrictions and frustrations for us. And Mars would be moving into Sagittarius on the 7 th of February, aspecting Venus in Pisces. It brings some energy and intensity to our pursuits. Thus the aspects of Mars and Saturn on the creative Venus would see practicality and a sense of protection for the season.


Mars in Sagittarius-( February 7 – March 22)

Mars posited in the zodiac house of Scorpio transits to Sagittarius on the 7 th of February. In Sagittarius, Mars gets into the company of Jupiter and Ketu or the Moon’s South Node. Jupiter and Ketu are said to be in their best position in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Hence this would be a congenial atmosphere.

Mars being a fiery planet in Sagittarius a fire sign brings about some hot and fiery nature around this time though. But then Venus and Jupiter might smother the fire and bring about some coolness. And between February 22 and 28 th , Mars would be passing across Ketu.

The combination of Mars with Jupiter and Ketu favors the pursuit of spiritual and academic works. However Mars might bring about some impulsive energy around, which needs to be curbed these days, else goodness in life shall elude us.


Full Moon in Cancer -February 8

On the 9 th of February, the Moon in its own house of Cancer gets into direct opposition with the other luminary Sun in the house of Capricorn. The Moon would be at 26 degrees Cancer and the Sun at 26 degrees Capricorn.

As the Full Moon occurs, the sign of Cancer would be aspected by the Mars-Saturn combination. The luminaries being huddled in between Saturn and Mars creates quite a potent combination though. Hence in spite of the Full Moon favoring creativity and growth, there would be some hindrances enacted by Saturn and aggressive and impulsive tendencies being brought about by Mars.


Sun Transits Aquarius – (February 13 – March 14)

The Sun in Capricorn transits to Aquarius, the house of Saturn on the 13th of February. Being in Capricorn would have been quite difficult for the Sun. However it would be quite comfortable in Aquarius which is also ruled by Saturn but is an air sign. Also the Sun stands to aspect its own sign of Leo from Aquarius which also has some positive implications.

The Sun moving through the house of Saturn would cause some ego issues. The Sun is all about self and ego while Saturn strives to restrict the same. Around this time, Mercury would be going retrograde and hence here might be some issues with your relationships and communications.

The transit of Sun through Aquarius might make us a bit messy with information sharing. Use this period not to rely on your sole ideas, instead look out for encouragement or cues from the world around you. A time to get off the “self” tag and embrace the universal theme related to Aquarius.


Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius -(February 16 – March 9)

Shortly after the Sun has entered Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius would go retrograde at about 19 degrees. This happens on the 16 th of February and the ensuing day, Mercury gets into combustion by its proximity to the Sun. Mercury would be retrograde till the 9 th of March when it goes direct. Aquarius is an air sign and Mercury loves an airy sign being a fast planet itself, likes to wind past quickly.

Mercury retrograde period could be best used to lay low and look for clues around. You may get lot of ideas, but this is not a time to start afresh. Also communications with others in personal and professional matters might become quite chaotic. Stay away from impulsive decisions and be cautious of your moves till Mercury goes direct when you can plunge into action.


New Moon in Aquarius - February 23

The luminaries Sun and Moon get into exact conjunction at 11 degrees Aquarius on February 23rd. Around this time, as always during all New Moons our energy levels would be very low, we would be very vulnerable and dull. This day can be best used for routine less-effort works. Go for small trips nearby.

This Sun-Moon combination would have the company of the retrograding Mercury in Aquarius as well. This means that we can expect the unexpected anytime now.

Then on the last day of the month, February 29th, Moon and Venus enter into the house of Aries. And they would be aspected by Jupiter from its native home of Sagittarius as well which is an auspicious thing for the ending of the extra leap day of February and the ensuing new month of March.


Planetary Influences - February 2020