Planetary Influences - May 2020

Mars Transits Aquarius –(May 4 – June 18)

On the 4th of May, Mars moves from Capricorn where it was exalted to the neighbouring house of Aquarius and stays here for the next 6 weeks time. Aquarius is a house related to socializing and hence Mars in Aquarius gives the opportunity to serve, especially those in dire need of help with tough times around.

Mars would be aspecting the houses of Taurus, Leo and Virgo by its 4th, 7th and 8th aspects and people with major placements in these houses would be geared towards serving the public at large. Mars in Aquarius guides us towards staying safe and still making sure that our needs are met. Mars gives us the inner courage to stand tall amidst the sickening environment around for now.


Full Moon in Libra- May 7

As May starts, the Moon would be waxing and it gets full on the 7th of May at 23 degrees Libra. Presently the Sun would be in Aries at 23 degrees, just opposite to the Moon (180 deg) and this full Moon brings about some clarity over troubles that pertain to the current period.

The Full Moon inspires us to take bold decisions that are not impulsive, but are taken after weighing the pros and cons of any situation. This Full Moon is aspected by the Sun and Mercury now.

The Full Moon in Libra marks the spring season and denotes the start of something new, maybe a marked change in our lives as well. However beware of the aspect of Saturn on the Full Moon. You need much energy and effort to remain grounded these days against the forces of Saturn. Saturn also brings about fears, worries and anxieties. But then it teaches you to be patient and remain practical to the present situation at hand.


Mercury Transits Taurus –(May 8 – 24)

Mercury in Aries, moves to the neighbouring house of Taurus on the 8th of May. It would be a fleeting travel when it exits this house on the 24th to reach its own house of Gemini. The lord of Taurus is Venus and Mercury and Venus make good friends. Hence this duo make you very excited and enthusiastic for the period.

However do note that Mars is aspecting Taurus. Mars brings about an order around, where certain enforcements are already noticed in countries across the globe thanks to the pandemic doing its rounds. On a personal level, the aspect of Mars on Mercury and Venus guides us in making some changes to out personal habits and lifestyle which would go a long way in bringing a hygienic atmosphere around. It disciplines us.

Mercury is air, Venus is water and Taurus is an earth sign. Hence this combination supports anything that is related to these three elements like gardening, medicine, communication and social connections. We are best when we concentrate on these areas.


Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn-( May 10 – September 29)

Saturn in Capricorn goes retrograde on the 10th of May. During this time Jupiter and Venus are also retrograding. Mercury goes retrograde in June. With a host of planets going retrograde this is a time to expect the unexpected, things around would be quite chaotic and some situations get reversed.

Saturn would be retrograding for the next 4 and a half months till around the end of September. This indicates that things would get hindered and delayed, a sort of detachment would prevail in relationships and there would be a limiting environment around.

Saturn had entered Capricorn in January 2020 and stays there till January 2023 and being in its own house might bring about changes on board. Retrograde Saturn takes us into risky avenues for now and a sense of uncertainty would prevail. Our decision-making would be put to test. Natives are advised to go it slow, one thing at a time, not to yield to temptations and wait for a positive calling from nature.


Venus Retrograde in Taurus –(May 13 – June 25)

Venus is in Taurus from the end of March and would be there till the end of June. Taurus is its own house, an earthy sign where it starts to retrograde on the 13th of May and the retrograde phase ends on the 25th of June.

Venus rules over relationships and our creative pursuits and when it retrogrades there would be major transformations in these areas. Be prepared for major overhauls in relationships and your social life. The present-day concept of social-distancing is best supported by the retrograde Venus as the planet is more synonymous with social contacts.

Venus in its own house of Taurus, being an earthy sign, guides us in connecting with nature in any part. Find ways to rejuvenate your body and mind where major changes would be asked for now.


Sun Transits Taurus –(May 14 – June 14)

As May starts, the Sun would be in Aries where it is said to exalted. Then on the 14th of May, it moves over to the neighbouring house of Taurus for a one month stint there til the middle part of June.

In Taurus, the Sun joins Mercury and retrograde Venus. And this combination gets the aspect of Mars from Aquarius. Also Taurus receives the aspect of Jupiter from the house of Capricorn. This brings about a positive environment around, there would be source for growth and ways to garner knowledge brought about by the Venus-Mercury combination.

The Sun in the house of Venus, guides us to understand our personal needs and the differences that exist around us. This is a time to nurture our personal self as a whole, so that we would be best equipped to connect ourselves to the society at large.


Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn-( May 14 – September 12)

Jupiter, transiting the zodiac house of Capricorn goes retrograde on the 14th of May and would be in that phase till around the middle of September 2020. Jupiter is said to be debilitated in the house of Capricorn. Though Jupiter is known for its positive energy, it transiting the cold Capricorn might bring about challenges.

Jupiter in Capricorn is said to be a cause behind the tough job the medical fraternity is put to test at this point of time. With it being retrograde they are being given faith and courage when they seem to be exhausted and lack positive energy. Retrograde Jupiter is also said to stunt growth and movement in a positive direction, something to be blamed for the current economic scenario across the globe.

The Retrograde Jupiter enlightens us to find our way out of the current tide of misfortune that has encountered the human society at large. Together let us vow to build a better foundation that is devoid of selfish intentions and where nature is unharmed.


New Moon in Taurus- May 22

The Full Moon of May 7th starts to wane and becomes the New Moon on the 22nd of May when it joins the other luminary Sun at 8 degrees Taurus.

Usually New Moons deplete our energy levels and this is no exception. With all the troubles around, there would be a lack of hope and faith in the care-givers around us. Do concentrate on the blessings you have in life and look to nature for support and strength.

The New Moon guides to take a break from the rigors of life and have an assessment of where we stand. Some of the decisions regarding your future can be taken now, but no actions are to be taken .


Mercury Transits Gemini –(May 24 – August 1)

Once the New Moon sets in, Mercury moves from its present abode of Taurus into the next zodiac, Gemini which happens to be its personal house. This happens on the 24th of May and Mercury would be strongly posited here till the start of August 2020. During this transit, Mercury is in for its second phase of retrograde as well during June.

Mercury would give us the intellect and communication skills to stem the tide of the present crisis we are into. Let us expect some remedy for the current health crisis we are embroiled in. In Gemini , Mercury has the company of Rahu or the Moon’s South node. This is responsible for the all the troubles around.

Between June 18 and July 12, Mercury would be off on its retrograde phase but in its own house. It would be a roller-coaster ride, but then Venus and Mercury amicably placed would help us to get through this.